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Lisson is a professional cosmetic tube manufacturer of 24+ years experience in wholesale custom cosmetic tubes, cosmetic bottles & jars supplies, with its focus on personal care tubes, PE Tubes, aluminum cosmetic tubes, eco-friendly tubes, squeeze tubes, laminated tubes with various caps, lip gloss tubes, eye cream tubes, cosmetic lotion tubes and more, all cosmetic tubes can be made from different materials, such as plastics, glass, aluminum, PCR, sugarcane, kraft paper, etc. applicable for various cosmetics & skincare products, ointment, toothpaste and more. Take a tour at Lisson wholesale cosmetic packaging center online and drop us a line for cosmetic packaging in need, Lisson always is here to back you up. 


Lisson offers cosmetic tube and container that makes sure your brand is noticed on the shelf!

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Meet what is trending cosmetic tube in 2024---Lisson cosmetic tube is designed and developed with care and love to nature and cosmetics users


Popular cosmetic tube collection:

Sugarcane Cosmetic Tube
PCR Cosmetic Tube
Kraft Paper Cosmetic Tube
Vibrating Cosmetic Tube
Wholesale Aluminum Cosmetic Tube...


MEET Lisson new cosmetic tube:  make your brand with a difference


Each tube is 100% natural, organic and non-toxic. Lisson cosmetic tube factory has created a great range of tints, shades, and textures through the selection of materials we have used. All are made without irritating chemicals and other harmful ingredients. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can be confident that you are receiving the best tool for your job.


Lisson squeeze tubes are 100% recycled, vegan-friendly, and recyclable for a more environmentally-friendly product. Ours are made from 100% sustainable bamboo and sugarcane, aluminum, kraft paper, and more are coming soon. With an innovative design, these tubes offer convenience and an easy-to-use package.


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1. Lisson sustainable cosmetic tubes are a new global trend, a truly modern-day vice. This culturally-infused cosmetic is worldly-wise and damn trendy. Your cosmetic tube is perfect for any make-up bag, it has a neat, compact collection of products, Lisson squeeze tube has been made with respect for the environment and bears a beautifully classic design.


2. Complete all your beauty needs with this eco-friendly cosmetic tube. You're looking for a cosmetic tube that sells for a jaw-dropping value for your dollars, and you've found it. Lisson squeeze tube is the perfect way to carry your favorite cosmetic out of the big box store, and you'll be thoroughly impressed with the cosmetic end. Contact cosmetic tube manufacturer- Lisson and get more info.

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