Warm Prompt-FREE SAMPLE For Your Test-Lisson ® Packaging Tells Your Brand Story And Engages With Your Customers

Lisson ® 10+ cosmetic tube bases at your service, large capacity


Lisson® offers cosmetic squeze tube that makes sure your brand is noticed on the shelf! Discover 2024 squeeze tubes that grow your brand!

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Meet what is trending cosmetic tube in 2024, Lisson® cosmetic tube is designed and developed with care and love to nature and cosmetics users


Popular cosmetic tube collection:

Sugarcane Cosmetic Tube
PCR Cosmetic Tube
Kraft Paper Cosmetic Tube
Vibrating Cosmetic Tube
Wholesale Aluminum Cosmetic Tube...


Welcome to chat with Lisson® online for wholesale cosmetic packaging quotation if you’re looking for custom cosmetic packaging solution, get us info in need, Lisson® custom service will return you with masterpiece of branding cosmetic tube from hard work, delicate workmanship that can scale up your market share and stand your products out effectively. 


Lisson ® squeeze tube is the easiest and most efficient way to make a stand out in the market.


Lisson ® squeeze tube is a unique promotional item that connects with your customers and gives your products a unique look. This is a perfect item to give to your customers. We offer a wide variety of customized tubes to your brand. Lisson PROMOTIONAL cosmetic tubes are convenient, affordable, and never expire! Wholesale cosmetic tubes are available in a variety of colors, shapes, capacities, and sizes; perfect for any retailer or business. 


Wholesale squeeze tube packaging is just the beginning, you’ll also deliver a customized and interactive experience with your customers.
Lisson customized squeeze tube that connects with your customers, talks with your customers, engages with them and drives them to purchase your product. It builds trust with them and gets them to interact with your brand. Lisson packaging cosmetic tube solution offers a new way to send messages to your customer: Line up your store’s top sellers. Enhance your store’s in-store aesthetics.


Explore 500+ caps+applicators

Lisson ® offers up to 500+ caps, applicators, dispensers... to match every brand's specific needs and enhance your end-user's experience in daily use!


Below are the Lisson's top applicators to impress your brand every day:


Brush: for products of Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lip, Brow.


Sponges: Makeup, Powder puff sponge, Blending sponge, Contouring sponge


Applicator Wands: Mascara wand, Lip gloss wand, Eyeliner wand, Eyebrow gel wand


Rollers: Facial roller (e.g., jade roller, rose quartz roller), Eye cream roller, Lip serum roller (made from stainless steel or medical grade silicone)


Pumps: Foundation pump, Serum pump, Lotion pump, Primer pump


Droppers: Serum dropper, Oil dropper, Liquid highlighter dropper...








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