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Cosmetic tube categories and manufacturer screening


Cosmetics have now become a necessity for many people's lives, and in order to maintain the quality of cosmetics, when it comes to custom cosmetics tubes containing cosmetics materials, squeeze tube manufacture selection can not be sloppy, so do we have a certain understanding of cosmetics tubes? The following from cosmetic tube manufacturers will give you the relevant knowledge points ranging from cosmetic tube application and manufacturer selection.

Currently commonly used cosmetic tubes can be single-layer cosmetic tube, double cosmetic tube and five-layer cosmetic tube respectively, because of the difference in the number of layers, its anti-pressure, anti-penetration and user feel will be different, more commonly used cosmetic tube is a double-layer cosmetic tube for makeup, cosmetics, personal care businesses, if it is low-grade cosmetics can also be used single-layer cosmetic tube, general cosmetic tube caliber from 13 to 60 points a variety of caliber, in determining the caliber after determining the size of the diameter can be selected according to the capacity characteristics of the length.

From the process to distinguish we can divide the cosmetic tube into round tube, oval tube, flat tube, super flat tube, currently from the complexity of the process, super flat tube is the most complex to produce for squeeze tube manufacture, but also so its price is relatively more expensive than other cosmetic tubes. And according to the characteristics and requirements of different cosmetics, the cosmetic tube can also be made into colored tube, colorless tube, colored or transparent frosted, pearlescent tube, and can be matte and glossy treatment, making the tube body in the feel, visual effects appear more tasteful.

How to screen out best cosmetic tube manufacturer for your business?

In addition, it is worth noting that the differences among the cosmetic tube made by different manufacturers is relatively large, because the materials, processes, etc. are significantly different, so it is recommended that you choose carefully when choosing a cosmetic tube manufacturer and comparison.

Now cosmetics comes with the outer packaging such as cosmetic tube, cosmetic tube is not only good storage, saving cosmetics can also be longer, and can be squeezed cleaner, easier to use, plus the price is relatively low, many users more recognized this cosmetic tube. But in the choice before also need to know more about the cosmetic tube manufacturer? In the manufacturer to buy can be cheaper price point?

As the market for cosmetic packaging cosmetic tube dosage is gradually increasing, like this cosmetic tube manufacturers are gradually increasing, especially like some small cosmetic tube manufacturers of small size are gradually increasing. As users in the purchase must be discerning, choose to buy in the formal squeeze tube manufacturer, so as to protect the purchase of cosmetic tube to protect the quality, in order to use their customers more satisfied.

Wholesale squeeze cosmetic tubes directly from manufacturers can be cheaper instead of an agent or else, especially now a lot of larger manufacturers, in order to give consumers a benefit, will sell cosmetic tubes in accordance with the factory price, the price will be much cheaper. Especially the need to buy a large number of cosmetic tube packaging users can enjoy the very competitive wholesale price, the price will be lower, and you can make the need for users in terms of investment costs reduced a lot.

For a large number of users who need cosmetics different cosmetic tubes, before choosing to buy, especially if you want to buy from the manufacturer, be sure to go through a number of comparisons among various squeeze tube manufacturers hither and thither, choosing the cosmetic tube manufacturer who can guarantee the quality, after-sales service to do the right thing, according to the factory price sales to buy, you can guarantee the quality, but also cost-effective.

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