Fight agains COVID-19, offer hand sanitizer bottles and tubes to all the world

It is hard time to many families and countries, Lisson Packaging do the best to support and produce hand sanitizer tubes and bottles for customers


Expand Cosmetic Plastic Bottles and Glass Bottles business

More and more customers request us to help them looking for plastic bottles and glass bottles, so we do


Won the title of 2021 China Good Enterprise

It is an honor to be awarded a good enterprise in China and continue to contribute to society


Continue to think about moving forward in the field of cosmetic packaging

Focus on sustainable development

Lisson Packaging Team 

Innovation Builds Your Brand

Innovation: has more than 200 domestic and foreign patents, has a special R & D department, invested a huge amount of funds to open mold production, with professional intention attitude, committed to cosmetic packaging R & D and innovation. Commitment: Commitment is not just about exports, but the emphasis on practice. Cleaning procedures from the shop floor to the workshop are done to ensure that external dust is not brought into the workshop. And all products will pass at least 5 QC procedures before shipment, ensuring that the products handed to customers are perfect. And the company's commitment to the practice is not only limited to the external but also the same: from punctuality and accurate payroll, earnestly face every difficulty and challenge, all the company's resources, intellectual property is transparent, employees share. Service: Our company hopes to pass the beauty of the package to become the best media of brand. With unique ingenuity, but the customer's thoughts into practice, let consumers experience practical aesthetics, and realize the concept of a new, flexible, and focused new generation. Continuity: achieve continuous evolution by planning, implementing, checking, and developing habits. Sustainable management is one of the important ideas of our company.

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