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Why plastic squeeze tube is an international advanced packaging container


Plastic squeeze tube is an internationally advanced packaging container, the product is non-toxic and tasteless, easy to use hygiene, bright and beautiful surface color, low price, widely used in cosmetics, medicine, food, detergent and other daily necessities packaging, plastic squeeze tube can highlight the value of the product. Cosmetic tube has single layer, double layers, and divided into transparent tube, round tube, flat tube. At present, the world's most advanced plastic extrusion tube production line is a fully automatic color printing, varnishing, drying, fast tube pulling, head injection, automatic color coding, internal heating and sealing, hot stamping and matching caps in one assembly line.

The manufacturing process of cosmetic tube usually becomes a sheet through the sheet lamination process, then becomes a printed sheet through the printing process, and finally becomes a cosmetic tube through the cosmetic tube manufacturing process.

Cosmetic tube manufacturing is similar to the magnetic card, is "printed", "system" in one. Cosmetic tube printing enterprises at the same time is the cosmetic tube manufacturing enterprises, printing is one of the cosmetic tube manufacturer's production process only. Cosmetic tube printing is generally four-color printing, some designs only one or two colors, the most 16 colors. Cosmetic tube printing methods are mainly 3 kinds: offset, letterpress and silk screen printing. Among them, offset printing accounts for the largest proportion, offset printing in some of the infrared drying, some are UV drying. Because the screen printing ink layer is thick and strong coverage, so it is mainly used for printing cosmetic tube with base color.

Wholesale cosmetic tube market trends

The main service groups of cosmetic tube printing are cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical and other industries. Among them, cosmetics is the largest customer base, accounting for about 60% to 70% of all business proportion of cosmetic tube, in addition, drugs have 15% to 20% of the proportion of other businesses share the remaining proportion.

Cosmetic tube printing factory are reflected in the new private cosmetic tube manufacturing enterprises are now a lot of competition is also relatively confusing. With increasingly fierce competition, cosmetic tube printing previously high profits have also been compressed a lot, the annual price decline of 3% to 5%, and now the profit margin is also basically maintained at about 15%.

Although the price of a single cosmetic tube has been a declining trend, but from the upstream demand, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals are high growth industries, so the market capacity will continue to increase.

Pharmaceutical industry is also steadily climbing industry, especially the former medical aluminum tube, now has been explicitly banned. It can be said that the market is guiding the pharmaceutical industry tube packaging materials to plastic change, which undoubtedly gives the plastic extrusion tube a growth opportunity.

Investment threshold

Cosmetics tube printing equipment investment span a wide range. However, if the cosmetic tube manufacturer introduced not a complete production line, it may also have to invest in auxiliary equipment such as sealing machine.

Because the cosmetic tube is mostly used in direct contact with the human body, so the cosmetic tube materials and operating environment have relatively high requirements. Cosmetic tube manufacturers who intend to invest in cosmetic tube printing, should occupy the high-end market.

Although the price war in recent years to some extent also affected the large cosmetic tube factory, but because of this stable supply, the larger cosmetic tube companies only a few, each supplier has become one of the well-known cosmetic brands must answer, so their business sources are very stable.

Printing is the most difficult part of the mass production of cosmetic tube, the so-called difficult, but also relative to the pulling tube, sealing and other processes, from the technical threshold, cosmetic tube printing is not how profound. Cosmetic tube manufacturers to hire offset printing operations at a high level of personnel, the basic problem can be solved. It seems that investment in high-end cosmetic tube production, but also need sufficient financial support.

Many products in cosmetics have seasons, such as sunscreen, hand cream, etc., so cosmetic tube companies also have off-season peak season, to be able to reasonably arrange production, but also cosmetic tube suppliers must have the ability. As with many printing markets, plastic extrusion tube printing also faces chaotic competition. However, a mature cosmetic tube companies, can still maintain an annual growth rate of more than 20%. Therefore, chaos for the prepared and health of the business, may not not equal more opportunities.

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