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The manifestation and influence of excessive cosmetic packaging


1.1With the continuous development of cosmetic industry, the social progress, people's living standards gradually improve, cosmetics industry step by step towards the world stage, and the development on the world stage and show yourself, cosmetics industry products are exported to overseas, the increase in population, the improvement of life quality, increased demand for goods, to promote the development of the cosmetics packaging industry, The lack of cosmetic packaging and the lack of cosmetic packaging in the past has gradually been replaced by excessive cosmetic packaging. The cosmetics industry cosmetics packaging industry growth at the same time also increased the harm caused by excessive cosmetics packaging, resulting in an unreasonable phenomenon in the development of today's society, cosmetics companies in order to promote the marketing of goods, continue to make efforts in cosmetics packaging, but ignore the quality of goods, Unreasonable material selection, unreasonable packaging process of cosmetics, as well as the excessive complexity of cosmetics packaging and other forms of expression.

2.1 Manifestations of excessive cosmetic packaging

2.1.1 Tedious packaging process of cosmetics

Along with the development of commodity economy, commodity industry competition is intense, cosmetics company continuously vary earned himself a spot goods in the market, in order to goods can in a wide variety of markets attract the eyes of the people first, the original simple cosmetics packaging cosmetics companies become complex, redundant, even cause cosmetics packaging is too big, level more, fillers, The product is small, the box is big and so on unreasonable phenomenon. On the printing process, the complex process of matching color printing and cosmetics packaging technology on the pursuit of the so-called hardbound, the original does not have artistic value of cosmetics packaging become tedious, at the same time lost the fundamental function of cosmetics packaging is to protect the fundamental nature of goods, and consumers tend to assume cost for these complex cosmetics packaging costs.

. Cosmetics companies take this opportunity to seize the opportunity, the original simple and ordinary cosmetics with a variety of complex technological means and advanced cosmetic packaging materials for cosmetic packaging processing, and then sell hundreds or even thousands of times the price. The processing of this cosmetic packaging increases the cost of goods, and even reduces the quality of products, so the mooncakes with fine cosmetic packaging bought back are not as affordable and delicious as those randomly weighed on the street.

2.1.2 Irrational material selection for cosmetic packaging

1. The value of cosmetic packaging materials is higher than the product value

Cosmetics packaging, cosmetics packaging material cost is low compared to paper, economical and practical for consumers, but many products choose expensive cosmetics packaging material, material selection of glass, ceramics, metal complex, carved lacquer or chromaticity printing printing material, which increases the cost of the cosmetics packaging. In addition, a lot of cosmetics packaging complex, cosmetics packaging levels are too many, the outer cosmetic packaging is divided into different independent cosmetic packaging products, independent cosmetic packaging products small, cosmetic packaging box is too large, too much filler, cosmetic packaging surplus phenomenon.

These phenomena also lead to a big gap between the product publicity effect and the actual effect, which confuses consumers' choice concept and causes commercial deception. The huge cosmetic packaging box is full of impractical cosmetic packaging fillers, but the actual size of the product is far less than the size of the cosmetic packaging box. The cosmetic packaging value of goods is higher than the value of the actual product, become flashy goods.

Under the appearance of these gorgeous cosmetic packaging, but let the excessive cosmetic packaging wind is more and more serious, beautiful cosmetic packaging box can look useless, resulting in the cost of cosmetic packaging design into garbage. It seems that cosmetic packaging is based on the actual value of goods and the vital interests of consumers to choose cosmetic packaging materials.

2, cosmetics packaging materials selection lack of environmental awareness

Many enterprises in the selection of cosmetic packaging materials can not fully consider environmental factors, environmental protection awareness is weak, in the choice of materials can not even scruple with the safety of materials, containing harmful substances, causing a certain security risks. On the other hand, the unreasonable selection of product materials causes certain pollution to the environment. The packaging of cosmetics contains chemical ingredients, which flow into the natural environment and pollute the land, air, rivers and other natural environments. These cosmetic packaging materials with hidden safety risks and chemical components flow into our living environment in a flash, which is not only not conducive to human physical and mental health, but also cause environmental pollution. When the cosmetics industry is in line with the world, many products are exported to overseas, which brings bad influence to the international cosmetic packaging design and affects the status of the cosmetic packaging industry in the international development, so it is not conducive to the long-term development of the cosmetic packaging design in the cosmetic industry.

Some ceramic products did not pass certain control can produce heavy metal exceeds bid. At present, there are some plastic products as the main materials are widely used in cosmetic packaging products, these plastic materials with poor degradation performance are also the main source of cosmetic packaging materials, to natural degradation even need hundreds of years of time, in the process of toxic gas caused by environmental pollution.

2.1.3 Unreasonable packaging design of cosmetics

Cosmetic packaging design mainly includes the structure design, shape and size design of cosmetic packaging. In modern cosmetic packaging design, cosmetic packaging not only inherits the traditional cosmetic packaging concept to protect the role of goods, but also become a means of promotion of cosmetics companies, become a part of the product.

1. Unreasonable structural design

According to the structure classification of cosmetic packaging design, cosmetic packaging products have open window type, pull type, combined type, independent cosmetic packaging and so on.

In a variety of structural design, some cosmetics packaging products are small, cosmetic packaging box is too large, cosmetic packaging levels are too much, inconsistent with text and text, causing visual impact to consumers, constitute fraud, while increasing the cost of products, and these costs should be borne by consumers. From the perspective of environmental protection, too many layers of cosmetic packaging form cosmetic packaging waste, which enters our living environment and can not be properly handled, bringing a burden to environmental protection.

In order to better attract consumers, cosmetics companies will also produce a relative tie-in phenomenon. In order to achieve product promotion means, sometimes the tie-in goods are even higher than the value of the goods themselves, these costs also increase to consumers, some tie-in goods are not practical, often flashy. For example, Gendar Chocolate's newly launched Gendar Funny Eggs include novelty items as a means to attract consumers and stimulate children's curiosity. Such products that cover toys actually contain the price of the toys themselves, and the extra part is naturally borne by consumers. Still have the commodity when doing promotion, often can produce to buy two gift cup, gift stationery and so on, this kind of product for promotion and tie-in sale, the actual quality is not guaranteed, some gift cup material is poor, after using to produce harm to human health.

2. Cosmetic packaging and printing procedures are complex

In addition to the material structure, the color selection of cosmetic packaging also plays an important role in the design. From a visual point of view, cosmetics packaging colorful, color is also a bright spot to attract consumers. In order to achieve the vision of prominent, cosmetics companies pay more attention to when choose colour tinted much and strikingly beautiful beautiful color, the color still in unnecessary time increase the cost of the product, and cause the economic burden, at the same time, too many printing color ink containing chemical composition, these toxic chemical composition and get very good treatment, environmental pollution also increase the cost of processing.

2.2 Causes and harms of excessive cosmetic packaging

2.2.1 Factors forming excessive cosmetic packaging

With the continuous progress of society, people's ideas have changed, and the appearance of cosmetic packaging has gradually shifted from commodity protection to aesthetic appreciation. In order to better promote products, cosmetic companies use various means to promote the sales of products, and the laws on excessive cosmetic packaging are not perfect enough. In the context of public opinion, the phenomenon of excessive cosmetic packaging has not decreased but become more serious. The causes of excessive cosmetic packaging can be divided into the following factors:

1. To promote goods and maximize profits

When cosmetic packaging began to turn to aesthetic, cosmetic companies in order to meet the market demand, cosmetics packaging in the pursuit of greater profits and sales. Cosmetics company produced goods how to stand out in a wide variety of market, is a cosmetics company attaches great importance to the problem, and then produced a wide variety of products, cosmetics packaging, when people do not understand the quality of goods, cosmetics packaging quality become a way of people to choose goods, so contribute to commodity marketing, there is a good start. In this way, a successful experience of doing this will be followed by imitation. Therefore, cosmetics companies do not want to work on the quality of goods, and the sales of goods attributed to the quality of cosmetic packaging, excessive cosmetic packaging phenomenon arises at the right moment, more and more intense. In the pursuit of interests, cosmetics companies have weak awareness of environmental protection, lack of sense of social responsibility and sustainable development, fail to combine their own interests with those of the society, only see the immediate but ignore long-term interests.

2. Consumers themselves

Many consumers when choosing goods, because do not understand the actual content and quality of goods, think cosmetics packaged goods must be good, so one-sided choose and buy goods at the same time to promote the popular "follow suit" mentality, the same commodity cosmetics packaged to sell more than ordinary cosmetics packaging products.

As long as the cosmetic packaging is in place, it looks classy, luxurious and beautiful, and has "face", the wrong consumption concept of not buying good and only buying expensive is also caused by the rising status of excessive cosmetic packaging goods in the market, but it has not been resisted by consumers.

Consumers' awareness of rights protection is weak. Sometimes when they do not understand the goods, they will pay attention to the cosmetic packaging of the goods. After they buy home, they find that the actual content of the goods is very different from the cosmetic packaging. After buying these goods, consumers sometimes think they are unlucky and eat "dumb loss" in order to avoid trouble. Cosmetics companies use packaging to deceive consumers, such as graphic discrepancy, cosmetics boxes, product small confused, cosmetics packaging product content, these are cosmetics company violates the consumer rights and interests, consumers' rights consciousness, indulgence cosmetics company, develops the business cheating, also contributed to excessive cosmetics packaging.

2.2.2 Harms of excessive cosmetic packaging

1, the harm to the natural environment

While science and technology benefit mankind, it also brings some harm. The development of science and technology drives the development of industry. Industrial production produces a large amount of garbage and waste gas. Our nature is suffering from a series of industrial wastes.

The vast amount of waste generated by excessive cosmetic packaging cannot be better addressed, such as waste plastics that do not degrade in time and are sometimes buried in the ground, resulting in the expansion of land and the reduction of ocean area. Some cosmetics packaging materials contain harmful substances, when buried polluted the land, the harm to plant growth, some lakes was thrown into the ocean, polluting the Marine environment, some paper cosmetics packaging materials can not get treatment and reuse, every year will use up a lot of lumber as cosmetics packaging material, cut down a lot of trees caused relatively natural disaster, destroy the ecological balance. Such as (figure 2) the design of the match, matches on the base, break off a piece of use, the rest of the part at the base, the design in the pursuit of the creative at the same time also caused the waste of resources, after the match with the rest of the wood be thrown away, the remaining wood also can do the same amount of matches, for a match to cut down trees, Such a design is also a waste of resources and ecological damage. The cosmetics industry advocates the harmonious coexistence between man and nature and regards sustainable development as the national strategic policy. This kind of cosmetic packaging design violates the sustainable development concept and the concept of green environmental protection.

2. Harm to human beings themselves

Cosmetic packaging materials in many cases failed to meet the green environmental standards, there are a large number of chemical additives, these additives in direct contact with people will harm people's health. In addition to the harm to health, excessive cosmetic packaging encourages the wind of luxury, affecting people's correct concept of choosing and buying goods, many consumers tend to "face" to buy flashy goods, misleading the normal purchase and consumption concept. The extra cost generated by excessive cosmetic packaging is also borne by consumers, which brings a burden to consumers in the economic aspect. In most cases, cosmetic packaging bought by consumers with money is turned into garbage flowing into society, which harms the natural environment, affects human health, causes a bad cycle and affects the normal market operation.

3, the harm to social development

Excessive cosmetics packaging disguised as the means of market competition, the excesses of cosmetics packaging form of cheating, cosmetics companies can not correctly treat product marketing, but turned to product cosmetics packaging is not the product itself, the unfair competition in the market means to cause the bad social ethos, cosmetics companies are no longer interests to consider for the consumer, It violated the basic moral concept and the basic principle of fair competition, and caused bad influence.


As a kind of problem, excessive cosmetic packaging appears in many forms. The garbage generated by excessive cosmetic packaging is not easy to recycle and can not be well treated, which not only wastes resources and pollures the environment, but also increases the burden of consumers. Excessive cosmetics packaging, no matter from which Angle of human, society and natural environment, even the business itself will be unfavorable, implements the sustainable development for cosmetic industry adverse impact on the policy, we will based on the principle of harmony between man and nature, reduce the damage to the environment, promote the development of the ecological balance, start from the enterprise itself, Starting from the change of consumer concept, from a variety of perspectives, resist excessive cosmetic packaging, establish correct values and consumption concept, realize the harm and influence of excessive cosmetic packaging, investigate its reasons, to resist.

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