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Classification and modeling design of cosmetic container package


Abstract: With the rapid development of science and technology, people's living standards are improving day by day, in order to pursue a better life, cosmetics and packaging design has become a necessity for people to decorate their own, which is not only a sign of the progress of human civilization, but also one of the important carriers of culture. Women are the main consumer group of cosmetics. The packaging of cosmetics products must be in line with the preferences of female consumers, and targeted design should be carried out to meet the needs of women in color and vision, and fully meet the requirements of aesthetic experience. Cosmetics can bring users confidence, beauty, youth, is a positive way of life. Only scientific and reasonable application of cosmetics packaging materials, grasp the overall packaging modeling of cosmetics, can attract the eyes of consumers, so that it produces the desire to buy, promote the sales of cosmetics.

Key words: cosmetics; Container modeling; Packaging design; brand

With the rapid development of modern society and the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of quality of life and taste is getting higher and higher. As a synonym of fashion and trend, cosmetics bring people beauty and confidence, but also bring a positive and healthy psychological implication. The packaging of cosmetics directly reflects the taste of the brand and can also stimulate the senses of consumers. The function of packaging is not only to protect the product and facilitate sales, but also to improve the competitiveness of the product. At present, the cosmetic appearance design of foreign brands is full of design sense and creativity, which combines the culture of various countries, which is lack of domestic brands. Most of them copy foreign brands, and there is no innovation in the styling. The packaging design of domestic brand cosmetics still needs to strengthen efforts to learn excellent design concepts and open up innovative thinking. In this paper, cosmetic appearance modeling and common materials of cosmetic containers were analyzed and studied to explore the theoretical analysis of cosmetic container modeling design.


Classification of cosmetics and their containers

1.1 Cosmetics Overview

Cosmetics are defined as products provided to people who love beauty. They are directly smeated and sprayed on the surface of human body and have direct sexual contact with human skin, hair, nails, etc., with the main purpose of slowly aging human body and eliminating undesirable foreign smells [1]. Cosmetics represent a kind of fashion products, an indispensable consumer goods in People's Daily life, especially for female consumers. Women's demand for beauty is always in constant change. Good cosmetics also need excellent packaging containers, which can highlight the brand impression of the cosmetics, show the cultural concept of the enterprise, and visually give consumers a beautiful experience. Therefore, the cosmetics market is a growing market, and its packaging design should pay more attention to innovation. At present, most of the middle and high-end brands in female cosmetics are foreign brands. Our local brands are not very well known, so we can only maintain the sustainability of our own operation, and have no time and energy to focus on innovation and development.

1.2 Classification of cosmetic containers

Cosmetics, as a kind of fashion consumer goods, need high quality packaging materials to enhance its value. At present, there are many kinds of cosmetics and various packaging materials used in the Chinese market. Plastics are widely used because of their durability, reasonable price and light weight. They are in an invincible position in the competition. Plastic packaging can produce a large number of exquisite packaging and innovative products at an economical and reasonable price.

PET bottles and cans are mainly used in skin care products, shower gel and other products. For these products, PET bottles should be the most reasonable packaging material. In addition, PET bottle material is soft, environmental protection, is one of the best packaging materials; Hose mainly refers to plastic hose, which is generally the material of choice for facial cleansing milk. The box is mainly iron box plastic box, is eye shadow, eyebrow powder and so on; Spray cans are usually sunscreen or perfume; The ingot tube is mainly used in lip balm tube and foundation tube, which is more convenient for consumers to use. Make-up pen: Make-up pen refers to all kinds of tool materials used for makeup, such as brushes, pen refills and other cosmetics [3].

Glass gives people the feeling of thick, its glittering and translucent appearance gives people a noble external appearance, glass also has a variety of materials, can have a variety of colors, it is particularly suitable for the use of perfume manufacturing, many luxury perfume, perfume packaging are used in glass bottles. Vitreous bottle is attracting the favor of consumer with the bottle body that dazzling bright, for example: honest gold qualitative Dior Dior is true I pure sweet perfume, its bottle is relatively slender, and there is a horse ring on the bottle, make whole perfume had temperament like the person, make its become unusual high, pure, as shown in figure 1 place. French famous brand CHANELN0.5 enjoys a reputation at home and abroad, and its distinctive packaging has attracted the attention of many people. The bottle body of the square line is slightly angular, and the bottle cap is presented in the shape of emerald stone. The upper and lower design is very aesthetic, and the overall presentation is tall and straight, simple and modern. In addition, glass plays an important role in revealing the brand name effect of products. For example, when choosing outer package bottle body, tend to choose transparent sex good, plastic strong, the organic glass material with the same feeling and glass, plus the golden bottle cover that has high simple sense, high burnish, make cosmetic of crystal series becomes more natural and graceful, fashionable.

2. Cosmetic packaging modeling classification and design

2.1 Classification of cosmetic packaging

The main function of the container of cosmetics is to prevent the volatilization of products in cosmetics, or the loss of liquid, which is the most basic purpose of its design. Therefore, the design of the bottle must be easy to store and can be used by the user. The shape of a cosmetic container is mostly made up of geometric shapes. Geometry mainly refers to spheres, cubes, cones and so on. Different shapes of substances bring people different feelings. Cylindrical body gives people a soft feeling, suitable for middle-aged and elderly groups to use; Diamonds give a more formal feeling, full of youthful energy, suitable for young people; Cube feels relatively thick, have noble temperament, suit a few high-grade products. In the choice of cosmetics, some products are more romantic, with rich emotional color, this kind of design is irregular, so it is more suitable for girls with modern flavor.

Cosmetics package containers are mainly divided into three forms: single package, series package and combined package. Single packaging refers to the packaging of a single type of design. This kind of cosmetics is relatively simple in design and does not form a series of products. Series packaging is an exclusive style designed by enterprises for a series of products. The same type of design style is used in the same series of products with obvious patterns, so as to tell consumers that they belong to the same kind of products and facilitate consumers to identify and buy them. Combination packaging is the use of cosmetics will be put together for bundling sales, so as to provide services for consumers in a more comprehensive way.

2.2 Serial design of cosmetic packaging

Serialized packaging design is one of the most frequently used ways in modern packaging design. It is mainly based on the cultural value of the enterprise, the implementation of the design for different brands or different types of products within the enterprise, to ensure that there is a common logo between these products. These products have the same artistic design characteristics in the design, and are conducive to the external publicity of the enterprise brand, maintain the overall aesthetic unity, neat planning. At the same time, it has obvious characteristics on the store shelves, which is easy for consumers to see each other at a glance, and can also enhance the brand awareness of enterprises.

3. Cosmetic container modeling design -- taking skin care products as an example

3.1 Material analysis

Glass has a unique texture and visual effect, is a high quality material. Most people think that products with glass packaging are better in terms of appearance and smell, so it has become the preferred packaging material in the cosmetic line. With the steady development of traditional industries, glass is still the preferred packaging method for cosmetics, especially for some luxury products, such as perfumes and spices, which are particularly volatile. Due to its special material and strong plasticity, people can shape glass into containers of different shapes and arrange them according to their own ideas.

3.2 Serial design

Serialization design of cosmetics is more unified, it emphasizes the different specifications of packaging or different types of products of the visual style of the unity, in line with the aesthetic "diversity of unity" principle. The beauty of the series packaging design should meet the needs of most audiences, and all the artistic beauty should be derived from life, and the inspiration of design should be extracted from life. At the same time, it adheres to the principle of "change and unity" in art. "Change" refers to learning to innovate, and "unity" refers to keeping the pace of serialized design. Only by taking into account the principle of unity and change can it better promote the scientific and reasonable development of design [4].

3.3 Analysis of design scheme

Figure 2 and Figure 3 show the design of a series of products, consisting of three types of cosmetics, namely 30ML cream powder bottle, 50ML pre-makeup milk bottle and 25g powder cartridge. All three objects are geometrically cut surfaces, and their no-framesque design appeals to the simplicity of the current popular style. No decoration design is the development trend of high-end cosmetics packaging in the future. It relies on high technology to show the potential beauty of the material itself, and pays more attention to the attraction point conveyed by the product itself. The multi-faceted geometry makes any side of the product can be placed on the desktop, reducing the residual content to prevent waste, but also to avoid random rolling. The makeup bottle, powder cartridge and powder cream bottle are a series of unified design, which are composed of geometric surface, breaking the traditional design of either round or square. The thick frosted glass material makes the product look more textured. The edges and edges are rounded and smooth design, giving full consideration to the user experience. The design renderings are shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3. The container models are 3D printed.

4 conclusion

Everyone has the love of beauty. Nowadays, more and more people pursue the fashion trend and are curious about new things. In order to become more beautiful and more confident, more and more people are buying cosmetics. The color and shape of cosmetics containers and outer packages are important factors that consumers consider when purchasing. The cosmetics with bright colors and beautiful shapes are more attractive to consumers [5]. Modern people, especially young consumers, are more in pursuit of individual freedom. They always want to draw attention to highlight their own personality. Therefore, new products or special products are more likely to attract their attention, while individual brands and packaging styles are important basis for their choice of cosmetics [6]. Cosmetics is not only a kind of consumer goods for the public, but also a kind of spiritual sustenance. Modern cosmetics containers and cosmetics have become an inseparable whole, which combines the nature of commodities and becomes a big selling point for various cosmetics brands [7]. With the continuous development and progress of the society, although there are still many deficiencies in domestic cosmetics container design, designers must keep up with the pace of The Times, understand the new development of modern science and technology, make it perfect with the design, and constantly improve and perfect their own quality, in order to improve the internal competitiveness of the product.

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