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Cosmetic tube in other areas can not effectively expand the reason


For cosmetics tube, because it has some packaging advantages and widely welcomed by the market, of course, there are disadvantages, the most important is the use of cosmetic tube extrusion, which is easy to cause the residue of the object inside the tube, can not be squeezed out. This is the cosmetic tube packaging needs to be addressed.

For cosmetic tube manufacturers, the biggest limitations of the bottleneck mainly from the market has been in other areas can not be effectively expanded. In the food, pharmaceutical and other fields although the tube has a certain application, but the market share is generally low, there are many other areas, are worthy of cosmetic tube manufacturers to explore.


Market drivers and challenges

The main factors driving the growth of the industry are the accelerated urbanization and the increase in disposable income of consumers. Urbanization has brought about an increase in disposable income and a sensitive response to the availability of various cosmetic products, thus providing a range of opportunities for industry players and increasing the demand for cosmetic tube packaging. To ease the pressure of customer demand for cosmetics, industry leaders seek more effective and simpler ways to provide personalized solutions using simple compact items such as cosmetic tubes. The protective properties of the tube packaging to protect the contents from contamination is another important factor contributing to the growth of the cosmetic tube packaging industry.

Plastic segment dominates the market

Due to its advantages, the plastic material segment holds the largest market share, so plastic is commonly used in the production of cosmetic tube packaging. Plastic substances do not react with cosmetics inside the tube and protect against foreign chemical foreign bodies. This segment is expected to lead the global market with a strong market share in the coming years and grow at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period.


Cosmetic tubes, a special type in cosmetic packaging containers, are generally produced by specialized cosmetic tube manufacturers. Compared to glass and plastic cosmetic bottles, cosmetic tube packaging is easy to carry, not easy to break, low production costs, for cream products easy to squeeze, easy to use, so in the series of cosmetic bottle packaging, sunscreen, lotion, cream, etc. generally use cosmetic tube for packaging.


Cosmetic tube package design convenience of use is important

Cosmetic tube packaging: Today, cosmetic tube packaging is receiving more and more attention. With the rise of the value economy, cosmetic brands are also paying more and more attention to the appearance of packaging. Even many brands every time a new product is launched, are all out to do gimmicks in the appearance of packaging. But what are the consequences of this phenomenon? Perhaps after switching to more sophisticated and flashy tube packaging, the cost of the packaging is too much, so it reduces the quality of spending and makes the quality of cosmetics problematic.

A common problem in today's cosmetics market is that the tube packaging is greater than the quality.

A good cosmetic tube packaging is not simply the pursuit of aesthetic appearance and uniqueness, but from the characteristics of the product and the needs of consumers to create a more suitable form of brand and market characteristics.

Value combined with demand

In many cosmetic brands, when designing the outer packaging of products, they often sacrifice practicality to, thus enhancing value. For example, some products in order to make the packaging look more atmospheric, the use of opening design, tube mouth oversized, can be compared to mineral water bottles, to the consumer use inconvenience. Once the pouring angle is too large, it will "fall down" and other unreasonable design. Some foundations, in pursuit of external beauty, are not even designed to press the pump! It is very difficult and inconvenient for consumers to pour out the exact amount of foundation they want to use. Therefore, the packaging design of cosmetics also needs to be combined with convenience.

Second, the development trend of cosmetic tube packaging is environmentally friendly design

Most women do not throw away the used cosmetic bottles and jars, but they can't fit in the dressing table. In this case, recyclable cosmetic tube packaging is necessary. Not only can it reduce environmental pollution, it can also reduce waste and achieve waste utilization.

And more and more consumers and brands are focusing their products on being environmentally friendly, green and sustainable. "Sustainable squeeze cosmetic tube production, environmental awareness and ethical restraint" will become an important trend in the beauty industry.



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