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Solutions to excessive cosmetic tube packaging in the context of modern design


Excessive cosmetic tube packaging phenomenon, by no means a way and level can solve the problem, excessive cosmetic tube packaging phenomenon is related to all levels of society. Any social phenomenon, its corresponding solution is inseparable from the legal safeguard, legal measures to solve the excessive tube cosmetics packaging have had in the past, but because of the implementation and enforcement are not clear, the excessive tube cosmetics packaging no fundamental impact and restriction, so solve the excessive tube cosmetics packaging needs perfect legal means. Secondly, as a member of the world stage, open learning, provide the conditions for China's development and progress, pollution and first precedent in the United States had a lot of, is known as the travelling to London, for example, now get timely treatment after pollution also have clear water, blue sky, so reasonable solve problem must be timely, as excessive tube cosmetics packaging, The wholesale cosmetic tube packaging industry draws lessons from the relevant solutions of other countries, draws lessons from experience, and does a good job in the management of excessive cosmetic tube packaging industry.


1.1 With the help of legal means, excessive tube packaging of cosmetics can be restrained

Excessive prohibition tube cosmetics packaging is, its important reason lies in the imperfection of the law, the relevant mandatory regulations not rigorous, so curb excessive tube cosmetics packaging is necessary through legal means, only make full use of legal means to be effective against excessive tube cosmetics packaging phenomenon, to make the tube cosmetics packaging standardization, institutionalization and standardization, In order to make excessive cosmetic tube packaging to meet the needs of social development, to rationalize.

1.1.1 Standardization of "degree

How to define the "degree" of excessive cosmetic tube packaging is the standard that designers and cosmetic tube manufacturers rely on. It has not been confirmed and popularized in the Cosmetic tube Packaging Act, which needs attention. There is no reasonable definition of excessive cosmetic tube packaging can not be defined and evaluated, cosmetic tube manufacturers will not be able to judge the matters without explicit provisions, so, excessive cosmetic tube packaging will be produced without relevant standards. Therefore, excessive cosmetic tube packaging should be legally restrained, one of which is to define the standardization of its "degree". According to the definition of excessive cosmetic tube packaging in developed countries, Japan's "New Guidelines for Cosmetic tube Packaging" stipulates that: the empty space in the container should not exceed 20% of the volume of the container; Cosmetic tube packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the product price; Cosmetic tube packaging should correctly display the value of the product, so as not to mislead consumers. Wholesale cosmetic tube packaging industry can learn from the relevant legal provisions, for excessive cosmetic tube packaging "degree" clearly indicate, give cosmetic tube manufacturers the correct standard norms, form a legal basis.

1.1.2 Increase the intensity of legal punishment

Any laws and regulations are a dead letter without proper enforcement and enforcement. Therefore, for excessive cosmetic tube packaging to carry out explicit provisions, as well as the establishment of punishment regulations. Producers should be responsible for the products they produce, and increasing their responsibility is the key measure to avoid excessive cosmetic tube packaging. Increase penalties for excessive cosmetic tube packaging, compulsory measures for some excessive cosmetic tube packaging phenomenon, such as warning does not change, can be forced to suspend business and other measures. Strict enforcement process is also a strong guarantee for the implementation of excessive cosmetic tube packaging law.

1.2 Strengthen ideological awareness

It is necessary to take corresponding measures to eliminate excessive cosmetic tube packaging, but in the final analysis, it lies in the strengthening of thought, thought does not change, behavior is difficult to regulate, so eliminating excessive cosmetic tube packaging should strengthen people's ideological consciousness, establish environmental protection awareness to environmental protection and ecological balance. When human beings are constantly taking from nature, nature also uses the way of disaster to let people get retribution. The development of science and technology has brought huge economic benefits to human beings. While enjoying this benefit, human beings ignore the ecological law that when things go too far, they blindly pursue the maximization of interests, but ignore the serious consequences caused by the destruction of the ecological environment, which has created the social problems caused by "excessive cosmetic tube packaging" today. Therefore, to set up the correct ideology, the correct concept of environmental protection, scientific development concept is also the solution to the excessive cosmetic tube packaging method and strategy. Society can not stop the pace of development, development can not destroy the environment, so to promote the harmonious development of society, promote the harmony between man and nature is the fundamental guarantee to protect the natural environment and human living space.

1.2.1 Strengthen the consciousness of cosmetic tube manufacturers

For the producer, the goods it makes also reflect the quality of its environmental protection concept. If the cosmetic tube manufacturer has a higher environmental protection consciousness, in the face of interests and environmental protection choice, it will give up immediate interests to pursue long-term environmental development interests. In today's society, there are countless examples of harming the environment for economic development, and human beings have been punished by nature for polluting rivers, vegetation and air. Cosmetics tube manufacturer in producing tube cosmetics packaging products at the same time, want to consider environmental performance tube cosmetics packaging products, refused to do the pollution of the environment, to improve their environmental protection consciousness, to select a reasonable product material, and the reasonable design tube cosmetics packaging products, give priority to with the interests of consumers, to value their consciousness of environmental protection.

1.2.2 Improvement of designers' ideological consciousness

Designers in the design of cosmetic tube packaging products to have a higher quality of design, to combine with the mainstream of today's social development, and the combination of social development, clear cosmetic tube packaging purpose, in the play of their own creativity to both aesthetic and practical combination. Because of the particularity of cosmetic tube packaging design, its decoration design can contribute to the sales of products, so many designers show their ability in cosmetic tube packaging design, there is excessive cosmetic tube packaging phenomenon due to excessive attention to the appearance. Some moon cake box design, for example, in order to improve the creativity, making the deluxe edition of moon cakes, in order to enhance the grade of the product, reflect the effect of the royal palace, adopts the design of hollow out and carve patterns or designs on woodwork with real wood material, creative, but do not consider for the consumer, the luxurious moon cake on cosmetics packaging tube, and all the moon cake value is not high. Therefore, designers should be creative, but also for the immediate interests of consumers, select the essence and discard the dregs, and design selectively to eliminate unnecessary waste and the breeding of luxury.

1.2.3 Improvement of consumers' ideological awareness

Rapid economic growth, people's material demand is gradually increasing, lead to the increase of the amount of market supply and demand, in the era of consumption, people's values change with material needs, when the life of people gradually improve, the selection of goods not only pay attention to the practical value of the product, but look to product appearance, pay attention to some to improve their position and let yourself enough "face" of the product, Think cosmetics tube packaging is luxurious enough luxury is high-grade products, this consumption idea if not corrected, is not conducive to excessive cosmetics tube packaging digestion. So consumers to set up the correct ideology, put their own interests and social interests together, attach importance to environmental protection against excessive tube cosmetics packaging, don't buy for excessive tube cosmetics packaging products, the pursuit of the practical value of the product, set up the correct values, to resist extravagance and waste, the energy-saving and environmental protection in the first place. Consumer demand is cosmetic tube manufacturers pay attention to the production of goods, consumers to establish the right view of consumption is also for cosmetic tube manufacturers cosmetic tube packaging design concept change elements.

1.2.4 Improvement of social ideology

Resist excessive cosmetic tube packaging, improve the overall awareness of society can not be ignored. Society attaches great importance to environmental protection, be propaganda against excessive tube cosmetics packaging, use of people to come into contact with the way of publicity, such as television, network news, public welfare advertisement propaganda, improve the public awareness of excessive tube cosmetics packaging, to know what is excessive the dangers of excessive cosmetics tubes tube cosmetics packaging, packaging, And appeals to the public not to buy excessive cosmetic tube packaging products, for environmental protection. Wholesale cosmetic tube packaging industry has a fine tradition of "reciprocity of courtesy" since ancient times, but the improvement of material level, so that the traditional virtue has changed the taste. Sometimes we clearly know that the product is actually not worth this price, but because the cosmetic tube packaging and to buy, think that because the cosmetic tube packaging good products "face enough". Therefore, the power of public opinion should change this incorrect idea, and make the audience correctly understand the traditional culture of "courtesy for courtesy" through publicity and strengthening ideology, and resist the phenomenon of excessive cosmetic tube packaging produced under the distorted traditional culture.


The solution of excessive cosmetic tube packaging needs the power of the whole society, as a member of society, excessive cosmetic tube packaging is also the problem we face together, to solve the excessive cosmetic tube packaging, first of all from the solution of people's ideological consciousness, people should have the awareness and action to resist excessive cosmetic tube packaging, In order to restrain the production of excessive cosmetic tube packaging from the perspective of consumption. Secondly, the correct ideology of cosmetic tube manufacturers is equally important. There are high-quality cosmetic tube manufacturers, who can correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of their behavior for social development. When developing their own economy, they will take a long-term view of the problem, and will not do anything harmful and not conducive to social development. Finally, excessive tube cosmetics packaging under the society calls for opposition and the media exposure, are not well solved, and the law is not timely and effectively, increase the intensity of law enforcement and supervision, for excessive cosmetics packaging tube to don't change the behavior of the enforcement should be taken to stop, so solve the phenomenon of excessive tube cosmetics packaging since just around the corner.

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