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why cosmetic plastic tube can replace other materials tube


Now the cosmetics industry in the back of the product packaging will be through the cosmetic plastic tube to complete the packaging. Plastic cosmetic squeeze tube manufacturers in addition to this cosmetic plastic tube have better sealing and barrier properties. Therefore, most cosmetic companies are now increasingly using new raw materials, but also constantly in development, much of our attention.

For the cosmetic tube to go deeper into the study can be found cosmetic plastic tube application is really too in place, and the curing agent tube can be a direct replacement for other raw materials of the tube. Mainly cosmetic plastic tube has too many advantages.

Not only that, now the cosmetic plastic tube in weight is relatively light, cosmetic plastic tubes do not have to worry about the weight of the problem. As the raw material of the cosmetic plastic tube is plastic, in terms of corrosion resistance is still doing very well, and can have better corrosion resistance performance, completely do not have to worry about corrosion resistance in this aspect.

It can be said that the cosmetic plastic tube is an alternative to other raw materials tube products to meet the needs of many professions.

Cosmetic tube is not only easier to print than other packaging materials, and high quality, durability, recycling, good flexibility, easy extrusion processing, adaptability and other characteristics are widely used, the following cosmetic tube manufacturer to introduce the specific material characteristics of the cosmetic tube.

Cosmetic tube and aluminum - plastic composite tube compared to the cosmetic tube using economic, easy to recycle all-vegetable sheet, reducing the pollution of the environment from packaging waste.

Secondly, cosmetic tube with colorless transparent, color transparent, color opaque and other color production, can give consumers a strong visual enjoyment. Especially the transparent cosmetic tube can clearly see the color state of the contents, which largely promotes the purchase of consumers.

In addition, the cosmetic tube has good resilience, after squeezing out the cosmetics, the cosmetic tube for a quick return to its original form, always maintaining a beautiful, regular shape. This is important for cosmetic packaging. The cosmetic tube will be a combination of different properties and types of raw materials, cosmetic tube to be used for packaging on the appearance of high requirements, the actual use of performance requirements are not high fast consumption of cosmetics.

How to purchase plastic cosmetic tubes?

Cosmetics packaging styles and materials are diverse, the number of manufacturers using plastic cosmetic tubes today has been far more than the choice of glass bottles and other materials, because the plastic cosmetic tube raw materials are environmentally friendly and a wide variety, each type has its own characteristics and advantages, to meet the different needs of many manufacturers, so for manufacturers how to properly purchase plastic cosmetic tube?

1.cosmetic tube regardless of the choice of raw materials, plastic cosmetic tube, first of all, to meet the requirements of being non-toxic and tasteless, due to the wide variety of major raw materials available, so it is necessary to choose the comprehensive performance of raw materials, cosmetics generally use high-density polyethylene and polypropylene, if you need transparency, you can use PET as a cosmetic tube, if you need a higher barrier performance, you need to shade and opaque The main raw material for liquid cosmetics is generally polypropylene or polyester as a cosmetic tube, the current market mainly uses pet or HPDE as a cosmetic packaging tube, cosmetic tube cover using PP material. 

2.cosmetic tube cover sealing performance, air permeability, is the plastic cosmetic tube two important technical indicators, the stability of the packaging products has an important impact. 

3.plastic cosmetic tube quality standards, product quality can be analyzed and judged from the cosmetic tube manufacturer's product quality standards.

Now the cosmetics industry in the cosmetic tube packaging by many manufacturers, it is because of these different materials, different varieties of cosmetic tube, cosmetics marketing and sales are easier, more beautiful and practical packaging also allows consumers to have more choices, greatly promoting the desire to buy consumers, in the cosmetic tube to understand the time will find cosmetic tube The use of plastic tube, in many industries and fields have been applied, plastic tube because of its different types have their own advantages and characteristics, can meet the different needs of many manufacturers so have a very good development, in the application of the scope is slowly expanding, cosmetic plastic tube will subsequently become many industries will be used to a product, the reason for the use of plastic tube because such a tube has a lot of features and advantages in it, and tube in weight is also very light installation is also relatively simple, can save a lot of installation time, coupled with the plastic tube itself has the performance of corrosion resistance can be used for a long time, so the cosmetic tube has a good development, can become a lot of industries will subsequently be used to the product.

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