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Plastic Tube applications in daily cosmetic trends


Plastic Tube applications are mainly distributed in cosmetics, detergent, toothpaste and other products. Mainly used in product packaging, etc. Plastic Tube bottles, plastic tube tubes, plastic tube籿 pads, plastic tube packaging bags, plastic tube turnover boxes in the production process, etc. In the process of producing daily chemicals, Plastic Tube is the most direct, convenient and economical packaging product. It is also the most suitable packaging material to increase the appearance, lightness, durability, cleaning, corrosion prevention, safety and health of daily chemicals. The advent of daily chemicals is born together with Plastic Tube packaging. So the high growth of household chemicals has created new opportunities for the Plastic Tube industry to complement.

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) recently held a legislative hearing on the draft regulation on restricting excessive packaging of commodities. The draft stipulates that the number of packaging layers should not be more than three, in addition to the initial packaging. The gap rate of the package shall not be more than 55%, and the cost of the package shall not exceed 15% of the sales price of the commodity, otherwise it will be regarded as excessive packaging. The regulation is being discussed and coordinated by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and will be formally issued soon.


Although many enterprises still have many doubts about the content of this regulation, how to reduce the cost of packaging materials in the face of the reality that the cost of daily chemical packaging materials has risen sharply has become a problem that enterprises have to pay attention to.

In the competition between plastic tube and glass, cosmetic packaging is one of glass packaging's most solid positions. With the continuous development of a variety of new Plastic Tube, the Plastic Tube packaging with the same transparent texture of glass is quietly entering the high-end cosmetics packaging market with richer color effect and more convenient processing performance than glass packaging, and revealing the charm of cosmetics with a richer image.

Transparent texture is one of the important trends in the pursuit of cosmetic packaging. The crystal clear appearance effect and rich and imaginative shape make cosmetic suppliers favor transparent packaging.

In order to achieve the luxurious and noble effect of cosmetics packaging, gold, silver and other colors are usually used as the decoration of transparent packaging. The basic color is mostly milky white, and new resin mixtures are developed to make the bottles achieve the effect of neon flashing.

Electroplating is still one of the best methods of metallization, by increasing its color effect, can achieve unparalleled results, such as black pearl, silver white, etc.

No product can pay more attention to the aesthetic effect of packaging than cosmetics, but there are still a lot of problems worth considering in practice. Pressure to save costs, provide more protection for products and high performance alternative materials. In the early days, people mainly reduced the cost of products by reducing packaging weight and reducing design. Cost reduction is actually one of the main reasons glass has taken over the perfume bottle market. The use of Plastic Tube in cosmetics is on the rise because the material can be moulded directly and has a fantastic color effect, which reduces the cost of processing significantly.

In terms of physical protection, because the cosmetics need to keep moisture and fragrance, it is convenient for consumers to open, so a layer of PP is added, or the wall is thickened, including air tightness. There are also excellent design and its design level is not the same for different consumers.

In the context of rising packaging raw material prices, the most direct way to reduce packaging costs is to "reduce", including reducing size, weight and thickness, as long as the reduction can be considered. Appropriate reduction of size and thickness for flexible packaging; For hard packaging to appropriately reduce the weight, these are not difficult, but to reduce to a certain extent, is a challenge to technological innovation.

The second is "change", that is, with low cost material to replace the material of high cost. At present, many domestic enterprises directly use imported packaging materials, but most of them should be domesticated. The production capacity of domestic packaging materials is absolutely the world first-class level. What is lacking is technological innovation and application technological innovation, which requires brand users to develop their products in combination with their own characteristics. So choosing domestic raw materials, rather than just using imported materials, can greatly reduce costs.

The third method is "replacement". Replacement is not simply a replacement. Sometimes the addition of some ingredients can effectively improve the performance of packaging materials, thereby reducing weight or reducing the amount used to reduce costs. This method is usually used on hard packaging, such as LDPE (degradable plastic tube). This material is mostly used on the lid, because of its soft performance, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to tear, so it needs a certain thickness to ensure that.

But if you add a certain amount of HDPE (density polyethylene), you can improve its performance appropriately, and eventually make the overall weight reduction of about 10% is no problem.

Another way is to "change", that is, to improve the design process. Packaging materials used to pack things, the use of its volume property, but its price is determined by the surface area property. For example, a cylindrical packaging bottle/box/can etc., for the same volume, under what condition is the minimum surface area? What is the ratio of the length to the width to the height of a revolving box, the same volume can make the revolving box surface smallest? How to design the turnover container to maximize the utilization of the container? These are the issues that must be considered as a professional packaging engineer, and these differences can significantly reduce the cost.

Simplification is the trend

Packaging design seems to be a purely professional computer technology problem, but in fact, packaging design and social humanities foundation, science and technology has a very close relationship. "A successful packaging design is not only reflected in the artistic value, more should be reflected in the commercial value. From the perspective of modern social development, successful packaging design should at least reflect the development trend of simple design style, lightweight packaging materials, serialization of packaging design and differentiation of packaging design.

Successful packaging design has a common characteristic, that is, the simplicity of packaging style characteristics. Because daily use chemicals is a kind of art that is widely contacted with the public, too much red tape type packaging style is very difficult to be accepted by the majority of consumers.

"In addition to a few gifts and customized products, the trend of lightweight packaging materials has become more and more obvious, especially with the arrival of the global oil crisis, lightweight packaging materials has become an inevitable choice for FMCG enterprises."

The high added value brought by product packaging differentiation is a very important factor. Once a package is accepted in a channel, the cost of entering the channel is greatly reduced. It can be said that the product differentiation characteristics formed by good packaging design can effectively enhance the market competition of products

The daily chemical industry will still have a growth rate of about 6% in 2012, so the application of Plastic Tube will also have a corresponding growth, perhaps more fashionable and affordable Plastic Tube packaging material.

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