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Cosmetic tube printing and material introduction


We see a lot of cosmetics are placed inside some squeeze tubes, such as face wash, moisturizer, or hand cream, even if it is a mascara brush, etc., it is also possible to put inside the cosmetic tube for use. The tube is lighter than other cosmetic packaging containers, and because it is soft, so it is not easy to break the condition. This is why it is used in large quantities.

Then for our consumers, in fact, the first glance is to see the brand on the top of the cosmetic tube, the pattern, through these contents to attract consumers in advance. Then for cosmetic tube manufacturers, cosmetic tube printing in the operation of the need to pay attention to what principles?


Cosmetic tube printing must pay attention to and the brand match. If it is a relatively high-grade brand, it needs to be reflected from the sense of design. Like some brands will specifically need hot stamping mode, feel high. Some brands also focus on small fresh, so the use of relatively spring green or lake blue, etc.. Cosmetic tube factory design out of the pattern needs to be docked with the customer, do not blindly carry out the design.


Cosmetic tube printing

Can not flow on the surface. High-grade printing is often used regularly will not fade, but if it is inferior printing pigments, or printing methods problems, will lead to color fading, or even direct printing off, etc.. So the use of high-grade printing materials and high-grade printing technology is also very necessary!

Which cosmetic tube material is better?

Cosmetics must use the cosmetic box to place, and more common is the cosmetic tube. This is because tubes are often designed to be easy to carry and are lighter compared to boxes or bottles. The ability to place any different materials of cosmetics, liquid, gel or solid, powder is possible. You can even add some small loose pieces to increase the brightness, etc.

Cosmetic tube materials

What are the main ones? In fact, now more is plastic extrusion tube and aluminum-plastic in line with the cosmetic tube. Of course, there will be some cosmetic tube is the use of iron or some metal type, such as Russia will be used more. But in the global cosmetics packaging market, in fact, the use of the above two cosmetic tube material is sufficient. Cosmetic tube manufacturers use these two materials can make cosmetics in a limited period of time to achieve the best preservation effect. And it is not affected by the external temperature. In the process of long-term pressure, it does not cause the entire tube to break. Not only in use, for cosmetic brands, to be able to directly on top of this squeeze tube different designs, brand reproduction, etc., these are also necessary, and this material can make these trademarks, patterns or instructions for use, etc. will appear more clear, not easy to lose color. For example, more and more manufacturers of wholesale cosmetic tube is the use of more advanced technology, so that the cosmetics printing also become more high level!

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