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Various surface treatments of cosmetic aluminum tube - oxidation, coating by collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturers


For nearly a century, Cosmetic Aluminum Tube has been the favorite material of cosmetic Tube packaging, prized for its versatility and strength. Its history as a cosmetic packaging material is an interesting phenomenon, how a little-known metal is rapidly changing not only cosmetic environmentally friendly packaging, but also many other industries.

Cosmetic aluminum tube surface treatment overview

Cosmetic aluminum Tube itself is a kind of beautiful appearance and excellent corrosion resistance of metal. Collapsible Aluminium tubes Manufacturers not only improve their original characteristics but also add new ones after a variety of surface treatments.

Cosmetic aluminum tube surface treatment methods mainly include anodic oxidation film treatment, electrophoresis, coloring, coating, sandblasting, mechanical surface treatment, etc.

Cosmetic aluminum tube anodic oxidation treatment


Cosmetic aluminum tube is the active metal, and the oxygen in the atmosphere after contact can naturally form a thin layer of oxide cosmetic aluminum tube film on the surface. Because the naturally occurring oxide film is thin, it needs to be artificially thickened and reinforced with an electrochemical finish. This process is anodic oxide film treatment. In fact, the cosmetic aluminum tube products into the electrolyte (acidic liquid), as an anode to make a small amount of current (DC, AC or AC) through, so that the oxide film can also be formed. In this case, if cosmetic Aluminium Tube Suppliers make various combinations with cosmetic aluminum Tube alloy type according to the type, temperature and current density of electrolyte, it can produce stronger silver, gold, amber or black film.

The oxide film has many tiny pores on its surface. Put it in the pressure vessel, cosmetic Tube supplier pressure and steam them into boiling water, the surface of the hole can form aluminum tube of hydrogen oxide, so that the hole can be flat sealed, make its surface smooth. This method is called hole sealing, and at the same time of sealing, it can also be colored by filling the hole with dye. In addition, acid-proof cosmetic aluminum tube coloring methods include AC electrolytic coloring method, natural hair color method and so on.

Cosmetic aluminum tube surface coating treatment

In addition to cosmetic aluminum tube material for continuous (polyester, propylene, epoxy, fluorine, etc.) plating made of cosmetic aluminum tube manufacturers Tube coating plate (known as color cosmetic aluminum tube), there are also to form the coating before and after processing cosmetic aluminum tube can, cosmetic aluminum tube window frame, shutter, building materials, etc., on behalf of acid resistant cosmetic aluminum tube coating. Among them, color cosmetic aluminum tube, in addition to cosmetics and other building materials, can also be widely used in the manufacturing field of toothpaste tube, ointment tube and pigment tube.

Key elements of green cosmetic packaging

As the demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions increases across industries, green Cosmetic Tube technology is becoming increasingly popular with cosmetic companies. Cosmetic aluminum tube alloy has many environmental functions due to its unique properties. First, Cosmetic Aluminum Tube is highly recyclable and retains its properties during the recycling process. Compared to other materials, the recycled cosmetic Aluminum Tube requires much less energy to produce.

The light weight and formability of cosmetic aluminum tube have a positive impact on the development of the whole cosmetic packaging industry. Cosmetic aluminum tube is easy to transport, easy to process and less waste, not only make the finished cosmetic aluminum tube tube and collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturers more efficient production process, reduce the use of energy and water, And reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

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