Plastic Cosmetic Tube Packagings have many kinds of caps (lids): Screw Caps, Flip-top Caps, Disc Top Caps. Airless Pump Caps, Double Color Caps, Metal Cover Caps (Aluminum Cover, Silver or Gold Color Cover). Cosmetic Tube material: PE, Laminated material, Sugarcane Tubes, PCR (Post-consumer recycled) plastic Tubes, and aluminum tubes. All these we can offer customized service. MOQ from 5K to 10000pcs

Free sample- cosmetic tube with applicator


If you are looking for wholesale custom plastic cosmetic tube that benefits both your makeup brand and your customers, this is the right stop. Lisson applicator cosmetic tube has massaging and beautifying functions for makeup customers, it stores cosmetics and keeps users from aging concurrently. 


Lisson focuses on luxury cosmetic packaging manufacturing and customization. We can manufacture cosmetic tubes of screw cap, flip top cap, acrylic cap, aluminum ccover cap, metallized cap, pump etc.

Lisson cosmetic tubes here can be classified by cap, We have screw cap tube, flip top cap tube, double-color cap tube, high-transparent cap tube, electrified aluminum cap tube, airless pump cap tube and special cap tube. Green cosmetic packaging, lotion containers wholesale, skin care packaging wholesale, lotion packaging, cosmetic tube packaging, squeeze tubes for cosmetics, cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale, plastic tube containers, plastic tube packaging, plastic tubes with caps, lotion tubes wholesale, packaging for skin care products, china cosmetic packaging, skincare packaging supplies, creative cosmetic packaging.

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