Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is very important to our world, keep green and healthy life, avoid polution and damage to the earth. We Lisson packaging have the ability to produce eco-friendly cosmetic packagings such as Sugarcane Tube, PCR (Post-consumer recycled) plastic tube, 99.7% Aluminum Collapsible Tube and Laminated Paper Tube. These packagings are used for cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical, PET products, Gel, Hair care, etc.

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Wholesale eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is the trend when it comes to cosmetic packaging for environment protection, China eco-friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturer, Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co., Ltd. provides customers with sustainable cosmetic packaging categorized into sugarcane tube, PRC tube and cosmetic aluminium tube.


1) Sugarcane tube
Sugarcane is a kind of moderate raw material with proper fiber length, which has been widely applied from our daily necessity to makeup packaging. Lisson sugarcane tube is 100% plastic-free packaging material fitful for personal care product, hair-care product and makeups. 
2) PRC tube 
Lisson PRC tube is manufactured with professional cosmetic tube engineers with 20+ years experience and large output, customer’s experience satisfaction is import to Lisson, Lisson always places customer’s interest in the first place, all cosmetic PRC tube from Lisson cosmetic tube factory is fully in accordance with international standard.
3) Cosmetic aluminium tube
Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co., Ltd. has been performed CER & CSR, and Lisson cosmetic aluminium tube is one of the definitions of its CER performance. Lisson has been innovating and developing eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. 

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