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Lisson is a professional cosmetic tube manufacturer of 23+ years experience in wholesale custom cosmetic tubes, cosmetic bottles & jars supplies, with its focus on personal care tubes, PE Tubes, aluminum cosmetic tubes, eco-friendly tubes, squeeze tubes, laminated tubes with various caps, lip gloss tubes, eye cream tubes, cosmetic lotion tubes and more, all cosmetic tubes can be made from different materials, such as plastics, glass, aluminum, PCR, sugarcane, kraft paper, etc. applicable for various cosmetics & skincare products, ointment, toothpaste and more. Take a tour at Lisson wholesale cosmetic packaging center online and drop us a line for cosmetic packaging in need, Lisson always is here to back you up. 


Lisson offers cosmetic tube and container that makes sure your brand is noticed on the shelf!

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Meet what is trending cosmetic tube in 2022---Lisson cosmetic tube is designed and developed with care and love to nature and cosmetics users


Popular cosmetic tube collection:

Sugarcane Cosmetic Tube
PCR Cosmetic Tube
Kraft Paper Cosmetic Tube
Vibrating Cosmetic Tube
Wholesale Aluminum Cosmetic Tube...


Welcome to chat with us online for wholesale cosmetic packaging quotation if you’re looking for custom cosmetic packaging solution, get us info in need, Lisson custom service will return you with 2021 masterpiece of branding cosmetic tube from hard work, delicate workmanship that can scale up your market share and stand your products out effectively. 


Sugarcane cosmetic packaging tube is a kind of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging that is biodegradable, not only is it used in cosmetics packaging but also widely applied to packaging for wine, food, medicine, besides recycled as raw material for manufacturing other products. The fast growth of cosmetic tube manufacturers have started to provide their customers with sugarcane tube as a response to the environmental protection, cosmetic tube made from sugarcane looks as great as other materials do through a series of processes by cosmetic tube suppliers. Lisson cosmetic tube factory stays abreast with other cosmetic tube manufacturers and launches its cosmetic sugarcane tube production line for its customers home and abroad.

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R&D team at Lisson has been launching new cosmetic tube designs to maximize user experience, upgrading wholesale cosmetic tube packaging to next level from design to daily application


PCR cosmetic tube

Lisson is a sustainable cosmetic tube manufacturer, find PCR+sugarcane+kraftpaper+bamboo+aluminum squeeze tube packaging for skincare, personal care, makeup, food, pharmacy, paint and more.

Lisson pcr cosmetic tube has transformed the way we use cosmetics due to its elegant design and eco-friendly packaging. The environmentally friendly use of 100% recycled plastic gives your company the green thumbs up it needs. 


There are endless options for packaging at Lisson cosmetic tube factory such as kraft cosmetic tube, aluminum cosmetic tube, sugarcane cosmetic tube, bamboo cosmetic tube and more, making our company the perfect squeeze tube choice for your company’s personal care brand.

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