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Cosmetic packaging material tube


Cosmetic tube is easy to use hygiene, bright and beautiful surface color, economical and convenient, easy to carry, even if the high-intensity circumferential extrusion, can still restore the original state, maintain a good appearance, so its has been widely used in the packaging of cream cosmetics, such as cosmetics industry, facial cleanser, conditioner, hair dye, toothpaste and other products packaging, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, cream, cream topical drugs and other packaging.

1, the squeeze tube includes and material classification

Cosmetic tube generally contains: tube + cover, the tube is often used PE plastic, there are also aluminum plastic tube, all-aluminum squeeze tube, there is an environmentally friendly shape of paper-plastic tube.

* All-plastic tube: the whole tube using PE material, first pull out the tube and then cut out offset printing, silk-screening, hot stamping. According to the tube head can be divided into round tube, flat tube, oval tube. The sealing tail can be divided into straight sealing tail, twill sealing tail, heterosexual sealing tail, etc.

*Aluminum-plastic tube: inside and outside two layers, the inner is PE material, the outer is aluminum placement packaging cut and then rolled. According to the tube head can be divided into round tube, flat tube and oval tube. The sealing tail can be divided into straight sealing tail, oblique sealing tail, heterosexual sealing tail, etc.

*Pure aluminum tube: pure aluminum, recyclable, environmentally friendly. Disadvantage is easy to deformation, think about the childhood (after 80) with toothpaste tube will know. But more unique, easy to shape the memory point, the most typical is the aluminum tube package of Iso skin care.

2, according to the thickness of the product classification

According to the thickness of the tube can be divided into single-layer tube, double-layer tube, five-layer tube, respectively, in the pressure, impermeability and feel are different. Single-layer tube will be thin; double-layer tube is more commonly used; five-layer tube belongs to the high-end goods, by the outer layer, inner layer, two adhesive layer, another barrier layer. Features: excellent gas barrier performance, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odor gas, while preventing the contents of the fragrance and active ingredients seepage.

3、Classification according to the shape of the squeeze tube

According to the shape of the tube can be divided into: round tube, oval tube, flat tube, super flat tube, etc.

4、The caliber and height of the tube

tube caliber for 13 # -60 # a variety of caliber, selected a certain caliber of tube, with different lengths marked with different capacity characteristics, capacity 3ml-360ml can be arbitrary adjustment, in order to beautiful coordination, 60ml below commonly used 35 # caliber, 100ml, 150ml usually with 35 # -45 # caliber, 150ml or more. -45# caliber, 150ml capacity is required to use more than 45# caliber.

5、tube tube cover

The shape of tube cover is various, generally divided into flat cover, round cover, high cover, lift cover, super flat cover, double-layer cover, spherical cover, lipstick cover, plastic cover can also be a variety of processes, hot gold edge, silver edge, colored cover, transparent, oil spray, electroplating, etc., the spike cover and lipstick cover is usually equipped with an internal plug. tube cover for injection molding products, tube for pulling the tube, most tube manufacturers do not produce tube cover themselves.

6、Production process

-Bottle body: tube can be made colored tube, transparent tube, colored or transparent frosted, pearlescent tube, and there are matte and shiny, matte looks elegant but easy to dirty. tube body color can be directly produced plastic products with color, there is also a large area of printing color, colored tube and tube body large area of the difference between printing, can be judged from the end of the cut, the cut for the white for the large area of printing tube, with high ink requirements, otherwise easy to fall off and will crack and reveal white marks after being folded.

-Bottle printing: screen printing (with spot colors, color block small and less, and plastic bottles printed in the same way, need to set color, professional line products commonly used) and offset printing (similar to the same as paper printing, color block large and color more, daily chemical line products commonly used.) The difference, there are hot stamping and hot silver.

7, tube production cycle and order quantity

General 15 days -20 days cycle (from the confirmation of the sample tube to start counting) the order amount of single products for 5,000-10,000, large cosmetic tube manufacturers usually 10,000 for the starting amount, very few small manufacturers if more varieties, single products to count 3,000 starting amount can also be, few customers open their own molds, the vast majority of public mold (a few features of the cover is a private mold) The contract quantity and the actual supply quantity, there is ± 10% deviation in this industry.

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