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Free Sample-ISO& SGS Branding Cosmetics Tube+Bottle+Jars, Lisson tube opens market for you

Wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturer and supplier, Lisson with 10+ bases born to boost your makeup business and market share.

Lisson group's custom cosmetic tube designed with your brand recoginization user-focused in mind together!


Lisson squeeze tube connects with your customers 

Best Factory Price Micro-current Vibration Eye Cream Tube

Patent Unqiue and Special Eye Cream Tube Packaging

latest eco cosmetic packaging recycled kraft paper tube for cosmetic and skincare packaging

Kraft Paper Tube reduce 40% Plastic

Environment friendly cosmetic packaging Paper Tube

Custom Green Cosmetic Packaging PCR Plastic Tube Packaging Factory OEM Service

Eco -friendly PCR Plastic Cosmetic Tube Packaging

Adopt Post-consumer recycled Plastic Material

D25 Sunscreen Cosmetic Tube with Pump Cap

Sustainable Sugarcane Bioplastic Tube

Eco-friendly makeup tube 100% from Sugarcane. Bioplastic material

Wholesales D16 Sponge Applicator Plastic Squeeze Tube Flocking Makeup Tube

Wholesale Airless Pump tube Customization

Cosmetic Pump Tube for BB Cream, CC Cream, Primer

Custom Cosmetic Metal Packaging Aluminum Squeeze Tube Supplier

Metal Aluminum Tubes Metal Caps Squeeze Parts

100% recycable aluminum tube packaging for skincare hair care

Lisson Group

Lisson@ is a cosmetic packaging manufacturer with 10+ bases and makes all kinds of cosmetic tubes and bottles & jars, such as 


---PCR(post-consumer recycled) plastic tubes

---Sugarcane bio-plastic tubes

---Kraft paper tubes

---100% recycled aluminum tubes

---Virgine cosmetic plastic tubes series: PE tubes (LDPE, HDPE, MDPE), Laminated tubes (ABL tubes, PBL tubes). We have the ability to custom round tubes, oval tubes, irregular shape tubes, 2 layers tubes, and 5 layers tubes. 


If you are looking for eye cream tubes, lip gloss tubes, face cleanser tubes, mask tubes, body lotion tubes, etc., reach us, you can get all in Lisson Group.


The cosmetic tube packaging for cosmetics, skincare, and personal care. We custom cosmetic tubes diameter: 11mm~60mm. Filling Capacity: 5ml~400ml. Minimum order at 10,000pcs.


Welcome to contact us and you will find Lisson is just the right fit for your cosmetics packaging one-stop solution.

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