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Advocate green cosmetics tube packaging design concept


In today's society, environmental pollution is serious, and green environmental protection has become the fundamental goal of today's society to pursue a good living environment. People destroy the environment and are affected by the adverse consequences of environmental pollution, under this background, through continuous reflection and understanding, in order to create a harmonious and beautiful living environment, put forward the idea of "green". "Green" includes a wide range, including green cosmetic tube design is the cosmetics tube manufacturer in design Angle under the advocacy and combined with background of today's society follows a means of green design requires the human and the nature harmonious get along, under the condition of complete design for ecological balance, reduce the damage to the environment, is conducive to the development of ecology. Respect for green cosmetic tube design is also a way and means to oppose excessive cosmetic tube packaging, which is an important principle to resist and eliminate excessive cosmetic tube packaging. The green design provides a theoretical and methodological basis for effectively eliminating and controlling excessive cosmetic tube packaging. Promote the harmony between human and nature, green design make full use of the concept of green design is the designer of responsibility and the embodiment of the morals, adhere to the concept of green design should follow corresponding principle, under the condition of man and nature live in harmony, adhere to the strategic thought of sustainable development, in the tube cosmetics packaging design, tube cosmetics manufacturers insist on recycling, Promote minimalism and rationalization of structures.

1.1 Selection of flexible packaging materials for green cosmetics

Green tube cosmetics packaging design is a kind of means and methods of environmental protection, to some extent, promote the development of the ecological balance, promote the regeneration and utilization of resources, in fact green tube to the promotion of the packaging design and the use of cosmetics, promote the development of the persistence of the tube cosmetics packaging design market, on the choice of materials, tube cosmetics manufacturers pay attention to the environmental performance of material, which requires the choice of materials, pay attention to the recycle material itself, and the recycling of tube cosmetics packaging structure, stylist makes full use of green environmental protection idea, saving the cost of materials and products, based on the degradable non-woven fabric and only need die cutting board combination ably, tube cosmetics manufacturers showed material designed for recycling, saving materials, resist consumables sustainable concept, has received the attention and high praise, cosmetics tube manufacturer urge you to pay attention to the environment, pay attention to the sustainable development, and follow by other products, the innovation concept is a kind of positive communication of the idea of protecting the environment and publicity.

1.1.1 Characteristics of flexible packaging materials for green cosmetics

According to the concept of green environmental protection, green cosmetic tube packaging materials should have the following characteristics:

Easy recycling: the selection of materials has the conditions of regeneration and recycling. Such materials can still be reused after being used, and will not bring too much recycling trouble and recycling procedures.

Non-toxic and harmless: the selection of materials requires non-toxic and harmless. In the process of direct contact with people, there will be no harmful substances to human body and little pollution to the environment. There will be no chemical reactions in the process of disposal of waste materials, resulting in toxic substances and gases, resulting in environmental pollution.

Renewable: in the selection of materials, try to choose a large number of materials with regenerative function, the use of these materials, will not cause too much impact on the ecological balance, after the consumption of energy can still be manufactured and produced by artificial way, the number and range of materials is sufficient, can be used in large quantities.

1.1.2 Types of flexible packaging materials for green cosmetics

According to the most common materials used in daily life and can be directly accepted by the public, it mainly includes the following types:

Paper material: Paper material is mainly composed of plant fiber, which is harmless and widely used in daily life. Paper material comes from plants and can be reproduced and recycled, which is conducive to recycling and digestion. Secondly, the selection of paper materials is wide, and the price is low, the public can generally accept, as a cosmetic tube packaging material will not produce harmful substances, convenient, lightweight, low cost. Paper materials are widely used in life, designers use paper cosmetics flexible packaging materials to play a large space. Paper cosmetics packaging materials are divided into paper boxes, cardboard, cardboard boxes, paper tubes, paper bags, paper paste molding products, etc.

Bamboo: the development and utilization of bamboo materials are widely used and accepted with the improvement of environmental awareness. Bamboo is mainly used as bamboo woven material. The survival rate of bamboo is stronger than that of trees, with fast growth, low price, environmental protection and non-toxic. It can be used twice. For example, the hot Yangcheng Lake hairy crab is made of bamboo, which is flexible, breathable and not easy to spoil.

Food grade cosmetic tube packaging material: cosmetic tube packaging material is a new type of cosmetic tube packaging material, the main components of this material is composed of protein and starch, as a cosmetic tube packaging material will not affect the product packaging. This kind of food grade cosmetic tube packaging film is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, will not produce toxic substances, easy to use will not cause cosmetic tube packaging waste.

Degradable cosmetic tube production materials: degradable materials in the production process to add certain additives, such as these materials under the influence of the external environment and a specific time will be thinner, strength also decreased. Degradable materials are divided into photodegradable materials, biodegradable materials, water degradable materials. According to the impact of the environment and factors to produce degradation, easy to destroy and disposal. The production of degradable materials has been widely accepted and applied in society as a major trend of scientific and technological development.

Reusable cosmetic tube materials: Materials produced are not necessarily destroyed immediately after they are used. Reusable materials help to save resources, reduce waste and avoid many unnecessary procedures. After being used, they can be recycled and disinfected and continue to be used. Cosmetic tube manufacturers eliminate a number of production procedures and contribute to saving water, electricity and other resources.

1.2 Cosmetics tube packaging design green

Green tube cosmetics packaging design in addition to pay attention to the green environmental protection, on the material selection of cosmetics tube manufacturer also notice the overall greening design, the overall, mainly includes the simplification of tube cosmetics packaging design structure, avoid unnecessary space usage in the structure, to guarantee the tube cosmetics packaging products safety under the premise of the reasonable use of structure space. Secondly, the decoration design of cosmetic tube packaging pays attention to the environmental protection and greening of all aspects of decoration design. This environmental awareness can be shown through the appearance of products.

1.2.1 Cosmetic tube packaging structure improvement

In addition to protecting products, the structure design of cosmetic tube packaging plays an important role in the design of green cosmetic tube packaging.

The humanization of cosmetic tube packaging structure is an important standard for the improvement of cosmetic tube packaging structure. A cosmetic tube packaging after use continues to carry another role, so that the reuse of cosmetic tube packaging to reduce resources and reuse the effect. In addition, in the cosmetic tube packaging structure as far as possible to simplify, to avoid some tedious and unnecessary space.

Cosmetic tube packaging structure design is simplified, in the structural design of the pursuit of simplification to simplify the structure, will be unnecessary bubble and redundant space improvement. First of all, cosmetic tube packaging structure to play its original role, is to protect the product itself from injury, which is also the basic requirements of cosmetic tube packaging design. Secondly, while taking into account the aesthetic, the most important thing for cosmetic tube manufacturers is to design its structure reasonably, so that the selected materials and structural design can adapt to the commodity itself, and play a cost-saving and waste avoidance effect.

Cosmetics tube packaging structural design humanization, tube structure improvement of packaging design to follow the principle of humanization, tube cosmetics manufacturers to people-oriented, do it for the sake of the vital interests of the consumers, avoid to produce in the structural design of surplus and waste, tube cosmetics packaging can promote secondary use, play a secondary effect. Green cosmetic tube replaced original glass bottle, bottle mouth design is in a branch branch of log place, whole wine pot borrows the figure of domestic firewood, grain, simple sense is true, let a person have the feeling that contacts nature and life, after using, can undertake adornment as handicraft again. This way is also the cosmetic tube manufacturers for the product cosmetic tube packaging value of sublimation and reuse.

1.2.2 Improvement of cosmetic tube packaging color design

The decoration of cosmetic tube packaging design is mainly reflected in the color, pattern and text design of cosmetic tube packaging. The rationality of cosmetic tube packaging decoration is also one of the conditions for evaluating whether goods are excessive cosmetic tube packaging. Cosmetic tube packaging decoration design has become one of the means of commodity marketing at the present stage, whether the commodity can stand out in many products, can immediately attract the attention of consumers, designers and businesses have paid attention to the problem. In various shopping malls and sales markets, a wide range of goods, colorful transformation of different patterns, there are many printing sets of colors, pictures and content do not conform to, so in the decoration design, we should consider the actual value of goods and cosmetics tube packaging value is consistent, secondly, as far as possible to reduce the phenomenon of multiple sets of goods.

In cosmetic tube packaging design, text and graphics are an essential part, cosmetic tube manufacturers are also a way to provide consumers with product information. Intuitive graphic expression, as well as detailed text communication for consumers to buy goods guide. But too much publicity caused by the actual effect of goods and content inconsistent. Secondly, in order to increase the degree of attraction, color plays a decisive role, as the first element of the visual elements of cosmetic tube packaging, plays a role of instantly attracting the attention of consumers. Compared with general colors, strong contrast colors can attract consumers' attention more, so excessive use of color has become a means of cosmetic tube packaging design. The appearance of these multiple colors and strong contrasting colors increases the difficulty of printing, and the large use of ink increases the printing cost of commodities. On the other hand, for the cosmetic tube packaging recycling, the high printing cost also drives the recovery cost. Cosmetic tube packaging with beautiful colors can indeed attract people's attention, everything goes too far, too much attention to the gorgeous color, often resulting in excessive cosmetic tube packaging consequences, at the same time, the complex color of cosmetic tube packaging also increases the cost of products.

1.2.1 User-friendly packaging design of cosmetic tube

The object of cosmetic tube packaging design is people rather than things, so the green cosmetic tube packaging design emphasizes the people-oriented design concept. When modern people pay more and more attention to the "humanized" content, the development trend of cosmetic tube packaging design should lock the right target, tend to humanization. Cosmetic tube packaging to meet the aesthetic at the same time, but also to return to the original value, is to protect goods, easy to use.

Cosmetic tube manufacturers to meet the humanized design, first of all to pay attention to the safety of goods. Safety is to protect goods, but also a guarantee of consumer safety, so cosmetic tube packaging design should pay attention to the concept of safety, whether the design of structure or the selection of materials. To protect goods from damage and personal safety from injury is the fundamental principle of cosmetic tube packaging design. Secondly, convenience is also one of the important principles of humanization of cosmetic tube packaging design. The convenience of cosmetic tube packaging is conducive to the use of consumers. Complex and tedious cosmetic tube packaging, often unnecessary trouble, in the process of disassembly affect the mood of consumers. The design of cosmetic tube packaging should be conducive to consumers' carrying and disassembly, and the design should be for consumers' sake. Good design is convenient to carry, simple and easy to disassembly, to simplify, and to the greatest extent for consumers' sake.

Now designers in order to improve their own design at the same time began to pay attention to humanized design, whether to meet the comfort of the human body, whether to bring inconvenience to customers, whether to facilitate the development of environmental protection and ecological nature, cosmetics tube packaging design goal gradually turned to the actual contact and exchange of people and things.

Finally, cosmetic tube packaging design to simplify. Simple cosmetic tube packaging design explains the principle of "less is more". Modern design began to abandon the tedious content of the past, erase the non-functional, redundant parts, leaving the most delicate and basic content. This is also the conservation of materials and the protection of ecological resources. For, and ttube who left a layer of a layer of right complex tube cosmetics packaging be resisted, and there shall be no role for decoration of some give up, return to the most authentic, the most traditional part, for simple even without tube cosmetics packaging product value, so that businesses can put more energy into how to do the quality of the products instead of the tube on the packaging quality cosmetics, Cosmetic tube manufacturers pursue humanized design, so as to put consumers' vital interests in the first place, improve product connotation, and achieve humanized cosmetic tube packaging design.


Green cosmetic tube packaging design is the mainstream of today's design, cosmetic tube manufacturers follow the green cosmetic tube packaging design concept, adhere to the people-oriented design concept, so as to optimize the ecological environment, all to environmental awareness as the premise, put an end to the development of the natural environment against the design means. Do green cosmetics tube packaging design, not only limited to product design technology, but also through the product to the public to convey green environmental awareness, let green environmental awareness deep in the hearts of people. Cosmetic tube manufacturers through the analysis and application of green cosmetic tube packaging design concept, and excessive cosmetic tube packaging contrast, prove that green cosmetic tube packaging design in line with the law of social development. As the theme of social development, cosmetic tube packaging is to serve people, to stand in the consumer's point of view, pay attention to people-oriented, the development of green cosmetic tube packaging design is the cosmetic tube packaging industry needs to pay attention to and the application of the link.

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