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Micro Current Vibrator:
Built-in micro current vibrator, helps with product absorption or massage into the delicate eye area, awarded by Cosmoprof North America


Made from Plastic and Aluminum:
Constructed using a combination of plastic and aluminum materials to deliver stronger barrier for protection.


Printing Techniques:
Offset printing
Silk screen printing
The tube utilizes a combination of these printing methods to achieve the desired decorative and branding elements.

Glossy Finish

Enhanced Aesthetics

Glossy finishes create a sleek, modern, and premium look for cosmetic products. The shiny, reflective surface can convey a sense of luxury and high quality.

Bold Logo 

Strategic Logo Placement

Centering the logo on the packaging draws the eye directly to the brand's primary visual identifier.This prominent positioning ensures the logo is the first thing consumers notice, making it a focal point and impress your customers.

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Aluminum Barrier Layer

Improved Product Protection

ABL offers cosmetic brands a versatile and higher-performance packaging option that protects the product, extends shelf life, and provides additional benefits related to safety, integrity, and sustainability.

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