Aluminum Tubes for Pets' food, Toothpaste, Ointment, Hand cream, etc, Diameter: D11, D13.5, D16, D19, D25, D27, D30, D32,D40 optional, Capacity from 10ml to 200ml

Free Sample-wholesale 100% eco-friendly aluminum tubes for cosmetic packaging, cheapen discharge effectively:


Lisson has been manufacturing cosmetic aluminum tube for 20+ years experience, your cosmetic branding and enviironment protection are what we have been working for:


1) low-cost to slash at your  wholesale cosmetic packaging cost
2) rust-free, no chemistry reaction, which makes aluminum tube store your makeup product much better
3) squeezable aluminum makeup tube, easy and friendly to your customers, best makeup user's experience

4)  infinitely recyclable and sustainable cosmetic packaging

5) use one Lisson cosmetic aluminmum tube, waste zero, wide application


Welcome to reach us for custom service.

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Sourcing for aluminum cosmetic tube wholesale? Reach Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co., Ltd. for 2021 most competitive aluminum cosmetic tube wholesale price list and custom aluminum tube service.


What makes aluminum squeeze tube packaging a good option for cosmetic packaging? Click in this link and get details about cosmetic aluminum tube.


Lisson aluminum squeeze tube packaging is a high-strength aluminum tube which can be shored up for cosmetic packaging in the format of heat processing, Lisson aluminum squeeze tube is corrosion-resistant from inner layer where the refrigerant contains no moisture, besides, it has flexible attribute to be made into aluminum collapsible tube, more friendly for cosmetic users. Aluminum tube packaging is one of metal cosmetic tubes, and cosmetic aluminum tube is one of Lisson's main makeup packaging products, material to manufacture it is specially processed, Lisson cosmetic aluminum tube has stable performance and it is resistant with oxidation, 


Lisson cosmetic tube company has large-scale manufactory with many cosmetic packaging production lines to meet customers’ demand in bulk cosmetic tubes. 

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