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In recent years, the field of application of squeeze tube packaging has gradually expanded. Industrial supplies have chosen to squeeze tubes, such as lubricants, glass glue, caulking glue, etc.; food products have chosen to squeeze tubes, such as mustard, chilli sauce, etc.; pharmaceutical ointments have opted for squeeze tubes, toothpaste squeeze the tube packaging is also being upgraded. More and more products in different fields come with "squeeze tubes" for packaging, and in the cosmetics industry, squeeze tubes are becoming more popular because it is easy to squeeze and easy to use, light and easy to carry, custom specifications, custom printing and other characteristics, colour cosmetics, daily use, toiletries, and other products are very common to use squeeze tube packaging.

The cosmetic tube is based on PE plastic, aluminum foil, plastic film and other sustainable materials such as, sugarcane, bamboo, pcr, the use of co-extrusion compounding and other processes made of sheet, and then processed by a special tube machine into tube-like packaging containers, squeeze tube is with light quality, easy to carry, strong and durable, recyclable, easy to squeeze, processing performance and printing adaptability, etc., favored by many cosmetic manufacturers.

Extruded cosmetic tube production process

1. Forming process

A. Aluminium-plastic composite squeeze tube

Aluminium-plastic composite squeeze tube is made of aluminum foil, and plastic film through a co-extrusion compounding process, and then processed by a special squeeze tube-making machine into a tubular packaging container, its typical structure is PE/PE + EAA/AL/PE + EAA/PE. the aluminum-plastic composite squeeze tube is mainly used for packaging hygiene, high barrier requirements of cosmetics, its barrier layer is generally aluminium foil, and its barrier depends on The barrier layer is generally aluminum foil, and its barrier depends on the pinhole degree of the aluminum foil. With the continuous improvement of technology, the thickness of the aluminium foil barrier layer in the aluminum-plastic composite extrusion tube has been reduced from the traditional 40μm to 12μm, or even 9μm, which greatly saves resources.

B. All-plastic composite squeeze tube

All plastic components, divided into all-plastic non-barrier composite extrusion tube and all-plastic barrier composite extrusion tube two. All-plastic non-barrier composite extrusion tube is generally used for low-grade fast-consuming cosmetics packaging; all-plastic barrier composite extrusion tube due to the existence of side seams, usually used for low-grade cosmetics packaging, barrier layer can be a multi-layer composite material containing EVOH, PVDC, oxide coated PET, etc.. The typical structure of all-plastic barrier composite extrusion tube is PE/PE/EVOH/PE/PE.

C. Plastic co-extrusion extrusion tube

Cosmetic tube manufacturers use co-extrusion technology to co-extrude different properties and types of raw materials together in one go. Plastic co-extruded squeeze tube is divided into single-layer extruded squeeze tube and multi-layer co-extruded squeeze tube, the former is mainly used for the packaging of fast-consuming cosmetics (such as hand cream, etc.) with high requirements for appearance and low requirements for actual use performance, while the latter is mainly used for the packaging of high-grade cosmetics.

2. Cosmetic tube manufacturers on the surface treatment of squeeze tube

squeeze tube can be made of a coloured squeeze tube, transparent tube, coloured or transparent frosted, pearl tube (pearl, loose silver pearl, loose gold pearl), and UV, matt or glossy points, matt looks elegant but easy to dirty, coloured tube and squeeze tube body large area printing difference, can be judged from the end of the cut, the cut for the white for large area printing tube, with high ink requirements, otherwise easy to fall off and subject to folding will crack and reveal white marks.

3. Graphic printing

Squeeze the surface of the tubewhich is commonly used screen printing (with spot colour, small and less colour block, and plastic bottle printing, the same way, need to set the colour, professional line products commonly used), offset printing (similar to the same as paper printing, colour block and more colour, daily chemical line products commonly used.) There are also gold and silver stamping. squeeze tube processing usually uses offset lithography (OFFSET), most of the inks used are UV-dried, which usually requires strong adhesion of the ink and resistance to colour change. The printing colours should be within the specified shade range, the overprint position should be accurate, the deviation should be within 0.2mm and the lettering should be complete and clear.

The main part of the plastic squeeze tube includes the shoulder, tube (squeeze tube body), and squeeze tube tail, while the tube part is often decorated by direct printing or self-adhesive labels for appearance, to carry text or pattern information, to enhance the value of the product packaging. Squeeze tube decoration is currently mainly through direct printing and self-adhesive labels to achieve the way. Where direct printing, including screen printing and offset printing methods. Compared with direct printing, self-adhesive labels have the following advantages: printing diversity and stability: the traditional extruded squeeze tube first tube making and then printing process usually uses offset and screen printing, while self-adhesive printing can be used letterpress, flexo, offset, screen, hot stamping and other diverse combinations of printing processes, high color performance more stable and excellent.

1. Squeeze tube body

A. Classification.

By material: aluminum-plastic composite extrusion tube, all-plastic extrusion tube, paper-plastic extrusion tube, high-gloss aluminum-plated tube, etc.

According to thickness: single-layer tube, double-layer tube, five-layer composite tube, etc.

By tube shape: round squeeze tube, oval tube, flat squeeze tube, etc.

By application: face wash squeeze tube, BB box tube, hand cream tube, hand cream tube, sunscreen tube, toothpaste tube, hair conditioner tube, hair dye tube, mask coating tube, etc.

Regular tube diameter: Φ13, Φ16, Φ19, Φ22, Φ25, Φ28, Φ30, Φ33, Φ35, Φ38, Φ40, Φ45, Φ50, Φ55, Φ60

Conventional capacity.

3G, 5G, 8G, 10G, 15G, 20G, 25G, 30G, 35G, 40G, 45G, 50G, 60G, 80G, 100G, 110G, 120G, 130G, 150G, 180G, 200G, 250G, 250G

B. squeeze tube size and volume reference

In the production process of the squeeze tube, it will be repeatedly subjected to the "heating" process, such as pumping, jointing, varnishing, offset printing over the oven and silk-screen drying UV lamp irradiation, after these processes, the size of the product will be a certain shrinkage and the "shrinkage rate" will not be the same, Therefore, the tube diameter and length of the tube in a range of values is normal.

2. Squeeze tube end 

Some products need to be filled before sealing the tail, sealing the tail is divided into straight seal tail, diagonal seal tail, umbrella seal tail, and shaped seal tail, seal the tail can be requested to print out the required date code at the end of the seal.

3. Cosmetic tube matching

A. Conventional

squeeze tube cover in various shapes, generally divided into screw cap class (single and double layer, double layer of the outer cover more for the plating cover to increase the product grade, looks more beautiful, professional line more use screw cap), flat head cover, round head cover, nozzle cover, lift cover, super flat cover, double layer cover, spherical cover, lipstick cover, plastic cover can also be a variety of processes, hot gold edge, silver edge, coloured cover, transparent, oil spray, plating, etc. Spiked caps and lipstick caps are usually supplied with an inner stopper. The squeeze tube cover is an injection moulded product, the squeeze tube is a pull tube, most squeeze tube manufacturers do not produce squeeze tube cover themselves.

B. Multi-functional packages

With the diversification of user needs, cosmetic tube manufacturers will be the contents and functional structural effective integration, such as massage head, ball, roller, etc. has also become the market's new demand. Squeeze tube with light quality, easy to carry, strong and durable, recyclable, easy to squeeze, processing performance and printing adaptability, etc., by many cosmetic manufacturers, widely used in cleansing products (facial cleanser, etc.), skincare products (a variety of eye cream, moisturizer, nutritional cream, snow cream, and sunscreen, etc.) and beauty and hair products (shampoo, conditioner, lipstick, etc.) and other cosmetics packaging.

1. Review of the design of the squeeze tube

For people who are not familiar with the extrusion tube, their own design drawings can be a worrying problem, once the mistake is all ruined. Quality suppliers will be unfamiliar with squeeze tubes for the design of the simpler draft, in the diameter and length of the tube to determine, and then provide a design area map, you just need to design content in the map area, and placed in the middle, it can be. A quality cosmetic tube manufacturer will also give you checks and advice on your design and production process. For example, the wrong location of the electric eye, they will tell you; colour is not quite reasonable, they will remind you; specifications do not meet the design, they will remind you again and again to change the drawing; and then such as bar code direction, readability is qualified, colour separation and the process can create squeeze tube, even the drawing did not turn the curve of this small error, quality suppliers are one by one for you to check whether there.

2. The choice of cosmetic tube.

The materials used should meet the relevant health standards, heavy metals, fluorescent agents, and other harmful substances should be controlled within the prescribed limits. For example, the squeeze tube exported to the United States, the polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) used to meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards 21CFR117.1520.

3. Understand the filling method

The squeeze tube has squeeze tube end filling and tube mouth-filling two ways. If it is the mouth of the filling, the purchase of squeeze tube should pay attention to, must consider "the size of the mouth of the tube and the size of the filling nozzle" whether to match, can be flexible into the tube. If it is the end of the squeeze tube filling, then you need to squeeze the tube for the row of boxes, at the same time to consider the head and tail direction of the product, how to make the filling into the tube to make it easy and fast. Secondly, you need to know whether the contents are "hot" or at room temperature when filling. There is also the process of this product is often related to the design, to understand clearly in advance the nature of filling production, to avoid problems, to achieve high productivity and efficiency.

4. Selection of squeeze tube

If the contents of the daily chemical enterprise packaging is some of the oxygen is particularly sensitive (such as some whitening cosmetics) or fragrance is very easy to volatile (such as essential oils or some oils, acids, salts, and other corrosive chemicals) of the product, this time should be selected with five layers of co-squeeze tube. This is because the oxygen transmission rate of a five-layer co-squeeze tube (polyethylene/bonded resin/EVOH/bonded resin/polyethylene) is 0.2-1.2 units, whereas the oxygen transmission rate of an ordinary single-layer polyethylene tube is 150-300 units. The squeeze tube is tested to be several dozen times lower than the monolayer tube in terms of weight loss of ethanol over a given period. In addition, EVOH is an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer, which has an excellent barrier and fragrance retention (thickness of 15-20 microns is ideal).

5. Price introduction

Squeeze tube quality and cosmetic tube manufacturers have a large price difference, squeeze tube body can be multi-color printing and screen printing, and individual cosmetic tube manufacturers have heat transfer printing equipment and technology. Hot stamping, hot silver to area unit price to calculate, screen printing effect is better, more expensive and fewer manufacturers, should be based on different levels of demand to choose different cosmetic squeeze tube manufacturers.

6. Squeeze tube production cycle

General 15 days -20 days cycle (from the confirmation of the sample tube to start counting) order single product for 5,000-10,000, large manufacturers usually 10,000 for the starting amount, very few small cosmetic tube manufacturers if the variety of more, single product to count 3,000 starting amount can also be, very few customers open their own mold, the vast majority of the public mold (a few features of the cover is (private mold) contracted quantity and the actual number of supplies, there is a ± 10% deviation in this industry.

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