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Types and characteristics of cosmetic plastic tubes


The functions and roles of cosmetics are becoming more and more refined, and there are more and more cosmetics with comprehensive functions, with very obvious differences in grade and dazzling forms of packaging; at the same time, cosmetic plastic tube manufacturers classify and package cosmetic packaging in order to better promote their products.

At present, cosmetic packaging commonly is used plastic squeeze tube mainly including the aluminum - plastic composite tube, pull-plastic composite tube and plastic co-extruded tube, which can meet the hygiene, blocking and other cosmetic packaging needs of all kinds.

Aluminium-plastic composite tube

Aluminium-plastic composite tube is aluminium foil, plastic film, cosmetic plastic tube manufacturer through the pneumatic composite process to produce plates, and then processed into tubular packaging containers through a special tube machine, the typical structure of PE/PE EAA/AL/PE EAA/PE. Aluminium-plastic composite tube is mainly used for packaging hygiene and high barrier cosmetics, its barrier layer is generally aluminium foil, its barrier depends on the aluminium foil The barrier layer is generally aluminium foil and its barrier properties depend on the pinhole degree of the aluminium foil. As technology of cosmetic tube manufacturer continues to improve, the thickness of the aluminium foil barrier layer of the aluminium-plastic composite tube is reduced from the original 40m to 12m or even 9m, thus greatly saving resources.

1. Aluminium-plastic composite tubes have the following advantages in use.

(1) High barrier, aluminium foil has barrier, resistance, water resistance and other blocking properties to prevent external substances from intruding into the cosmetic interior, prevent oxidation and deterioration of the cosmetic, and prevent ingredients such as moisture or fragrance within the cosmetic from spreading to the exterior through the tube, thus ensuring the quality of the cosmetic.

(2) Low cost for wholesale cosmetic tubes

In order to achieve the same blocking performance, aluminium-plastic composite tube provides less material, lower cost and economy than all-plastic composite tube and plastic co-extruded squeeze tube.

    2. All-plastic squeeze tube

    All-vegetable squeeze tube are plastic components, divided into all-vegetable non-blocking squeeze tube and all-vegetable blocking squeeze tube. All-vegetable non-blocking squeeze tube is usually used for low-cost fast cosmetic packaging. All-vegetable blocking squeeze tubes have edge seams on the ex-tube and are usually used for low to medium cosmetic packaging. The blocking layer can be a multi-layer squeeze containing EVOH, PVDC, oxide coated PET, etc. A typical structure for plastic barrier laminate tube is PE/PE/EVOH/PE/PE.

    The advantages of plastic squeeze tubes include.

    (1) Environmentally friendly. Compared with aluminium-plastic composite tube, all-vegetable composite tube using economical, easy-to-recycle all-vegetable sheet, reducing the environmental pollution of packaging waste, the recycled all-vegetable composite tube after reprocessing, cosmetic plastic tube manufacturers can produce lower products. High-end cosmetic plastic tube

    (2) Variety of colours. Cosmetics plastic tube manufacturers according to the characteristics of cosmetics and consumer demand, all-plastic composite tube with colourless transparent, colour transparent, colour opaque and other kinds of colour production, can give consumers a strong visual enjoyment. In particular, the transparent all-plastic composite tube can clearly see the colour state of the contents, giving a strong visual impact and greatly promoting the consumer's desire to buy.

    (3) Good resilience: compared with the aluminium-plastic composite tube, the full composite tube has good resilience, after extrusion of cosmetics, the tube for a rapid return to its original form, always maintaining a beautiful, regular shape. This is important for cosmetic packaging. Plastic co-extruded tube

    Plastic co-extruded tube using pneumatic technology, Xu Lu will be different properties, types of raw materials combined together, a one-time molding. Plastic total extrusion tubes are divided into single-layer extruded tubes and multi-layer co-extruded tubes, which are mainly used for packaging fast-consuming cosmetics (e.g. hand creams) that require a high level of appearance but not much actual performance in use.

    The main advantages of plastic co-extruded tubes include:

    (1) No variation in width and a better appearance than composite tube. required for premium cosmetic plastic tube packaging.

    (2) Depending on the extrusion die, manufacturers of cosmetic plastic tubes can produce extruded tubes in a variety of shapes (e.g. oval, square, etc.) to meet the needs of different consumers high-end cosmetic plastic tubes.

    What role does the cosmetic plastic tube play in cosmetic packaging

    Nowadays, the cosmetic market is expanding, the same, for the cosmetic plastic tube market demand is also expanding, cosmetics are mainly composed of oil, water-soluble polymer compounds, surfactants, etc., in addition to the addition of solvent raw materials, flavours and fragrances, dyes, solvents, and preservatives antioxidants, etc., these components determine the inherent nature of cosmetics, while cosmetic tube manufacturers to Cosmetic packaging also imposes certain requirements.

    For cosmetic packaging

    The body of the plastic cosmetic tube should be complete, smooth, even and of uniform thickness. At present, glass and plastic are clearly superior in this respect. With the continuous development of glass production techniques, printing, stamping, frosting, dyeing and glazing, the fashion potential of glass packaging has been fully exploited, while plastic has always been a master of fashion due to its ease of forming and colourfulness. In addition, plastic can now perfectly imitate glossy glass.

    Plastic cosmetic tubes are an essential item in cosmetic packaging. The role of plastic squeeze tubes in cosmetic packaging.

    1.Excluding part of the air (oxygen) from the packaging container, it can effectively prevent cosmetics from spoiling.

    2.The use of barrier (airtight) excellent packaging materials and strict sealing technology and requirements, can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging content material, that is, to avoid cosmetic weight loss, loss of taste, but also to prevent secondary pollution.

    3.Cosmetic plastic tube container internal gas has been excluded, accelerating the conduction of heat, which can improve the efficiency of heat sterilization, but also to avoid the heating sterilization, due to gas expansion and the packaging container rupture.

    In the cosmetics industry, plastic squeeze tube application is very common, a variety of cosmetics need to preserve the freshness of cosmetics increasingly use cosmetic plastic tube, these components determine the inherent nature of cosmetics, but also on the cosmetic packaging also put forward certain requirements.

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