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Cosmetic packaging materials common sense


Cosmetics packaging materials are divided into main container and auxiliary materials.

The main container usually has: plastic bottle, glass bottle, hose, vacuum bottle; Auxiliary materials usually have: color box

1. Plastic bottles

1. The material of plastic bottle is usually PP, PE, K, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc. (Ningchuan packing thick bottom thick wall PET/PETG plastic injection blow bottle)

2. It is usually used for injection molding of cream bottles, caps, stoppers, gaskets, pump heads and dustproof covers with thick walls of cosmetics containers; PET blowing bottle is two-step molding, tube embryo is injection molding, finished product packaging is blowing bottle. Other such as container wall thin emulsion bottles, washing bottles for blowing bottles.

3, PET material for environmental protection material, with high barrier, light weight, not broken characteristics, chemical resistance, strong transparency, can be made into pearllight, color, magnetic white, transparent, widely used in the application of gel water, with the development of network marketing and itself is not affected by transportation and cold weather, Thick-walled PET bottles are widely used in the packaging of daily chemical products. Bottle mouth is generally standard 16#, 18#, 22#, 24# caliber, etc., can be equipped with pump head or cover for use.

4, acrylic material for plastic bottle, chemical resistance is poorer, generally cannot directly paste, need to match the tank, filling not too full, prevent the paste into the bladder and acrylic bottle, lest produce cracks, transport packaging of the demand is higher, because of the cut after look particularly evident, high permeability, sensory on wall thickness, but the price is quite expensive.

5, AS, ABS: AS transparency is better than ABS, and the toughness is better.

6, mold development costs: blowing mold is 1500 yuan - 4000 yuan, injection mold is 8000 yuan - 20000 yuan, stainless steel mold material is more expensive than alloy material, but durable, mold a few at a time, depending on the demand of production, such as production is large, can choose a four or a six mold, customers can decide.

7, the order quantity is generally 3-10 thousand, can be customized color, usually do the primary color of matte and magnetic white, or add pearlescent powder effect, although the bottle and the cover with the same color master, but sometimes because the bottle and the cover with different material, some differences in color.

8, screen printing with ordinary ink and UV ink, UV ink effect is better, luster and three-dimensional sense, in the production should be made to confirm the color of the version, the screen effect will be different in different materials.

9, hot stamping, hot silver and other processing technology and printing gold powder, silver powder effect is different, hard material and smooth surface is more suitable for hot stamping, hot silver, soft surface hot stamping effect is not good, easy to fall off, hot stamping silver gloss is better than gold printing silver.

10, screen printing film to the negative, the text and text effect is black, the background color is transparent, bronzing, silver hot stamping process to the positive, the text and text effect is transparent, the background color is black. The proportion of text and pattern should not be too small or too fine, otherwise the print will not be effective.

11, the cap is generally equipped with a gasket, pull the cap, plug, a very few with a small spoon or dropper, which is mainly to consider its sealing and the convenience of use.

12, the production cycle is moderate, about 15 days cycle, screen printing cylindrical bottle for monochrome calculation, flat bottle or special bottle according to the two-color or multi-color calculation, usually charged the first screen printing screen fee or fixture fee, screen printing unit price is generally 0.08 yuan/color to 0.1 yuan/color, screen 100 yuan - 200 yuan/style, fixture about 50 yuan /.

Two, glass bottles


1. Glass bottles for cosmetics are mainly divided into: skin care products (cream, emulsion), perfume, essential oil, nail polish several categories of small capacity, more than 200ml capacity is rarely used for cosmetics.

2, glass bottle is divided into wide-mouth bottle, narrow-mouth bottle, solid paste generally with wide-mouth bottle, suitable with anodized aluminum cap or plastic cap, cap can be used for color spray effect; Emulsion or water paste generally with a narrow mouth bottle, appropriate with the pump head, pay attention to prevent spring and ball rust, most pump head is matched with glass beads, usually to the material body test applicable test, such as cover with plug, water with small holes with plug, thick emulsion with large hole plug.

3, glass bottle material selection is more consistent, modeling, rich processing technology, with the diversification of the cap, the common bottle shape is cylindrical, oval, flat, prismatic, conical, etc., manufacturers often develop a series of bottle shape. The bottle body process has spraying, transparent, frosted, translucent color mixing, screen printing, bronzing, hot silver and so on.

4, screen printing: glass bottle screen printing usually has two kinds, one is high temperature ink screen printing, its characteristic is not easy to decolorize, color is dull, purple color is difficult to produce the effect, the other is low temperature ink screen printing, color is bright, higher requirements for ink, otherwise easy to fall off, and in the bottle disinfection should pay attention to.

5, spraying effect is generally added 0.5 yuan - 1.1 yuan /, depending on the area and color difficulty, screen printing is 0.1 yuan/color, cylindrical bottle can be monochromatic calculation, special-shaped bottle according to double color or multicolor calculation, hot stamping silver 0.4 yuan/style.

6, glass bottles such as manual mold production, capacity will appear a little deviation, in the selection should be tested and make the correct capacity labeling, such as automatic production line is more uniform, but the shipment requirements are large, the cycle is relatively long, the capacity is more stable.

7, glass bottles of uneven thickness will easily lead to damage, or in the cold conditions are easy to be crushed by the contents, should be tested in the filling reasonable capacity, in the transportation of the application of paper and separate a single, in the product should be equipped with a color box, the inner support and the box can be taken to prevent vibe.

8, glass bottles commonly used bottle shape usually have stock, such as refined oil bottles, ordinary transparent or frosted bottles. The production cycle of glass bottles is long, but fast needs 20 days, and some delivery time needs 45 days. Generally, the order quantity is 5,000 to 10,000. The smaller the bottle size, the greater the quantity, and the cycle and minimum order quantity will be affected by the peak season and off-season.

9, open the mold cost: manual mold at about 2500 yuan, automatic mold is generally about 4000 yuan, 1 out of 4 or 1 out of 8 is about 16000 yuan - 32000 yuan, depending on the conditions of the manufacturer.

10, the bottle cap process can be anodized aluminum lettering, bronzing edge, etching lines, there are dumb bright color points, with gaskets and inner cover, it is best to use with pressuresensitive tablets to strengthen the sealing effect.

11, fine oil bottle is usually used in brown or colored and colored matte, can avoid light, cover with a safety ring, can be matched with plug or dropper, perfume bottle with delicate spray pump head or plastic cover.

Three, hose


1. The hose is divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer hoses, which are different in pressure prevention, seepage prevention and feel. For example, the five-layer pipe consists of outer layer, inner layer, two adhesive layer and another barrier layer. Features: excellent gas barrier performance, can effectively prevent oxygen and odor gas infiltration, at the same time to prevent the contents of fragrance and effective ingredients seepage.

2, double layer pipe is more commonly used, is a low grade can also be used single layer, hose caliber for 13# - 60# a variety of calibers, elected to set a caliber of hose, with different length marked with different capacity characteristics, capacity 3ml - 360ml can be adjusted, in order to beautiful coordination, 60ml below commonly used 35# caliber, For 100ml and 150ml, 35# to 45# calibers are usually used, while for capacities above 150ml, 45# and above calibers are required.

3, the process is divided into round tube, elliptical tube, flat tube, super flat tube. Flat tube, super flat tube process more complex than other tubes, is also a new type of pipe in recent years, so the price is more expensive.

4. The hose cover has various shapes, generally divided into flat head cover, round head cover, high cover, lift cover, super flat cover, double cover, spherical cover, lip cover, plastic cover can also be processed on a variety of technologies, gilding edge, silver edge, colored cover, transparent, oil spraying, electroplating, etc., pointed mouth cover and lip cover are usually equipped with inner plug. Hose cover for injection molding products, hose for pull pipe, most of the hose manufacturers themselves do not produce hose cover.

5, some products need to be filled before sealing, sealing can be divided into: straight grain sealing, twill sealing, umbrella type sealing, star point sealing, special type sealing, sealing can be required to print out the required date code at the end.

6, hose can do color tube, transparent tube, color or transparent frosted, bead light pipe, and a dumb light with the light and elegant matte seemingly but easy dirty, colored tube and pipe shaft large difference of printing, but judging from the tail slit, slit for white tube for large area printing, use the ink demand is high, otherwise easy peeling and cracking after folding and white mark.

7. The hose production cycle is generally 15-20 days (starting from the confirmation of the sample tube). The order quantity of a single product is 5,000-10,000. Large manufacturers usually take 10,000 as the minimum order quantity. Most of them are public molds (a few featured LIDS are private molds). There is a deviation of ±10% between the contracted quantity and the actual supply quantity in this industry.

8, hose quality and different manufacturers have a big difference in the price, plate fee usually to color 200 yuan - 300 yuan price, tube body can be multi-color printing and screen printing, individual manufacturers have heat transfer equipment and technology. Bronzing and silver stamping are calculated by the unit price of the area. The screen printing effect is better, the cost is more expensive and the manufacturers are less. Different manufacturers should be selected according to different levels of demand.

IV. Distributor/pump head

1. The distributor is divided into two kinds, namely binding mouth type and screw mouth type. In terms of function, it is divided into spray, foundation cream, emulsion pump, aerosol valve and vacuum bottle

2. The size of the pump head is determined by matching the caliber of the bottle body. The specification of the spray is 12.5mm -- 24mm, and the water output is 0.1ml/ time -- 0.2ml/ time.

3, Emulsion pump specification range is large 16ml to 38ml, water output is 0.28ml/ time -- 3.1ml/ time, generally used for cream and washing products.

4, special distributor such as foam pump head and hand button sprinkler head, foam pump head is a kind of non-filling type hand pressure pump head, do not need to fill air to produce foam, just gently press can produce quantitative high-quality foam. General with a special bottle. Handclasp sprinklers are commonly used on products such as cleaners.

5, the composition of the distributor is more complex, generally including: dust cover, screw head, screw rod, gasket, piston, spring, valve, bottle cap, pump body, straw, valve ball (steel ball, glass ball). Bottom cap, dustproof cap can be colored, electroplating, can be set of anodized aluminum ring. Because a set of pump head involves more molds, and the order quantity is large, the minimum order quantity is 10,000-20,000, the supply period is 15-20 days after the confirmation of the sample, white and general type is often in stock.

6. Vacuum bottles are usually cylindrical, 15mL-50ml, some 100ml, the overall capacity is small, depends on the principle of atmospheric pressure, can avoid cosmetics in the use of pollution, vacuum bottles have anodized aluminum, plastic plating and colored plastic, the price is more expensive than other general containers, ordinary order quantity requirements are not high.

7, distributor customers rarely open their own molds, to pay more molds, high costs.

Five, color printing

1. Color printing mainly includes color matching, color printing box, manual, leaflet, poster, picture album and color printing adhesive.

2 and complex requirement and material selection, color box packaging, also known as folding cartons, generally with 350 g single copper paper, can choose the appropriate thickness according to the volume and weight is installed inside the cardboard, choose different grades of paper, can form a complete set of corrugated board as lining, take to the fixed, antivibration, or because the container is small, can increase the color box size to increase the appearance generous, The design principle of the bottom of the box is to ensure both strength and simplicity, which will save time for manual assembly.

3, color printing box, first color printing and then mounting can do different specifications of modeling, color printing mounting paper layer for single copper, aluminum plated paper, can choose different specifications of gray board or medium fiber board, more manual, high cost, with often with hand bag, blister/sponge/paper support, silk cloth together.

4, manual optional ordinary paper 60G - 80G or 105g and 128G, 157G coated paper, leaflets and posters or albums generally use more than 105g coated paper.

5, printing adhesive, can choose coated paper and all kinds of material adhesive, silver aluminum paper or transparent PVC and other materials.

6, in order to ensure the design effect, and color printing when the actual sample is comparable to the single, in the output of film can be first computer proofing, according to the color and size of the charge, usually 75 yuan /P

7, color printing can do the process and appearance effect of surface polishing or over light glue, dumb glue, laser film, bronzing silver and striking convex effect, beer, sticky box forming or bonding PVC film (also known as window) and thermal sensitivity, color onion process, UV effect, etc..

8, thermal convex word process, after printing without striking convex will have obvious three-dimensional effect, thermal convex word powder has fluorescence, matte and a variety of color effect, color onion process (used in greeting cards more)

9, laser has silver card, gold card two colors, can be made into a rainbow and local hologram coated card, has a very high anti-counterfeiting effect.

10, abrasive process is suitable for aluminum plating film, aluminum foil paper, process features with strong metal sense, color harmony and nobility, comfortable feel, can also carry out the effect of metal etching.

11, color printing fee standard and characteristics:

A) Design, electrical output, proofing and calculation according to P;

B) Color printing start-up fee (800 yuan - 1200 yuan) Minimum consumption, reasonable typesetting and increase the printing volume, can reduce the unit price.

C) According to the number and difficulty of the post-process, the relevant cost impact is determined, such as over gluing, nail riding, folding, and line pressing

Glue, have the corresponding charge standard and minimum consumption.

12. The production cycle is generally 3-5 days for color printing. Depending on the process difficulty of the box set, the working days should be increased appropriately.

13. Precautions:

A) In order to avoid large deviation between the finished product and the design color sample, the sample should be made and confirmed during the printing process and taken as the quality inspection standard.

B) The folding method of the manual should be clear and unified, and the transportation packaging of color printing should be explained. If the box is a set, the secondary use can be considered.

C) Handbag can be designed with one opening and two openings, which can save cost in printing and film production.

D) Printing quantity refers to the weight of paper rather than the quantity of finished products after printing. If the size of the instruction manual is small, a larger quantity is considered as an economic order quantity

E) The design should meet the requirements of color printing standards, such as bronzing film should produce negative film, other positive film, and the composition should adapt to the printing characteristics.

14. If the quantity is less and cannot meet the minimum printing or more economic order quantity, it can be mounted directly through the color paper effect box in order to reduce the cost.

Six, aluminum platinum bag

1. According to the material, there are pure aluminum bags, aluminum bags, PV, PE, BOPP, PET, PEGT bags, etc.

2. There are three side sealing bag, middle sealing bag, sticking bone bag, upright bag, vacuum bag and roll packing bag.

3, aluminum platinum bag and shrinkage film material characteristics: good for keeping fresh, quality and extend the shelf life of the high barrier plastic packaging material, with low cost, light weight, impact resistance, transparent, microwave heating, convenient and packaging design choice and so on.

4, pure aluminum bag has metal texture, easy to wrinkle, can be color printing, aluminum coated bag is matte, light can be printed, soft, suitable for emulsion and paste trial packaging. PET, aluminized PET, CPE is suitable for shampoo or liquid, BOPP/CPE is suitable for washing powder and other daily necessities packaging.

5, the cost of pure aluminum bag is about 30% higher than the unit price of the plated bag, the economic order quantity is large, large manufacturers to smaller manufacturers higher, to 4cm×10cm bag for example, large manufacturers generally 100,000 as the minimum order quantity, small manufacturers about 30,000 minimum order quantity, such as rolling film, do not print can do 30 to 50 kg, about 38 yuan /kg, such as printing to 100kg minimum order quantity, About 45 yuan /kg, film roll needs special filling equipment, film roll bag quantity take 6cm×9cm as an example, 10g pack about 1200 /kg(6cm×8cm,8g pack about 1500 /kg,5cm×7cm,6g pack about 1600 /kg)

6. After the design is confirmed, MO or CD-ROM production and color sample (Pinton) will be provided as the basis for plate-making, and the manufacturer shall be required to make samples for confirmation before arranging production.

7, plate making fee: according to the equipment requirements of different specifications of manufacturers and design graphic requirements, plate making fee is different, generally between 850 yuan to 1500 yuan/color, there are electric engraving and ordinary version of the points, single text can be used wire plate.

8, the production cycle even plate making time is generally 15-20 days, the production will have ±10% of the quantity of deviation.

9. The production bag is made of high temperature compound, which is relatively clean and does not need special disinfection when filling.

10, such as hand bags, gift bags and customers with high printing requirements, to use a better version to have a better effect.

11, bag filling and cost, packaging material for a single, the processing fee is 0.08 yuan /, the processing order quantity is 1000 bags, material loss 2%; Roll film material, the processing fee is 0.03 yuan/piece, the processing order quantity is 10000 packets, the loss of the material is about 0.8kg (for the adjustment machine and the actual filling amount).

Seven, screen printing

1. Screen printing is generally used as the graphic logo processing procedure of packaging products, which has an important impact on the product image, so it has high technical requirements.

2. Glass bottle screen printing: For screen printing on the blank transparent or frosted or sprayed bottle body, high temperature ink should be selected. After coloring, it will be roasting at high temperature. It will not fade and is not easy to scratch, and the color is relatively heavy. More than 5000 PCS are calculated at 0.1 yuan/color time.

3, in the design to consider not more than two colors, the film to the negative film, text, pattern, lines should not be too fine or too large, easy to cause the phenomenon of broken lines or ink accumulation, before mass production should be confirmed, to avoid color differences.

4. If the frosted glass bottle is misprinted, it can be reprinted after the grinding process, and the processing fee is 0.1-0.2 yuan/bottle.

5, circular bottle with the same color according to one color, flat or oval according to the number of printing surface and the number of printing surface color for calculation basis.

6, plastic containers, ordinary ink and UV ink screen printing, UV ink is more widely used, the word and figure has a three-dimensional sense, more shiny, not easy to fade, can be printed multi-color effect, the initial printing volume is generally more than 1000.

7, glass bottle and SuPing silk screen version of the fee, if the new specifications bottles and printing factory do not have the corresponding clamp the charge fee, but can be by doing a certain amount of screen printing to offset the cost, such as business, more than 20000 can avoid the fees each manufacturer has different conditions, the general screen printing screen printing fee is 50-100 yuan/a, jig cost 50 yuan/a. The fee for bronzing plate is 200 yuan/piece.

8. Make samples before bulk screen printing, and produce after confirming the screen printing effect of text and text. After confirmation, the production adjustment period is 4-5 days, depending on the difficulty and quantity of screen printing.

9, usually screen printing factory has hot stamping, hot silver and other processing technology, screen printing methods are manual, mechanical screen printing, pad printing and stickers pad printing technology.

10. When using screen printing bottles in production, attention should be paid to avoiding excessive handling or collision to avoid grinding and screen printing effect. Attention should be paid to selecting reasonable disinfection method during production.

11. The cost of screen printing is at least 0.06 yuan/color, but special attention should be paid to the fact that the screen printing is not good enough to achieve the desired design effect, and the whole batch of containers may be scrapped. Screen printing according to spot color percentage screen printing can achieve rich color.

Eight. Blister

1. Blister packing material is often used for packaging bottle pad card and gift set inner set modeling, packaging solid bottom pad and promotion shelf selection, etc.

2. Blister products are mainly used in cosmetics, including mask, folding and Blister, bottom edge, revolving plate, folding, bottom cover and three folding and Blister.

3. Blister material:

A, PVC transparent, translucent, frosting effect or multicolor thickness 0.12mm - 0.8mm

B, PS a variety of color thickness 0.2mm - 0.8mm

C, APET (environmental protection material) can be folded, not hot edge thickness 0.2mm - 0.8mm

D, PETG (environmental protection material) can be flocking and high pressure cycle thickness 0.2mm -- 0.8mm

E, flocking film (PVC and PS film) a variety of color thickness 0.2mm - 0.8mm

4, the production process and time of the blister mold:

In addition to three days for folding and blister, it takes only two days for other categories, and 4 to 6 days for electrolytic copper mold. In case of special urgent goods, resin mold can be used, but it is easy to shrink, and the size and model of blister will change if the production quantity is too much.

5. Blister and punch time:

Under normal circumstances, for the first order, it will take about five days to the final delivery after the sample is confirmed by the other side, and it will take three days for the second delivery.

6. Due to the sharing of mold costs, it is generally required that the unit price of the finished product will be lower with a larger quantity, that is, to achieve the economic order quantity.

7. Mold cost and requirements:

Copper mold about 500 yuan/set - 800 yuan/set, depending on different manufacturers and production quantity, such as a single plastic area small manufacturers can make a blunt 4-8 finished products. In the open mold need to provide a physical model, in order to match beautiful and transparent or white plastic will be matched with silk together, plastic can also be used with different density of sponge or pearl cotton instead of sponge, sponge color has a variety of white sponge time is too long appearance will be yellow, and in material transportation and warehouse storage, occupy a lot of space.

9. Semi-finished films

1. Main categories of film:

Mask, eye film, nose film, neck film, lip film, umbilical film, hand film, foot film, milk film and other film products, according to the needs of customers using different materials and modeling processing, such as eye film has eight type, crescent type.

2. The film category is divided into full viscose (also known as pure cotton), blended (generally 8:2 mixed) cotton paper, spunlace cloth, Peng hua paper, etc., commonly used for full viscose and blended materials.

3. Full adhesive film is relatively stick, not easy to deform, absorb more essence, and can be stored for 2-3 years after making the finished product.

4. Blend film class (total viscose accounting for 80%, other such as tapestry accounting for 20%) is also relatively stick, less absorption, more widely applicable.

5. Sunlaced cloth containing chemical fiber components is easy to cause skin sensitivity, so it is not recommended to use, and other materials are less used.

6, the principle of material selection, paste area of 40g to 80g of full adhesive or blended, paste area of small with more than 60g is better, such as eye film, nasal film, etc., the specific standards can be adjusted according to the guidance of product planning.

7, modeling processing can generally be opened in accordance with the requirements of the new mold processing, the cost of about 100 yuan - 200 yuan/about 15 days to order materials, there is about three days of inventory material processing can be delivered in batches.

8, film can be matched with pearlescent diaphragm to maintain the shape and product effect.

9. The general order quantity is about 50,000 for the economic order quantity, and the template fee is free.

Ten, carton class

1. Cartons, as the outer packaging for product sales, play a major role in warehousing and transportation. Such as novel design can be used as a means of image promotion.

2, the selection of materials according to the product packaging requirements to choose the material and accessories structure of the carton, the general requirements of the pad, knife card and packaging box to strengthen the protection ability, can be determined according to customer requirements, high density of paper is hard, the price is higher, the surface paper optional kraft paper or white hanging paper.

3. The processing method generally requires that the horse riding nail is formed after cutting according to the specifications. It can carry out multi-color printing, and the final draft of the design text and color sample can be sent to the factory for printing.

4, the order quantity is generally more than 100 sets, if the need to open a new mold production will share the cost, mold fee is a one-time charge, renewal can be executed according to the original quotation.

5. The production cycle is generally 4 to 5 days. Cartons occupy more storage space, so it is better to order in small batches and arrange stock

What is the future direction of cosmetic bottle packaging evolution? I believe that this is our cosmetic bottle manufacturers are most concerned about and concerned about the problem. Only by seizing the future trend of the market can enterprises find the magic weapon of rapid growth.

Regarding the future development of cosmetics bottles, we believe that they will develop towards three characteristics:

Functionality, environmental protection and luxury.

We will analyze these trends in cosmetic bottle packaging from these three characteristics.

1. The function of cosmetics bottles, such as the anti-oxidation function of vacuum bottles, can better improve the quality of cosmetics and ensure the stability of cosmetics quality. This kind of cosmetics bottle packaging will naturally be sought after and welcomed by manufacturers.

2. Luxury of cosmetics bottles. In fact, the whole society now requires luxury packaging of cosmetics bottles and requires thrift. But the female consumer market for cosmetics bottle packaging dictates the pursuit of other luxurious and upscale images. Therefore, how to achieve frugality in the material of cosmetics bottles on the packaging looks upscale luxury is a problem manufacturers need to solve.

3 cosmetics bottle environmental protection, now whether the government or consumers for packaging environmental protection requirements are more and more high, this is a big problem that all cosmetics bottle enterprises must face in the future.

The rapid development of the cosmetics market is closely related to the prosperity of the packaging market, but whether the focus has been deviated, whether too much attention to packaging, and abandoned the quality problem.

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