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2022 full tips for wholesale cosmetic tube


What to consider when selecting a cosmetic tube manufacturer?

The packaging industry has begun to focus on circular economy development in its development. There are many professional cosmetic tube manufacturers on the market and three factors must be taken into account when choosing one.

Environmental friendliness

The first thing to consider is the environmental friendliness of the cosmetic tube packaging materials offered by the manufacturer. Poor quality packaging materials to create the cosmetic tube will have many hidden dangers, even because of the poor quality of the packaging materials to affect the preservation and effect of cosmetics. So pay attention to the choice of cosmetic tube manufacturers with environmental protection guarantee.

Innovative design

The innovative design of cosmetic tubes is crucial. In cosmetic sales, there are often consumers who choose the brand because they see the overall packaging of the cosmetic product as high-end and classy or unique. So in the choice of cosmetic tube manufacturer to focus on understanding whether the ability and characteristics of innovative design, to present a unique design of cosmetic tube manufacturer is a trustworthy choice.

Cosmetic tube design needs to focus on what?

Different designs present a cosmetic "class" that is different. In order to be able to enhance the cosmetics, cosmetic brands will pay great attention to the design of the packaging. However, for cosmetic brands, there are several key points to consider in the design of cosmetic tubes.

The function of the product

The cosmetic tube design should take into account the function of the product. The function of different products is different, so the design needs for the tube is also different. For example, for eye creams such as cosmetics, the main need is to vibrate the massage function. So the tube design should have the function of vibrating and massaging. For sun creams, the colour changing design of the tube can be matched to the characteristics of the sun cream, which means that under UV light, the tube will change colour according to the strength of UV light.

Consumer experience

The design of the tube also needs to take into account the consumer's experience. Whether it is the choice of colour or the design of the shape or function of the design, in order to be able to attract the attention of consumers, to enhance the consumer's desire to buy. Therefore, it is necessary to design from the point of view of the consumer experience, such as around the consumer's actions, thinking or emotions and other aspects of design. The design of cosmetic tubes can achieve better results and become the key to promoting the sales of cosmetics in the market;

Functional guarantee

The so-called functional guarantee refers to the functional design of cosmetic tubes, for example with functions such as vibration or colour change. To ensure that the cosmetic tube can be designed to meet the needs of cosmetics is what the cosmetics industry needs.

These are the most important factors that need to be considered when it comes to cosmetic tube manufacturers. Through these factors it is possible to effectively ensure the reliability of the manufacturer.

Common packaging materials for wholesale cosmetic tubes

The development of the common packaging materials for cosmetic tubes industry is based on continuous innovation. For the cosmetics industry, in recent years in the course of development has become increasingly focused on the selection and updating of cosmetic tube packaging materials. So what are the common types of packaging materials?

Aluminium squeeze tube

This packaging material is a common type of cosmetic tube. This type of packaging material has a high level of safety, is aseptic and does not contain any preservatives. It can therefore be used not only for cosmetic packaging, but also for pharmaceutical and food packaging.

PVC plastic cosmetic tube

PVC plastic cosmetic tube is a plastic cosmetic tube packaging material that can be recycled. It is also known as an environmentally friendly cosmetic tube as the pollution caused to the environment is relatively small. It is mainly made from 30% recycled material and can be recycled again to reduce the amount of plastic consumed.

Paper and plastic cosmetic tubes

The packaging is made of 27% brown kraft paper, which reduces the amount of plastic used. It is a packaging material that can be used for a variety of skin care products; these are the common types of cosmetic tube packaging, and the advantages of the different types of packaging are different. Choosing the right packaging material can add to the cosmetic packaging, so the choice of material for cosmetic tubes is crucial. Not only is it able to enhance the appearance of the  products, but it can also enhance the portability and safety of cosmetics.

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