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What is the trend of shampoo tube packaging


With the improvement of the technical level, the development of Plastic Tube gradually highlights the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technology and new process, the development and replacement of new environmental protection materials, and the safe and convenient Plastic Tube will be more welcomed by the market.

Feature one: highlight individuation

In recent two years, the homogenization of Plastic Tube is serious. In order to avoid this situation, daily chemical enterprises constantly bring out the new by adopting novel shapes and humanized designs to highlight the novelty and elegance of the products and improve the competitiveness of the products.

Xi 'an Kimi Co., Ltd. produced 400g" Kimi Wang silk and wool special detergent "using bright orange packaging bottles, bottle type from the section is a combination of half a circle and flat curve. Bright packaging color, unique bottle shape design so that the products on the shelf is particularly prominent.

While most shampoo and lotion products still use traditional plastic bags as packaging forms, "Aosujie" reactive oxygen cleaner products produced by Guangdong Zhongcheng Huagong Co., Ltd. use HDPE bottles as the outer packaging of products. The packaging bottle of the product is cylindrical and adopts the form of a full set of labels. Products packaged in HDPE bottles are very convenient to use, and consumers can buy bags to replace them after using the bottled products, which is cost-effective. Additional, the cover of model bottle can be used as measuring cup, the maximum capacity of the measuring cup cover that a bottle of specification is 500G product is 20G, convenient consumer's use.


The continuous innovation of flexible packaging makes it appear quietly on the stage of daily chemical product packaging. At the beginning, flexible packaging is only used as a supplement to plastic bottles and other packaging or the main way of disposable packaging, but many daily chemical enterprises in order to establish their own differentiated sales, so that flexible packaging applications are more and more widely, such as: liquid standalone mouth packaging, heterosexual double packaging bags, etc.

In the daily chemical enterprises continue to innovate their own product packaging at the same time, suppliers are also constantly developing new products to meet the needs of users, Shanghai Chengyi Plastic Products has produced a special hose head, pipe head is irregular shape, very unique, has been the attention of many industry people.

Feature two: more humanized

When consumers choose products, they not only pay attention to the beauty of the package, but also pay more and more attention to other functions of the package. Intelligentized and humanized packaging has undoubtedly become one of the important trends in the development of packaging industry.

Many companies have introduced composite packages, which create portable, small packages for a variety of different products. Cosmetics packaging reflects a similar "package" mentality, with combined eyeshadow and two and one combined lipsticks/glosses being good examples. A new concept is taken by Urban Decay's Hot Box mini makeup bag, which is just 1.5 inches tall and contains a mirror, lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, concealer, all in one package. The innovative packaging is so small you could have mistaken it for a cigarette lighter (the effect is accentuated by a metallic silver finish).

Procter & Gamble has also launched the Cascaqde brand water-soluble film stand-alone packaging products. The water soluble film packaging is specially designed by Monosol for Procter & Gamble's 2 in 1 laundry products. It separates two different types of substances - powdered laundry products and liquid softeners - in doses and wraps them in water-soluble membranes. Because the film is soluble in water, once dissolved in water, the two substances will naturally mix, consumers only need to take out a pack of powder laundry products and a pack of liquid softener, and put them into the washing machine at the same time, the use is very convenient.

In order to meet different needs, enterprises use different packaging capacity for different grades and functions of products, in order to facilitate the choice of consumers. For high-grade products, small capacity containers for packaging, to meet the needs of low-income people. Relatively speaking, the amount of shampoo tube and shower gel is more, and the large volume of 200ml ~ 400ml is used. In addition, 500ml~1000ml family clothes are also common.

Feature three: the application of new materials

As consumer goods, daily chemical products need high-quality packaging materials to enhance their value. With the continuous development of packaging technology, many new packaging materials are used by Plastic Tube.

Love group launched a new product toothpaste using transparent plastic compound tube packaging, so that consumers can clearly see the tube inside the color of the paste, novel packaging let love toothpaste become the toothpaste family in the most dazzling products.

Feature four: the development of transparent packaging

Packaging transparency is a prominent feature of daily chemical products, whether it is cleaning supplies, personal care products or cosmetics packaging is developing towards transparency. Transparent PET plastic bottles have now become the packaging containers that daily chemicals and cosmetics manufacturers are competing to use, such as: Naples, Blue Moon, Kemi and some other enterprises and brands of shower gel, skin care products, washing products, etc. PET materials are used in packaging containers. Well-known domestic cosmetic brands have adopted transparent sticker labels on their outer packages. This is mainly because transparent packaging can show the inside of the product, so that consumers can be "at a glance", when buying more confidence: products and packaging have excellent quality!

Forecast of Shampoo Tube Packaging Development Trend

Packaging needs to be both protective, functional and decorative. The development of product packaging in the world focuses on the development of new materials and new processing technology, and the pursuit of new shapes, so as to highlight the novelty and elegance of the goods.

With the gradual application of packaging technology and digitalization, the future development trend of daily chemical product packaging is mainly shown in the following points:

Multilayer plastic composite technology is favored

Packaging industry has been committed to the development of a product that can effectively protect the quality of cosmetics, but also meet the needs of luxury and novel appearance. Multilayer plastic composite technology can meet the above two requirements at the same time, multi-layer different types of plastic composite together, a molding out. With the multi-layer plastic technology, the plastic packaging can be completely isolated from light and air on the one hand, avoid oxidation of skin care products, and by combining different kinds of substances, in the appearance can also obtain a wonderful visual effect and unique feel.

Vacuum packaging stands out To protect supplements containing fatty turinose oils and vitamins, vacuum packaging stands out. Despite the high cost and limited to a limited number of brands, this kind of packaging still has many advantages: strong protection, high strength recovery, convenient use of high viscosity skin care lotion, with its high-tech advantages to enhance the product grade.

Green packaging is highly valued

Global environmental deterioration is threatening the ecological balance of nature and human existence. The tide of environmental protection has swept the whole world. Many daily chemical enterprises have begun to pay attention to environmental protection issues, in the choice of packaging materials also join the consideration of environmental protection, considering whether these materials can be recycled. Packaging designers take into account not only the publicity and protection of packaging materials, but also whether these materials can be easily recycled to the maximum extent. When designing packaging materials, try to use the same material or separable and coexisting materials. Design packaging that can be recycled over and over; Try to simplify the packaging, do moderate packaging.

Fresh packaging is a new force

Fresh fashion trend of packaging is developed in recent years, due to the factory to meet customer demand, production preservative-free products, in order to prevent the rich nutrients in use due to secondary pollution rapidly decaying, manufacturers are filling in a tiny container, customers can be finished at a time, such as: the essence of many brand is adopted the way of packing. This kind of cosmetics is too expensive to become a mainstream product in the market, but it is a sign of the fashionable and luxurious lifestyle of the future, so it will have a stable customer base.

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