Plastic containers at the bottom of the figure, you know

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Day, the city pledges inspect bureau organization 'invite you to check the quality of quality control activities, invited a number of people's congress, CPPCC member and representatives of consumers, and into fuling chongqing hui packaging co. , LTD. , production workshop to understand production situation, and just produce food packaging bags for sampling. City pledges inspect bureau of quality control office, deputy director of the shu shu wave is introduced, this kind of activity, each time will be released in the district and county pledges inspect bureau, citizens can sign up. Staff of the city measurement inspection institute, many plastic bottle recycling triangle at the bottom of the logo has a Arabic Numbers, many people do not know what these Numbers mean, in fact it represents the container material: 1 - — — On behalf of the PET ( Polyethylene terephthalate) Can be used in the production of water bottles, carbonated beverage bottle, heat to 70 degrees Celsius variability, are harmful to human body material dissolution, use for a long period of time will release carcinogenic DEHP. Therefore, cannot be used for serving wine, vinegar, soy sauce, etc. 2 - — — On behalf of HDPE ( Ethyl high density polyethylene) Used for cleaning supplies, bath products, high temperature resistant, but not easy to clean, not recycled. 3 - — — On behalf of the PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) Used for raincoat, building materials, plastic boxes, etc. , are rarely used in food packaging. 4 - — — On behalf of the LDPE ( Low density polyethylene) Used in cling film, plastic film, etc. , and heat resistance is not strong, the high temperature will produce harmful substances. 5 - — — On behalf of PP ( Polypropylene) Plastic box used in a microwave oven, carefully can be reused after cleaning. 6 - — — On behalf of PS ( Polystyrene) Used in the manufacture of bowl of noodles box, snack box and so on, can not be used in the microwave, cannot be used in strong acid ( Orange juice) And strong alkaline substances. Avoid hot food. 7 - — — On behalf of the PC ( Polycarbonate) And other types used in the manufacture of bottles, space cup, etc. , try not to used to bloom water, otherwise easy to releasing toxic substances, when using, do not heat, not to direct drying in the sun.
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