Sugarcane tube is sustainable packaging, 100% material from green plant sugarcane. It reduces 70% carbon footprint emissions. For the Sugarcane tube we can produce a specification as below:

Diameter: 11mm to 60mm

Capacity: 3ml to 400ml.

Surface handing: Matte, Gloss, Varnish, Frosted etc

Decoration: 1~6 colors printing, offset, silkscreen, hot stamping, labeling, etc. 


Total: 1 page

Enhance your makeup popularity with profound sustainable sugarcane cosmetic tube that benefits next generations!


Explore Lisson cosmetic tube factory and take a good look at its new cosmetic packaging product-sugarcane tube, Lisson sugarcane cosmetic packaging takes pride in recyclable sustainability.


The whole manufacturing process of bulk sugarcane cosmetic packaging by Lisson cosmetic tube factory generates zero waste nor discharge, and all cosmetic sugarcane tubes can be recycled again and again after use. Lisson sugarcane tube performs eco protection pending its complete circle. 

Cosmetic sugarcane packaging manufacturing can be also combined with plastics to create a more plastic-look, Lisson cosmetic tube comes with mission and welcomes all to reach us for free eco-friendly cosmetic tube samples.


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