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wholesale eco friendly cosmetic collapsible skincare tube collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturer

wholesale eco friendly cosmetic collapsible skincare tube collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturer

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Eco-friendly cosmetic collapsible aluminum ointment tube for skincare and pharmaceutical    
100% recyclable resource packaging at Lisson Group's 10+ Production Factories
100% pure aluminum squeeze tube

Protective Barrier: Aluminum provides an excellent barrier against light, moisture, and air, helping to preserve the quality and efficacy of the skincare and pharmaceutical products contained within the tubes. This barrier ensures product stability and extends shelf life.

Diameter 35mm H: 185mm*120ml

Lisson eco-friendly cosmetic collapsible skincare tube, with a diameter of 35mm and dimensions of H: 185mm, offers a capacity of 120ml, providing ample space for skincare products, besides, customization available for different brands' needs.

Professional Appearance

The sleek and modern design of aluminum squeeze tubes with screw caps enhances the overall aesthetic and metallic appeal of the packaged products. The metallic finish conveys a sense of quality and professionalism, making them attractive to consumers.

Screw Caps

The screw caps provide a secure closure mechanism, preventing leakage and contamination of the contents. The threaded design allows for easy opening and closing of the tubes, ensuring convenient access to the products while maintaining product integrity.

Custom multi/single-layer metal skincare tubes offer versatile and customizable packaging solutions for skincare products. These tubes can be tailored to meet specific product requirements, branding needs, and consumer preferences. With multi-layer options, manufacturers can incorporate barrier layers to protect the skincare formulation from light, air, and moisture, ensuring product stability and longevity. Single-layer tubes provide simplicity and cost-effectiveness while still offering durability and protection for the skincare product. 

Additionally, customization options include various sizes, shapes, finishes, and printing capabilities to create unique and eye-catching packaging that reflects the brand's identity. 

Lisson aluminum metal skincare tubes can be finished in various ways to achieve different visual effects and enhance the packaging's appeal. 
  •  Matte Finish: A non-reflective surface with a smooth, satin-like appearance, providing a modern and understated look.

  •  Glossy Finish: A shiny and reflective surface that adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to the packaging.

  •  Metallic Finish: A finish that mimics the appearance of metal, offering a sleek and premium aesthetic to the skincare tube.

  •  Embossed Finish: Raised patterns or designs on the surface of the tube, adding texture and tactile interest to the packaging.

  •  Debossed Finish: Indented patterns or designs on the surface of the tube, creating a subtle and elegant effect.

  •  Textured Finish: Various textures, such as brushed or hammered effects, can be applied to the surface of the tube to create visual interest and tactile appeal

  •  Patterned Finish: Custom patterns or designs can be printed or stamped onto the surface of the tube to create a unique and eye-catching appearance.

  •    Pearlescent Finish: A shimmering and iridescent finish that adds depth and dimension to the packaging, creating a luminous effect...

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Application:Skincare, Hair care, Natural cosmetics , Organic cosmetics , Food, Pharmaceuticals

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