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Lisson Cosmetic Tube News Center

Lisson packaging News center where you can find news about cosmetic tube packaging, such as what standard should cosmetic tubes have and the function of cosmetic tube tail color marks.

Do you know the types and characteristics of cosmetic tubes and the importance of cosmetic packaging? Do you know our patent product vibration eye cream tube without a switch? Do you know that what is two in one tube (dual chamber tube) and how to fill it in the rear? And the application of the product in skincare? You can find the answers in the news and articles.


Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co.,ltd focus on high-end cosmetic packaging tube with the European Union test report, The United States test report, and more than 40 patents so far. Own dust-free workshop and more than 200 skilled people. Design, produce, and customs Sustainable green packaging Sugarcane Tube, PCR Plastic Tube, 99.7% aluminum collapsible tubes, Plastic Tubes, Round Tubes, Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Cosmetic Bottle sets, etc.

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