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Explore how the tube is manufactured in all directions:


There are videos about extruding, heading, offset printing, silk screen printing, hot-stamping, labelling, holing/foil sealing/cap assembling, sealing, and final inspection.

We have modern machines and outstanding workers to make sure the quality.

We can manufacture PE tubes, ABL tubes, PBL tubes, high glossy tubes, Aluminum tubes, cosmetics accessories, etc.

We have advanced product mould, printing, and processing equipment, as well as a stable and efficient team.

We are committed to providing stable quality and reasonable prices which make our factory always maintain the leading position in the industry, Lisson yearly output up to more than 80 million pieces


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1.Want to make your brand look like the best in the business? Well, start by packaging your products in Lisson wholesale cosmetic tubes. A little bit of luxury goes a long way, and these cosmetic tubes are only the beginning.

2.We strive to provide top-of-the-line workmanship and elaborate designs, without compromising the integrity of Lisson wholesale cosmetic tubes. The craftsmanship shines through in our top quality products, which are fashionably designed to blend seamlessly with your design aesthetic.

3.The best wholesale cosmetic tubes are here! We carry a wide selection of styles and colors, from simple and elegant to intricately designed. These decorative makeup containers for your cosmetics will make your work stand out..

4.Have a look at Lisson wholesale cosmetic tubes. These are the finest cosmetic tube from suppliers in the industry, with top-of-the-line workmanship and elaborate designs. Our absolutely fabulous wholesale cosmetic tubes are available in a rainbow of colors and styles from which to choose. Our prices are unbeatable, so why not take a peek?

5.We're a cosmetic packaging manufacturer and we specialize in: cosmetic tubes, cosmetic bottles, and cosmetic jars. Our sustainable packaging is made of recyclable materials that won't leech chemicals into your product. We provide custom services with any design at no additional cost and we offer free samples if you want to test our quality first-hand.

Lisson-make your brand stand out with custom cosmetic tube

Have you tried Lisson custom squeeze tube yet? They’re like a tube of mascara, but in a form that is easy to carry with you everywhere. Even better, They fit perfectly into your cosmetic bag without taking up too much space.

From the bottom of your heart you wished to purchase a custom tube for your cosmetics. In the store you did not notice anything special but the packaging, the range of options and most importantly the functionality. Lisson cosmetic tube factory is here to bring your cosmetic somewhere. Explore Lisson cosmetic packaging.

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