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New Arrivals Sustainable Packaging Sugarcane Tube for Skincare

New Arrivals Sustainable Packaging Sugarcane Tube for Skincare

Suitable for
Cosmetic Skincare, Personal Care, Beauty Care
Type of Formula
Cream, Lotion, Gel, Serum, Oil...
Tube Diameter
Filling Capacity
Tube Material
Sugarcane Bio Plastic
Tube Decoration
Offset, Silkscreen,Hot Stamping, Labeling, 1-8 color printing
Cap Material
Cap Decoration
Metallization, Lacquering, Frosted, Gloss, Matte optional
Lead Time
20 Working Days
Minimum Order
Payment Terms
Logo and Printing Custom Service
in Stock

New Arrivals Sustainable Packaging Sugarcane Tube for Skincare

Sugarcane is a renewable source that needs little more than natural rainfall to grow. it is a green plant and absorbs carbon dioxide. So sugarcane tube is new green packaging, material 1oo% from the sugarcane. some sone calls it bio-plastic sustainable packaging.

We Lisson Packaging TO DELIVER THE BEST SOLUTIONS TO OUR CUSTOMERS WHILE REDUCING the ENVIRONMENTAL CARBON FOOTPRINT & INCREASING CUSTOMERS’ SOCIAL IMPACT. Find a balance between economic growth, environmental preservation, and social responsibility.

1. Packaging your cosmetics in eco-friendly sugarcane tubes is a great way to ensure that youre making a positive environmental impact. Sugar cane packaging is custom made, recyclable, and sustainable, meaning theres no need to worry about negative environmental impacts like plastic pollution.

2. These eco-friendly cosmetic packaging are custom-made for your cosmetics line. Made from sugarcane, these tubes are made of a natural and easily recyclable material that is 100% biodegradable. With these eco friendly cosmetic packaging, you can rest assured that when you go green, you'll also be helping the environment.

3. We offer custom cosmetic packaging for small businesses, makeup artists, and cosmetics retailers. Our eco-friendly cosmetic containers are made of sugarcane and can be customized to suit any business needs. We provide low minimums and competitive prices on wholesale eco-friendly cosmetic tubes orders.

4. Our eco friendly cosmetic packaging is crafted from the sugarcane plant, which not only protects your cosmetic products from bacteria and spills, but also gives you an easy way to recycle your empty tubes when youre done. Lisson sugarcane Tube offers custom printing options for our eco friendly packaging, so you can give your product a unique look without the hassle of navigating the packaging design process. If youre looking for a wholesale cosmetic packaging supplier, we have a wide selection of sizes and shapes to accommodate any budget.

5. Cosmetic sugarcane tubes are a sustainable, eco-friendly way to package your cosmetics. Made from sustainably grown sugarcane and available in a variety of sizes and customizable colors, these unique cosmetic packaging tubes will help you create a one-of-a-kind look that protects your products and is good for the environment.

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