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Lisson is a professional cosmetic tube manufacturer of 24+ years of experience in wholesale custom cosmetic tubes, cosmetic bottles & jars supplies, with its focus on personal care tubes, PE Tubes, aluminium cosmetic tubes, eco-friendly tubes, squeeze tubes, laminated tubes with various caps, lip gloss tubes, eye cream tubes, cosmetic lotion tubes and more, all cosmetic tubes can be made from different materials, such as plastics, glass, aluminum, PCR, sugarcane, kraft paper, etc. applicable for various cosmetics & skincare products, ointment, toothpaste and more. Take a tour at Lisson wholesale cosmetic packaging center online and drop us a line for cosmetic packaging in need, Lisson always is here to back you up. 


Lisson offers cosmetic tube and container that makes sure your brand is noticed on the shelf!

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Meet what is trending cosmetic tube in 2024---Lisson cosmetic tube is designed and developed with care and love to nature and cosmetics users


Popular cosmetic tube collection:

Sugarcane Cosmetic Tube
PCR Cosmetic Tube
Kraft Paper Cosmetic Tube
Vibrating Cosmetic Tube
Wholesale Aluminum Cosmetic Tube...


Welcome to chat with us online for wholesale cosmetic packaging quotation if you’re looking for custom cosmetic packaging solution, get us info in need, Lisson custom service will return you with 2024 masterpiece of branding cosmetic tube from hard work, delicate workmanship that can scale up your market share and stand your products out effectively. 


Massage cosmetic tube is the latest in cosmetics. Meet cosmetic tube manufacturer-Lisson has designed with a beautiful shape, the cosmetic tube provides a gleam and Lisson cosmetic tube has a soft and pliable design, which is easy to handle, applicable for packaging accessories such as facial masks, facial toner and facial soap, and more, it is a complete choice for women's skincare and cosmetic packaging.

Satisfy your every skincare desire with Lisson cosmetic tube with massage function.


1. The best way to apply cosmetics, has the squeeze massage function, easy to use, can be bent into a ball, comes with a custom cap design and more makes it easy to open as wanted, and enviroment-friendly. Long lasting, use on the go.


2. To avoid the strain of ill-fitting and uncomfortable squeeze tubing, we provide a more custom-fit product. Lisson cosmetic tube factory has optimized  the design of the squeeze tube packaging from inside to outside. contact Lisson squeeze tube factory and launch your new cosmetic line with Lisson packaging.


3. Polish the look and feel of your skin with this personalized cosmetic tube. The material is super soft to ensure the cosmetic tube doesn’t harm your skin. For a personalized gift, you can choose from different fonts, themes, and colors.

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