Lisson 10+ cosmetic tube factories
Lisson 10+ cosmetic tube factories
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LISSON Group-Cosmetic Tube & Bottle & Cap 2024

LISSON Group 10+ Bases

High Monthly Output, LOW MQO down to 5,000 pcs

Why Choose Us?

Lisson@ group makes all kinds of squeeze tubes, Lisson tube verified by ISO, SGS tests and serves well for cosmetics, skincare, personal care, pharmacy, food, and toothpaste.

1. Sustainable squeeze tube packaging series
1.1 PCR(post-consumer recycled) plastic tubes
1.2 Sugarcane bio-plastic tubes
1.3 Kraft paper tubes
1.4 100% recycled aluminium tubes
1.5 Bamboo cosmetic tube

2. Normal cosmetic plastic tubes series
2.1 PE tubes (LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, Silicone and more)
2.2 Plastic Laminated tubes (laminated metal tubes, plastic laminated tube, ABL tubes, PBL tubes and more). 

We have the ability to custom round tubes, oval tubes, irregular shape tubes, 2 layers tubes and 5 layers tubes and more as customers need.


Lisson custom tubes

1. Diameter: 11mm~80mm.

2. Filling Capacity: 5ml~400ml.

3. From matte to glossy finishes.

4. Professional & promotional look for your brand

5. Single wall or dual chambers


Tailor-made Tube 2024, Your Brand-Focused Packaging 

Lisson@ cosmetic tube that opens your customer's wallet, choose from 200+ patented designs

Lisson@ 10+ cosmetic tube bases,  R&D with 20+ years experience, free design+sample

Branding & user-concious multi-functional tubes grow your market sales

Featured Applicator+Cap+Branding Designs



Contact Lisson@ and choose from 2023 premium


Lisson@ different custom applicators come with different functions

1. brush caps for body care

2. vibration caps to ease eyes

3. roller caps for massage

4.Sponge for makeup

5.Brush for care...


Various printing for your selection
1. Silk Screen Printing
2. Offset Printing
3. Flexographic Printing
4. Digital Printing
5. Thermography Printing...


Email: lissontube@gzlisson.com
Whatsapp/Wechat: 008615099958531

Factory Address: Lisson Building, Hi-Tech Industry Park, Taihe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou CHINA

Postcode: 510540

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