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Complete intro to cosmetic tube manufacture


Many people know that most of our current cosmetic packaging are with cosmetic tube packaging, the benefits of such squeeze tube packaging is easy to carry, and not easy to waste, like our face wash, because it is wrapped by cosmetic tube, even if it is relatively large jar is also convenient to take away, there is no time in the fast, squeezing it, the item can also be used a few times, thanks to squeeze cosmetic tube.

How about cosmetic tube material used by squeeze tube manufacturer? That must be used is non-toxic and tasteless, and to be strictly disinfected before being put into use, because it is generally filled with some ointment, we use skin care cosmetics on face, and toothpaste in mouth etc.,therefore, when it comes to wholesale cosmetic tubes, it is a must with focus on hygiene issues.

Understanding the production of cosmetic tube and production equipment

At the time of sealing some products need to be filled before sealing the tail, sealing the tail is divided into: straight sealing, diagonal sealing, umbrella sealing, star point sealing, shaped sealing, sealing the tail can be required to print out the required date code at the end of the seal. What cosmetic tube production equipment is available? The production line of cosmetic tube is an assembly line production, which has round bottle labeling machine, can round bottle assembly line labeling machine, automatic honey round bottle on the cap screw cap labeling machine and so on at cosmetic tube factory.

Cosmetic tube printing and cosmetic tube printing technology

Now many of our cosmetics are using cosmetic tube packaging, but because of the different brands, the introduction of different, different uses, etc, all those trigger cosmetic tube manufacturers created a new technology. Cosmetic tube printing method and cosmetic tube production process are closely related to each other, mainly divided into two categories: one is the first cosmetic tube packaging and then printing, mainly for extrusion-type plastic cosmetic tube. Printing for cosmetic tube is mainly letterpress offset printing and screen printing; the other is the first printing plastic film, composite sheet, and then made of composite cosmetic tube. Mainly used for all-plastic composite cosmetic tube and aluminum-plastic composite cosmetic tube:T the use of flexographic printing and gravure printing method.

Printing on the cosmetic tube not only allows us to clearly identify different products and brands, but also allows us to meet the aesthetic, the same two face wash in front of you, one printed with a very nice pattern, while the other is simply white plastic, more people will choose the first it, so the good-looking squeeze cosmetic tube packaging can also drive sales.

In short, the characteristics of the consumer market and the production process of cosmetic tube, decided the four printing methods - letterpress offset printing, screen printing, flexographic printing and gravure printing have their own market foothold. For cosmetic tube printing, printing methods can not be less than one, which printing technology each has its own advantages, each has its own shortcomings, but each technology should be left behind to create a cosmetic tube industry glory.

How to choose a quality assurance cosmetic tube manufacturers?

Now cosmetics choose cosmetic tube because cosmetic tube in the preservation of cosmetics not only can make the shelf life can be extended, but also will not let the fragrance of cosmetics spill. However, as a large number of needs: cosmetic tube packaging material users, it is a necessity to understand how many cosmetic tube manufacturers, and how to choose a squeeze tube manufacturer to protect the purchase of cosmetic tube high quality.

As cosmetics now use cosmetic tube, so cosmetic tube packaging material manufacturers are gradually increasing; as a large number of demand for wholesale cosmetic tube packaging manufacturer; when it comes to the choice, wholesalers can consider brands, as well as through comparison t o choose a high-profile manufacturers to buy, which can be compared by way of seeing which cosmetic tube manufacturer can rank high in the industry, especially the choice of more users, the evaluation is relatively high, you can compare the elimination of the way, choose the those squeeze tube factories with top ranking, quality assurance, high cost performance, after-sales service; If you partner with cosmetic tube manufacturers of quality assurance, high cost performance, it allow both reduce investment costs, but also to protect the quality, so The cosmetic tube package can make the purchase of cosmetics more satisfied after the use of users.

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