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Cosmetic packaging pursues healthy and sustainable development


While competing for attention with many local cosmetics companies in product packaging, international brands of daily cosmetics luxury packaging have taken a completely different path, starting to sound the theme of green environmental protection and advocating the concept of sustainable development. International big shop name "Chanel" the standard when choosing raw material package material partner is "in reducing cost while, use the material of the greenest environmental protection", the possibility this also is the standard that numerous brands agree henceforth.

On the 6th Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition, in addition to adhering to green environmental protection and sustainable development, the packaging of daily chemical luxury products also put forward new requirements for product packaging -- simplicity and low-key.

Green environmental protection and sustainable development have been recognized by the vast majority of luxury packaging materials enterprises, whether paper, glass or plastic manufacturers, have increased investment in scientific research in this field, from the use of production equipment, production process pollution control and the replacement and selection of environmentally friendly materials and other efforts.


Creativity and green are eternal topics of packaging. Sustainable development is not a slogan or a marketing tool, but a road that must be followed. This trend will not change.

In the way of plastic packaging, PET plastic material is an ideal recyclable green environmental protection material. PET material blow bottle packaging method has been used in the daily chemical industry, but the previous thin-walled PET bottles only used in the packaging of washing products in the form of a single, because of the limitations of the production process and technology, has not been able to have the kind of glass bottle texture and shape development and packaging form of ideas on the breakthrough. Shaoxin Ningchuan Packaging Container Co., Ltd. is committed to the shape design, development and production of thick-wall PET injection-blown bottles. From the improvement of production equipment and mold development to the promotion and perfection of production technology, it breaks the traditional thinking and makes a breakthrough in the packaging method of thick-wall PET injection-blown bottles for cosmetics and promotes its application. Especially the thick bottom thick wall PET/PETG plastic injection blow bottle opened creative first.

PET plastic itself can be recycled green environmental protection and cosmetic packaging bottles made of PET plastic packaging milk products are not easy to damage but ice resistance and other advantages, it is called a green revolution. Lisson. "thick wall PET plastic bottle" on the cosmetic packaging change, focus on cosmetic products on the other bottle bottles and cream skin care products, compared with the ordinary material, transport cost reduction and transport damaged is almost zero, overcome past glass bottles of other products in the north market bottles easy frost crack problem, The important thing is not to lose the texture of a glass bottle.

The green revolution of raw material and packaging material manufacturers is not only about the production process, but also about the control of pollutant discharge and the treatment of pollutants. Many packaging material manufacturer in technology research and development investment last year accounted for 13% of the overall sales performance, some polluting enterprises in recent years for sewage disposal investment is 15% per year - up 20% growth, technology, equipment and personnel input also continue to strengthen, in addition to guarantee the cleanliness of industrial wastewater, has been to reduce the amount of pollution.

Simplicity is not simple pursuit of packaging to promote the added value of products

In the process of the green revolution, it is inevitable to resist "excessive packaging" and choose more environmentally friendly and green materials. At the same time, the brand side is paying more and more attention to the added value of packaging. In addition to the perception of eyes, the brand also hopes to enhance the touch in the hand, the smell of the nose, the feeling of opening the package and other aspects, so as to make the consumer experience better.

Compared to braised pork in soy sauce, in fact, tofu mixed with green Onions can better reflect the chef's skills. Obviously, contracted luxuries are also a challenge to raw material manufacturers. Although luxury and conspicuous can also attract the attention of consumers, but recently in the packaging of foreign luxury brands began to emphasize simple and high-end. In fact, this requirement is higher than the previous complex and luxurious, simple packaging is more likely to highlight defects, and the ability to control the details of the manufacturer is higher. The foundation of Shaoxing Ningchuan Packaging Container Co., Ltd. lies in the "green onion mixed tofu", a seemingly simple plastic bottle, leaving out the cover after the glass bottle spraying, less the luxurious acrylic bottle, but the processing of details, edges and corners of the bottle body, the fullness of color does not break simple. As a cosmetic packaging manufacturer, at the same time, creativity has become more important, and the designers of the manufacturer have also put forward higher requirements.

In addition, brands are obsessed with the added value that cosmetic packaging brings to the product. From the moment consumers get the product to the moment they open the package and touch the product itself, all the wonderful experience before using the product comes from the package design. This requires packaging not simply to please the eyes, but a full range of five senses experience.

The value of cosmetic packaging lies in the realization of its functions, but also to enhance the added value of the brand's products, to increase the elements beyond the cosmetic packaging bottle, through technological innovation, "thick wall PET bottle" from vision to touch to replace other materials, such as glass and metal packaging material. Shaoxing NingChuan Chen Jun packaging container co., LTD. General manager thinks that compared with the traditional metal or glass material, the PET bottle production technical innovation, not only save production cost and transportation cost, but also to save the cost, after modification on the packing process will also be able to meet the requirements of brand party for value-added packaging, make product tactility more abundant. At the same time, PET material is easier to recycle and degradation, more environmentally friendly.

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