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D35 Plastic Oval Cosmetic Tube Packaging for Sunscreen Cream-Lisson

D35 Plastic Oval Cosmetic Tube Packaging for Sunscreen Cream-Lisson

Suitable for
Sunscreen, Hand Cream
Type of Formula
Cream, Lotion, Gel, Serum, Oil...
Tube Diameter
Filling Capacity
Tube Material
PBL, PCR-PE, PE, ABL, Sugarcane
Tube Decoration
Offset, Silkscreen,Hot Stamping, Labeling, 1-8 color printing
Cap Material
PP, PCR-PP avilable
Cap Decoration
Metallization, Lacquering, Frosted, Gloss, Matte optional
Lead Time
20 Working Days
Minimum Order
Logo and Printing Customized Service
in Stock

D35 Plastic Oval Cosmetic Tube Packaging for Sunscreen Cream-Lisson

1. Top cream tube manufacturer-Lisson provides the most unique and effective packaging for your cosmetic company or product. We offer custom sunscreen tube to meet a variety of needs, from professional packaging for your retail shelves to private labels for your self-branding. Our top-quality, low-cost alternative to costly ad campaigns and generic makeup packaging.\

We manufacture some of the most creative and beautiful cosmetic tube packagings in the industry and our premium makeup tube packaging is manufactured in custom size. All of our wholesale plastic cosmetic tubes are squeezable and are available in a variety of colours and materials.

2. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY-er, you’ll find reliable, high quality products for your cosmetic cream tube packaging needs. We offer custom plastic makeup tubes which are perfect for your formulas that are too liquid to be put into tins, jars and more.

Get your cosmetic tubes custom-manufactured by Lisson professional cosmetic tube factory's services. Our makeup tube base will be sure to have the best selection for your cosmetic needs. It is our pleasure to offer high-quality products at the most competitive price, so come visit our makeup tube factory as soon as possible!

Custom cosmetic tubes are an exclusive solution to packaging your cream. These will perfectly fit almost any size cosmetic tube, jar, or dispenser.

3.Lisson high-quality cosmetic tube products with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Help customers get their products quickly to stores and still retain their quality with our sun cream tubes! With quick turn arounds and costs that are second to non, we're the cream tube manufacturer with the solution for branding and packaging your cream requirements.

1. Lisson PCR cosmetic tube factory is the best packaging tube manufacturer in China, which is recognized as the number one tube manufacturer. They are leading the best packaging tube manufacturer, which is beneficial for human health and designed for consumers to use for safe, easy and long-lasting storage.

2.Make the right impact with Lisson cosmetic cream tube made from PCR

It is very important to take good care of your skin, especially when having fun on the beach or in the pool. Our cosmetics PCR cosmetic tubes are made of a gloss finish that makes it easy for you to spot the cream you need. The custom cosmetic tube packaging is eco-friendly and allows your product to be seen prominently independent of the color of your packaging.

3. As one of the leading manufacturers of sunscreen cream packaging and cosmetic tubes for many years, we offer services for the best packaging according to the customer's needs. In addition, we can also provide other types of high-quality plastic cosmetic tubes, bottles, jars and more. Inquire for best factory price for your makeup tube now.

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