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Lisson ® group offers #1 aluminum collapsible tubes wholesale for Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Adhesives and Sealants, Food Products, Personal Care Products, Paints and Coatings, Veterinary medications...

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Lisson ® Metal Squeeze Tube Tells Your Brand Story And Engages With Your Customers


Lisson ® with 10+ production bases offers aluminium squeeze tube and container that makes sure your brand is noticed on the shelf! Walk through each below and inquire for your brand success.

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Key Benefits of Lisson® Collapsible Aluminum Tubes 


1. Extra metal squeezers, extra brand awareness:  On one hand, Lisson® metal squeeze tubes with squeezer are more user-friendly, the end-users can make full use of the product effectively with the squeezers; On the other hand, for manufacturers, the extra delicate accesories help grow the product value and last brand awareness on the customers.

2. Impressive Durability to Long-Lasting: Aluminum is a durable material that offers good resistance to corrosion, ensuring that the contents of the metal squeeze tube remain protected. It can withstand external pressures and impacts, the longer it 's made, the more durable it will be.


3. Versatility: Collapsible squeeze tubes are versatile and can be used for packaging a wide range of products, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, and food products. They are compatible with different types of formulations and can be customized with various closures and applicators, Lisson® group offers screw cap, flip cap and different patented applicators such as its lately-awarded micro-current vibration squeeze tube awarded by Cosmoprof&Cosmopack 2023, serving well for content application and more for eye care, skin lifting and rejuvenation...


4. Product Protection: Aluminum squeeze tubes wholesale provide excellent barrier properties, protecting the contents from air, light, moisture, and other external factors that may compromise the quality and shelf life of the product. This makes them suitable for sensitive or perishable products.


5. User-Friendly Easy Dispensing: Aluminum squeeze tubes are designed with dispensing features such as nozzles, caps, or pumps, allowing for controlled and precise dispensing of the product. This makes them user-friendly and helps minimize product wastage.


6. Infinite Recyclability: Aluminum is a highly recyclable material up to 100%, which aligns with sustainability goals. Collapsible aluminum tubes can be easily recycled, reducing their environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.



Lisson custom aluminum squeeze tube packaging

Diameter: D13, D16, D19, D25, D27, D30, D32, D40 optional, Capacity from 10ml to 600ml. Collapsible aluminum tubes are totally recycled, more environmentally friendly.

Printing Options: Offset Printing, Flexographic Printing, 3D Digital Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Hot Stamping, In-Mold Labeling (IML), Heat Transfer Printing.

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Wholesale aluminum bottles, cans and jars MOQ from 5,000 ONLY!

Made from up to 100% aluminium, Lisson® metal squeeze tubes have infinite recycling:


Lisson aluminum collapsible tubes exemplify sustainability with their environmentally advantageous properties. Aluminum's infinite recyclability creates a closed-loop system, reducing the need for virgin resources and waste generation. Its recycling process requires less energy, leading to significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions. 


Additionally, aluminum's lightweight nature lowers transportation emissions and fuel consumption. These tubes offer superior protection, prolonging product shelf life and reducing packaging waste. Their durability ensures structural integrity, minimizing damage and disposal. Furthermore, they align with consumer preferences for sustainable packaging, enhancing brand loyalty and corporate responsibility.


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