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New Developments in the Squeeze Tube Market! Stay in the loop with the latest cosmetic tube coverage at Lisson!

Subscribe to the latest high-quality, in-depth coverage of cosmetics, beauty products including cosmetic squeeze tube packaging from the industry’s leading providers with the Lisson issue of Cosmetic Tube News. It’s a must-have news source for the wholesale cosmetic tubes industry.


About Lisson squeeze tube packaging:

Meet your beauty skin care packaging needs with the plethora of choices available in Lisson cosmetic tube collection. With more than 45,000 available cosmetic tubes, you’re sure to find your perfect beauty skin care squeeze packaging solution. When you elongate the life of your beauty skin care products through squeeze tube packaging, you can save a lot of money, and that’s a big value to you.

1. When it comes to wholesale cosmetic packaging, labels with prints are required for every Lisson cosmetic tube, cosmetic bottle, and cosmetic jar. These prints must be FDA compliant, meaning that the printing is clear, readable and does not affect the product's performance.


2. Lisson Cosmetic Tube Pressures are designed to provide greatest expression on your cosmetic squeezes. Made with maximum satisfaction in mind, the stylishly designed tubes come in a variety of colors that will make your squeeze tube production easy and highly profitable.


3. With about 80% of the cosmetic market dominated by cosmetic tubes, it is important for cosmetic tube manufacturers to have a wide range of innovations to ensure their business can remain successful in the ever-competitive market. 

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