Cosmetic packaging is an important aspect of the manufacturing process for all types of beauty and personal care products. Cosmetic tubes are one type of package that has been used by manufacturers for decades as a way to provide their customers with easy access to their favorite products. 

This article will explain how the aluminum cosmetic tube is manufactured in detail, so you can understand how they work better when you see them on store shelves or online.

What is an Aluminum cosmetic tube?

An aluminum cosmetic tube is a cylindrical container made of lightweight metal that has two ends. One end has a screw top and the other end features either a lip or an opening for pouring out product. These packaging containers are commonly used to package oil-based products, such as creams, lotions, and serums.

For many years now, manufacturers have turned to Aluminum tube packaging suppliers when they need something that can provide easy access while still looking professional at the same time. 

The design makes it convenient for consumers to get to what they want without having any trouble with spills along the way because there's no spout from which liquid could escape as you would find in glass bottles on the market today.

These types of packages are also available in a variety of colors, so the manufacturer can choose from an array that suits their needs.

  • In addition to being color-coded for different types of products. Aluminum cosmetic tubes are also available in sizes ranging from one ounce up to two pounds or more. This is great because it means you don't have to worry about trying to carry something too heavy under your arm while making your way towards check out after browsing through various cosmetic stores on vacation looking for what's best suited for your skin type and preferences. Inevitably, with aluminum cosmetic tubes, there will be less chance of breakage than if there were glass bottles involved as well!

  • Plus another benefit specific only to this container is that they're reusable which saves consumers money.

The raw material of the aluminum cosmetic tube

The raw material used in manufacturing aluminum cosmetic tubes is rolled flat strip cut from a coil of sheet metal called "aluminum alloy". This material comes primarily in two types - Al-Mg alloys which contain magnesium as one component and provide superior corrosion resistance by way of cathodic protection; and pure aluminum (99%+). Each has its own benefits but both are excellent choices

Aluminum is a metal that does not corrode easily, so it can be cleaned and reused even after being cut or shaped repeatedly. To make the tubes used for cosmetic packaging, manufacturers first have to heat sheets of aluminum alloy in order to create strips of a soft material called blanks. These blanks are then pressed into shapes using machines equipped with dies which form them into either straight-sided or conical versions of the final product.

After they're formed by this process, an extra step - punching holes through both ends - has to be done before these raw materials become finished cosmetic tube products. The hole at one end allows for easy pouring while the one at the other end provides space for labeling information about what's inside. 

  •  How Aluminum cosmetic tube is manufactured:

  • To manufacture the aluminum blanks used in cosmetics packaging, manufacturers first heat up sheets of aluminum alloy with gas torches that have been previously inserted into designated holes on each side of the sheet. 

  • They use this method - called "aped" or "aped repeatedly."  Aped means they heated them up more than once using these specific tools in order to soften the metal enough to create strips of a soft material called blanks. These blanks then get pressed by machines equipped with dies which form them into either straight-sided or circular tubes and which punch out the holes for filling.

  • There are commonly four holes punched in these aluminum cosmetic tubes - two up near each end (for filling), one down closer to where it will be capped (to assist with capping) and a fourth hole somewhere halfway along its length (again for filling). That way if there is no cap available when you want to fill your tube. 

  • That's aluminum cosmetic tube manufacturing in a nutshell! 

Quality control and inspection for aluminum cosmetic tube:

The cosmetic tube's quality is inspected at each stage of the process. A thorough inspection is done, including a visual check for any defects in the metal or etching marks left by dies that have not been cleaned properly. Individual pieces are also gauged to ensure they meet dimensional specifications and match up with specified lengths of material intended for specific tubes.

Packaging and shipping for aluminum cosmetic tube:

The aluminum cosmetic tubes are then shipped to the customer's facility for assembly into their final product. The cosmetics manufacturer can decide at that point what type of container is best suited for holding their products and assemble an appropriate size box or package out of cardboard, plastic, glass, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard and the like.

  • Raw Material Used :

  • FAQs about Aluminum cosmetic tube:

  • What is the packaging size of aluminum cosmetic tubes?

  • The aluminum tube can be made in sizes with an outside diameter from 12mm to 180mm and a wall thickness between 0.003" and .020". The minimum quantity for custom orders varies depending on size, material type, etc but typically starts at 500 units per style or design.

  • Is Aluminum tube cosmetic packaging eco-friendly?

  • Aluminum is a metal so it takes many centuries to completely degrade itself. But on the bright side, it doesn’t leave any kinds of polluting agents behind.

  • Still, Aluminum is considered one of the sustainable materials for industrial production. 

  • Also Aluminum has excellent recycling capabilities. 70% of all the Aluminum ever produced is still in use today. In terms of degradation, Aluminum isn’t that much efficient. But it still takes the cup due to its recycling ease and effectiveness.

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