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Aluminum cosmetic tube

Aluminum cosmetic tube

Aluminum cosmetic tube

Suitable for
Pharmaceutical, Eye cream, Cosmetics
Type of Formula
Cream, Lotion, Gel, Serum, Oil...
Tube Diameter
13mm, 16mm, 19mm
Filling Capacity
5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 25ml
Tube Material
Aluminum Ingot
Tube Decoration
Offset, Lableling
Cap Material
PP, PCR, Sugarcane and Metal
Cap Decoration
Metallization, Lacquering, Frosted, Gloss, Matte optional
Environment friendly
in Stock and Free

Top Quality Wholesales Long Nozzle Aluminum Pharmaceutical Tubes at Lisson® 10+ Factory

The collapsible aluminium tubes is the most commonly used eco-friendly recycled packaging material for pharmaceutical products and can be used to fill a variety of products, such as cosmetics, toothpaste, hand cream, ointment, oil paint, etc. Such metal squeeze tube packaging materials are basically designed for customers and the common volume is 8ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, etc. 

More Lisson® Pharmaceutical Squeeze Tubes, 10+ Bases at Your Service


The body of this collapsible squeeze tube is made from pure aluminum, with its tube cap from PP plastic packaging. Nozzle head of this collapsible metal tube is long which can dispense cream more easily and safely. Besides, customers can also pair with their needs and customize the snug fit of collapsible aluminium tube as they need.

Brands will determine the appropriate squeeze packaging material capacity according to the amount of use and frequent use volume of product which serves to enhance the consumer experience. The small-capacity sharp-nose aluminum tube can be designed by eco friendly collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturer to meet special needs from makeup businesses.

Pharmaceutical aluminum tube with squeezers

2024 Lisson® top pick

Branding and lnformation Display: Pharmaceutical aluminum tubes with squeezers offer a versatile canvas for branding and information display. 

Medical manufacturers can leverage the printing capabilities of aluminum tubes to showcase their brand go, product information, dosage instructions, and regulatory details. 

This allows for clear and concise communication to patients and healthcare providers. With every squeeze, patients are reminded of the trusted brand behind the medication, creating a consistent and professional brand experience.


Patient Convenience and Accuracy

Pharmaceutical aluminum tubes with squeezers offer patients a convenient and accurate way to administer medications. The collapsible design allows for effortless squeezing, enabling precise dosing and reducing product wastage. Patients can easily control the amount of medication dispensed ensuring accurate application and maximizing the effectiveness of their treatment.

Pharmaceutical Product Protection and Shelf Life Extension 

When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum tubes with squeezers take the spotlight. The robust aluminum material acts as a shield, safeguarding medications from harmful factors like light, moisture, and air. This protective barrier ensures the integrity of the product, extending its shelf life and maintaining its efficacy over time. With pharmaceutical aluminum tubes, patients can trust that their medications are well-preserved and ready for optimal therapeutic benefits.

Safety and Tamper Resistance 

Pharmaceutical aluminum tubes with squeezers prioritize patient safety and medication integrity. These metal squeeze tubes ca n be equipped with tamper-evident caps, providing a visible indication if the pharmaceutical tube has been tampered with. This vital feature gives patients peace of mind, assuring them that their medications a re secure and free from any unauthorized access. Additionally, child-resistant closures can be incorporated, preventing accidental ingestion and ensuring the safety of young children.

Custom metal squeeze tubes for pharmaceutical packaging:

Printing: Offset or labelling, 13-40mm diameter, filling capacity:10-200ml

100% endless recycled, positive brand image, MOQ: 50,000

Offset secreen, Slik secreen, Hot stampling... 3ml-400ml, ISO & SGS certified

Custom Screw cap/Flip top cap/Special cap; Custom Offset printing/Silk-screen printing/Hot stamping/Labeling

Custom 3-400ml capacity, diameter: 13mm, custom caps/applicators

Free Sample, custom design and more

Meet custom aluminum collapsible tube service from China collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturer, Lisson packaging factory:

The above wholesale aluminum cosmetic tubes supplies are from Lisson collapsible aluminium tubes production base, Lisson has been making collapsible aluminum tubes over 20 years, the long nozzle aluminum tubes specification: diameter: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm etc. minimum order just start at 5000pcs ONLY. Aluminum metal tube is 100% recycled and environmentally friendly.

Why aluminum collapsible tube is popular?

1. Aluminum collapsible tube is a kind of green cosmetic packaging that takes prides in its infinite recyclability beyond comparison, they are widely used in manufacturing cosmetic tube, ointment tube, toothpaste tube which are in large demand every day, accordingly, to be an eco-friendly packaging manufacturer, squeeze tubes suppliers started to render eco-friendly bulk squeeze tubes and answer the call of environmental protection.

2. Aluminum collapsible tube creates metallic look that grows your sales, metal squeeze tube packaging is the trend for packaging, it generates a sense of luxury feeling for end users, printing on aluminum delivers more clear and long lasting graphics and texts for businesses.

3. Safety & security: squeeze tube packaging made from aluminum is anti chemistry with others, metal squeeze tube is a top-pick to house cosmetics, ointment, toothpaste that are used every day.

Long Nozzle Ointment Squeeze Tubes

Best Dispensing pharma

Tailor-made metal pharma tube

D13/D16/D19mm tube diameter

Print Your Logo on the PP Cap

Leakage Prevention, Easy Opening and Closing, Branding

Length: 80mm-103mm

Custom size and closure

Lisson Long nozzle pharmaceutical tubes, also known as extended tip tubes or elongated nozzle tubes, are specialized packaging solutions used in the pharmaceutical industry. These squeeze tubes feature a longer and narrower nozzle designed to facilitate precise and targeted product application. Here are some key features and benefits of long nozzle pharmaceutical squeeze tubes: 

1.  Accurate and Controlled Dispensing: The extended nozzle of these tubes allows for precise and controlled dispensing 0f pharmaceutical products. This feature is particularly important when administering small doses or applying medications to specific areas, such as eye drops or topical ointments. 

2. Hygienic Application: Long nozzle tubes are designed to minimize the risk Of contamination during product application. The extended tip helps to maintain aseptic conditions by reducing contact between the tube and the area of application, enhancing hygiene and reducing the potential for cross- contamination. 

3. Specialty Application Needs: Certain pharmaceutical products require targeted application. Long nozzle tubes a re well-suited for delivering medication to hard- to-reach areas, such as nasal sprays 0 r ear drops. The extended tip allows for easier and mo re precise administration in these speclfic applications. 

4. Reduced Product Waste: The extended nozzle of these tubes enables u sers to direct the product exactly where it is needed, minimizing wastage and ensuring efficient use Of pharmaceutical formulations. This is crucial for medications that a re expensive or in limited supply.

5. Enhanced Safety Long nozzle pharmaceutical tubes often incorporate child- resistant or tamper-evident features to ensure product safety. These mechanisms help prevent accidental ingestion 0 r tampering, making them suitable for medications require extra precautionary measures. & Easy Application for Patients: The elongated nozzle design of these tubes can make self-administration Of medication easier for patients. The extended tip provides better reach and control, allowing individuals t0 apply medications without the need for additional tools or assistance.

All caps, applicators, closures for your custom pharma squeeze tubes:  

Roller, Squeezer, Screw Cap, Flip Top Cap, Pump Cap, Clear Cap...

The choice of cap for metal aluminum pharmaceutical squeeze tubes depends on factors such as the type of medication, dosage form, user preferences, regulatory requirements, and safety considerations, you are welcome to contact Lisson Group for expert suggestion.

Different caps/applicator

Handpick the right fit for your pharma

Extra Squeezer

Branding with your logo printed on

Roller Cap:

Precise Application: Roller caps with a small rollerball applicator allow for precise and controlled application of pharmaceutical creams, ointments, or topical medications.

Gentle Massage: The rollerball provides a gentle massaging effect during application, which can be beneficial for topical medications intended for pain relief or muscle relaxation.

Squeezer Cap:

Controlled Dispensing: Squeezer caps with a nozzle allow for controlled dispensing of pharmaceutical creams, gels, or ointments, enabling users to dispense the desired amount without wastage.

Hygienic: Squeezer caps often feature a seal or tamper-evident closure, ensuring the freshness and integrity of the pharmaceutical product and protecting it from contamination.

Screw Cap:

Secure Closure: Screw caps provide a secure and tamper-evident closure mechanism, ensuring the safety and integrity of pharmaceutical products during storage, transit, and use.

Child-Resistant Option: Screw caps can be designed to meet child-resistant packaging requirements, offering an added layer of safety for pharmaceutical products, particularly those intended for pediatric use.

Flip Top Cap:

Convenience: Flip top caps with a hinged lid offer convenience and ease of use for patients, especially for pharmaceutical products intended for frequent or on-the-go use.

Controlled Dispensing: Flip top caps typically include a small dispensing orifice, allowing for controlled dispensing of pharmaceutical products and preventing spillage or wastage.

Pump Cap:

Precise Dosage: Pump caps provide precise dosing of pharmaceutical liquids or suspensions, allowing patients to dispense the correct dosage with each pump.

Hygienic: Pump caps with a sealed pump mechanism help maintain the hygiene and sterility of pharmaceutical products, reducing the risk of contamination

Clear Cap:

Visibility: Clear caps allow patients and healthcare professionals to easily see the contents of the pharmaceutical squeeze tube, including the product color, texture, and remaining quantity.

Branding and Labeling: Clear caps provide an additional surface for branding, labeling, or printing important information such as dosage instructions, expiration dates, or warnings.

    Top Printing for Aluminum Pharma Tube Manufacture
    • 01
      Offset Printing
      Detailed printing with precise color reproduction; Consistent results and excellent print quality; Cost-effective solution for large run...
    • 02
      Flexographic Printing
      Ability to print on a wide range of substrates, while maintaining high-speed production rates...
    • 03
      Silk Screen Printing
      High-definition printing with excellent ink adhesion, ensuring long-lasting results that resist wear and tear and produce opaque and metallic effects.
    • 04
      3D Digital Printing
      Achieve high-resolution graphics, intricate textures, and even raised or embossed effects, enhancing the visual appeal of their products.
    • 05
      Hot Stamping
      Achieve intricate and detailed designs, as well as vibrant and reflective metallic effects that enhance the visual appeal of the packaging.
    • 06
      Flexibility in design, cost-effectiveness for short production runs, to incorporate variable data such as batch numbers, expiration dates.
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