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Do you want your products to be unique special and attractive? If you don’t want the normal shape products, as a custometic tueb supplier, Lisson can customize your own packaging tube.

After you send us your product mould design, we usually need about 30 days to make custom cosmetic tube mould. Next we make mould and samples, we don’t send you the samples until the samples pass all the quality test and national quality standard. Then we begin to manufacture after you confirming the samples quality.Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co.,ltd. focuses on high end packaging tube customization with the commitment of creating one-stop services platform. We believed that innovation builds brand so we make innovative packaging since our company is formed.

1.Product conception design

Do you want your product be special?

Are you looking for unique packaging?

We can customize it for you !

You can dedign the packaging tube that they want.

It usually costs 1 day.

2.Product mould design

When clients confirmed the packaging shape and size and so on, We begin to design your private mould.

You just need to show us the picture to let us konw the finished packaging you want.

It usually costs 2 days.

3.Mould making

We begin to make professional mould based on clients’ demand after our clients design their products. 

It usually costs 30-45 days.

4.Mould sample testing

We begin to test and adjust the finished samples until it meets expected standard.


1)The test context include Torque between tube and cap,Slip,Color stability,Bowknot endurance and Open power etc.

2)The test machine has Leak test,Vernier,High gauge,Torque meter,Top load tester,Wall thickness apparatus etc.

It usually costs 1 day.

5.Making samples

We make samples for you to check the quality .

Usually we delivery to you by express, Such as TNT,DHL, UPS, Fe-dex and so on. and then just waiting for you to confirme samples.

It usually costs 7-15 days.

6.Mass production

Mass prodution steps:

1)Design artwork confirmed



4)Printing(Silk-screen printing and offset printing)

5)Process(holding, foil ,sealing, hot-stamping and sealing)

6)Final inspection and packaging

It usually costs 25-45days.

7.Cap making

At the same time, we also make caps that can be matched the tube.


1)About cap making technology, we can make customized color for you, what's more, Metallized Cap and           plated cap as well as bamboo cap can be made for you.

2)About the cap shape, we can make round, oval and special shape.

3)About the cap material, we can make PP, ABS and acrylic cap.

8.Delivery: Sea/Air transportation

After finishing the mass production, we begin to arrange the delivery, Sea or Air transportation are both ok.

The delivery time depends on which country are you from and the transportation way.

China cosmetic tube supplier, Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co.,Ltd. has been working for global sourcers with cost-effective custom cosmetic tube service since its foundation back in 2013. Applicable for micellaneous skincare packagings, Lisson customized cosmetic tube is featured with high intensity and appropriate flexibility, resistant with low temperature, which can store and protect cosmetics well.

Welcome to drop us a line for Lisson integrated custom cosmetic tube solution.


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