Lisson focus on luxury cosmetic packaging  manufacturing. We can manufacture screw cap,flip top cap, acrylic cap, aluminum ccover cap,metallized cap, pump etc.

The products can  be classified by cap, We have Screw cap,flip top cap,Double-color cap,High-transparent cap, Electrified aluminum cap, Airless pump cap and Special cap etc. green cosmetic packaging, lotion containers wholesale, skin care packaging wholesale, lotion packaging, cosmetic tube packaging, squeeze tubes for cosmetics, cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale, plastic tube containers, plastic tube packaging, plastic tubes with caps, lotion tubes wholesale, makeup packaging suppliers, packaging for skin care products, china cosmetic packaging, skincare packaging supplies, creative cosmetic packaging.

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Lisson wholesale plastic cosmetic tubes info:

1)complete and flawless tubes,smooth and bright outer layer featured with fashion makeup product design and balanced uniformity.

2)plastic squeeze tubes for cosmetic cream are made from eco-friendly plastics via fine workmanship in nuts and bolts, with full flexibility but not easy to cause deformation.

3)surprisingly clean ins and outs of Lisson plastic tubes with caps.

4)makeup plastic bottle tubes:

a. smooth, clean, bright, free from scratch
b.safely sealed, free from crease


5)about Lisson plastic cosmetic tubes' cap:

a. inner cap

① complete, smooth, clean, dust-free, stain-free, zero deformity

②in perfect match with costmetic bottle, free from leakage and damage

b.outer cap

①straight, smooth, zero shatter or flaw or rag,balanced colors,in full accordance with standard sample of plastic costmetic tubes.

②intact and excellent screw structure of plastic squeeze tubes.

③ balanced stamping, not easy to fade

④ flexible and easy-operated flip-flap cap of plastic makeup tubes

⑤perfect and safely tight match between custometic bottle cap and bottle body, free from slide, leakage and let-go


Lisson also provides global customers with custom cosmetic packing service, click through "custom service" and check service process now.

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