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Lisson Packaging owns more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic tube packaging customization service, we specialize in producing Lip Gloss Tubes, Eye Cream Tubes, Body and Hair Care Tubes, Facial Cleanser Tubes, Hand Cream Tubes. Shape: Round Plastic Tubes, Oval Plastic Tubes, Square Plastic Tubes, Flat Plastic Tubes. The caps types: Screw Caps, Flip-top Caps, Disc Top Caps, Pump Caps, Applicator Caps, etc. Diameter: 11mm to 60mm, Capacity: 3ml ~400ml. Welcome to customize your packaging at Lisson Packaging. Send Enquiry now!

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We are here to help your cosmetic business with Lisson cosmetic tube.

Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co., Ltd. is a China cosmetic tube manufacturer with its focus on providing global customers with various wholesale cosmetic tubes  and custom cosmetic packaging service in a match with their demands. Client's makeup business is important to Lisson, we understand how greatly cosmetic tube packaging affects customer's makeup & skincare products, we have been working hard to design, research and develop cosmetic tube that features function, advantage and brand of customer's product, concurrently and most importantly, friendly to terminal users.


Features of Lisson cosmetic tube:

1) appealing
In a dazzlingly shining cosmetic product market, there are hundreds of thousands of makeup brands, to get attention from consumers, innovatively unique appearance, logo, and design apparently are must-have elements for beauty products.
Lisson aims to shore up visual reflection of cosmetic tube's creative expressiveness to promote customer's makeup products effectively and efficiently.

2)high-technology & safe
Lisson cosmetic tube factory manufacturing is integrated with excellent workmanship, one of Lisson tubes widely favored is with massaging function applicable for face and body.
Lisson cosmetic tube is always intact under any circumstance, its raw material is anti squeeze, leak-proof, flame-proof, etc., to store makeup safely.

3) eco-friendly
As a reliable and responsible cosmetic tube manufacturer, Lisson has shouldered its accountability for environmental protection, it also offers e-co friendly cosmetic packaging for customers in need. Sugarcane tube is one of its collections.

Lisson welcomes all to set up partnership.

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