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intro to green cosmetic tube design


Green cosmetic tube design is also called ecological cosmetic tube design. The principle of green cosmetic tube design is recognized as the "3R" principle, namely Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, which reduces environmental pollution, reduces energy consumption and improves products and parts. The green cosmetic tube design reflects the cosmetic tube manufacturer's reflection on the environmental and ecological damage caused by modern technology and culture, and it also reflects the return of the cosmetic tube designer's moral and social responsibility.

In the long history of human cosmetic tube design, industrial cosmetic tube design has created a modern lifestyle and living environment for humans, but also accelerated the consumption of resources and energy, and caused great damage to the ecological balance of the earth. Especially the over-commercialization of industrial cosmetic tube design has made cosmetic tube design an important medium to encourage uncontrolled consumption. "Planned product abolition" is an extreme manifestation of this phenomenon. It is no wonder that people call "advertising cosmetic tube design" and "cosmetic tube design" the chief culprit in advocating people's consumption, and they have attracted a lot of criticism and condemnation. It is under this background that cosmetic tube designers have to rethink the responsibilities and roles of cosmetic tube designers, and the design of green cosmetic tubes came into being.

Green cosmetic tube design means that during the entire product life cycle, cosmetic tube manufacturers must fully consider the impact on resources and the environment. While fully considering product functions, quality, development cycle and cost, they must also optimize various Relevant factors minimize the overall negative impact of the product and its manufacturing process on the environment, so that the various indicators of the product meet the requirements of green and environmental protection. The basic idea is: In the cosmetic tube design stage, environmental factors and pollution prevention measures are incorporated into the product cosmetic tube design, and environmental performance is taken as the product's cosmetic tube design goal and starting point, and strive to make the product impact on the environment Is the smallest.

For the design of industrial cosmetic tubes, the design of green cosmetic tubes should not only reduce the consumption of materials and energy and reduce the emission of harmful substances, but also enable the products and parts to be conveniently sorted, recycled, recycled or reused.

In the design of green cosmetics tubes, the consumption of resources and the impact on the environment must be considered from the selection of product materials, the determination of production and processing procedures, the selection of product packaging materials, and the transportation. To find and adopt the most reasonable and optimized structure and plan to minimize resource consumption and negative environmental impact.

The green cosmetic tube design is a movement aimed at protecting natural resources and preventing industrial pollution from destroying the ecological balance. Although it is still in its infancy, it has become an extremely important new trend. The main content of green cosmetic tube design includes material selection and management of green product cosmetic tube design; product detachable cosmetic tube design; product recyclable cosmetic tube design.

Material selection and management of green product cosmetic tube design

On the one hand, cosmetic tube manufacturers cannot mix materials containing harmful and harmless ingredients together; on the other hand, for products that reach the life cycle, the useful part must be fully recycled, and the unusable part must be made with a certain process. Method to deal with to minimize the impact on the environment

The design of the recyclable cosmetic tube of the product comprehensively considers the possibility of material recycling, the size of the recycling value, and the disposal method of the product. The design of the removable cosmetic tube of the product. The designer of the cosmetic tube should make the structure of the cosmetic tube design. It is easy to disassemble, easy to maintain, and can be recycled after the product is scrapped. In addition, there is the cost analysis of green products, green product cosmetic tube design database, etc.

Based on the functional analysis of products with different functions or the same function, different performance and different specifications within a certain range, a series of functional modules are divided and combined to design a series of functional modules for cosmetic tubes. Through the selection and combination of modules, different products can be formed to meet different requirements. Demand. Modular cosmetic tube design can not only solve the contradiction between product variety and specification, product cosmetic tube design and manufacturing cycle and production cost, but also can quickly update the product, improve product quality, and facilitate maintenance. The disassembly and recycling of products after discarding provide necessary conditions for enhancing the competitiveness of products.

Recycling cosmetic tube design is not only a recycling cosmetic tube design, but also a means or method to achieve generalized recycling. That is, when designing a product cosmetic tube, fully consider the possibility of product parts and materials recycling, and the size of the recycling value A series of problems related to recycling, such as recycling processing methods, recycling processing structure manufacturability, etc., in order to achieve full and effective use of parts and materials, resources and energy, and a cosmetic tube design idea and method with minimal environmental pollution.

Cosmetic tube manufacturers use various advanced cosmetic tube design theories such as parallel cosmetic tube design, so that the products designed by cosmetic tubes have advanced technology, good environmental coordination and reasonable economy. tube design method. The design of the green cosmetic tube focuses on the ecological balance between man and nature. Every decision in the cosmetic tube design process takes full account of environmental benefits to minimize damage to the environment. For cosmetic tube manufacturers, green cosmetic tube design is not only a technical consideration, but more importantly, a conceptual change, requiring cosmetic tube designers to abandon the practice of excessively emphasizing the appearance of the product. , And put the emphasis on innovation in the true sense, use a more responsible method to create the form of the product, and use a more concise and long-lasting shape to extend the service life of the product as much as possible.

The times are advancing, human living standards are improving, the pace of life is accelerating, and production efficiency is advancing by leaps and bounds, but at the same time, they are facing many perplexities such as energy shortages and increasing industrial waste. All of these require that the products that accompany human life and work should be concise and lively, novel and friendly, with a modern sense associated with the information age, and contain a spirit that is consistent with modern life.

It is not an easy task for cosmetic tube manufacturers to make the cosmetic tube design truly a green cosmetic tube design. In addition to paying attention to the various functions of the product, it is also necessary for the cosmetic tube designer to have a variety of product cosmetics. Knowledge of tube design.

The first step in the design of a green cosmetic tube is material selection. Green materials refer to materials that have good environmental compatibility under the premise of meeting general functional requirements. Green materials have the largest resource utilization rate and the smallest environmental impact at all stages of the life cycle such as preparation, use, and post-use disposal. "Under normal circumstances, cosmetic tube manufacturers will give priority to renewable materials and recycled materials, and try to use materials with low energy consumption and less pollution. Good environmental compatibility is also a place to pay attention to green materials, which are toxic, harmful and radioactive. Materials must be avoided, and the materials used should be easy to reuse, recycle, remanufacture or be easy to degrade. "In order to facilitate the effective recycling of products, the types of materials in the products should be minimized, and the compatibility of materials must also be considered. Good compatibility between materials means that these materials can be recycled together, which can greatly reduce the workload of disassembly and classification.

In addition to the selection of materials, the principles of ergonomics should also be applied to the design of cosmetic tubes to make users feel comfortable, convenient, and happy without feeling depressed; at the same time, avoid electromagnetic radiation, noise, toxic gases, and Irritating gases and liquids are harmful to people. At the same time, the environmental performance of the product should also be considered in the design of cosmetic tubes. Taking environmental performance as the goal of cosmetic tube design is one of the main characteristics that distinguish green cosmetic tube design from traditional cosmetic tube design. Since different products have different environmental performance, the cosmetic tube should be designed to meet the requirements of product characteristics, use environment and requirements. Prolonging the service life of the product can also play an environmentally friendly role. Based on the analysis of the product function and economy, the cosmetic tube designer adopts various advanced cosmetic tube design theories and tools to make the cosmetic tube design The products can meet the current and future market demand for a long period of time. Minimizing the obsolescence of products also reduces the number of discarded products and obsolete products. Of course, it also saves energy and resources and reduces the pressure on the environment.

A very important point in the design of the green cosmetic tube is the energy-saving and consumption-reducing cosmetic tube design, which can reduce energy demand by reducing actual application energy consumption and reducing standby energy consumption. Cosmetic tube designers need reasonable cosmetic tube design product structure, function, technology, or use new technologies and new theories, so that the product consumes the least energy and minimizes energy loss during use. Therefore, in the design stage of the cosmetic tube of the product, sufficient attention should be paid to the energy consumption caused by its use.

"In addition to the need to consider the design of green cosmetic tubes in use, cosmetic tube manufacturers should also pay attention to issues other than the use of the product." Insiders pointed out that the design of detachable cosmetic tubes is also an issue that needs to be considered. The design of the cosmetic tube should take into account the convenience of disassembly of many parts after the product is scrapped, which is convenient for recycling and reuse, so as to achieve the purpose of saving costs, reducing pollution and protecting the environment. This will be used as the product performance and structure of the cosmetic tube design An important evaluation index of "Many products have noticed these problems. For example, many electronic products are now beginning to adopt simple structures and appearances, reduce the types of parts, and use connection methods that are easy to disassemble or destroy, reduce the number of fasteners at the unloading position, and try to avoid The secondary processing of the surface of the part, the reduction of the types of materials used in the product, and the code identification of the material on the mold are all achievements of the green cosmetic tube design."

In the initial stage of cosmetic tube design, the issue of recycling and reuse after the product is scrapped must also be considered. The widespread use of standardized and modular parts is conducive to recycling when it is scrapped. After the product is scrapped, it is easy to disassemble and decompose, and can be recycled or regenerated will be an important indicator of green industrial products in the 21st century. Industry insiders pointed out that resource recovery and reuse are the main goals of the design of recycled cosmetic tubes. There are generally two ways, namely, the recycling of raw materials and the reuse of parts. In view of the difficulty of material recycling and the high cost, a more reasonable way of resource recovery is the reuse of parts.

As the last link of the product, cosmetic tube packaging is also inseparable from the design of green cosmetic tubes. Green packaging technology optimizes product packaging schemes from the perspective of environmental protection, minimizing resource consumption and waste generation. Research in this area is very extensive and can be roughly divided into three aspects: packaging materials, packaging structure, and packaging waste recycling.

Green cosmetic tube design

"Whether it is material, process, structure or packaging cosmetic tube design, they are inseparable from green. The design of green cosmetic tubes can be to choose environmentally friendly materials, or it can be made as little as possible in the cosmetic tube design process without wasting materials and using The material can be guaranteed to be recycled. In fact, the design of the green cosmetic tube is not as complicated as many people imagine. Many times the cosmetic tube manufacturer can start small, and sometimes the small cosmetic tube design may also bring big changes. "

In the process of product development, cosmetic tube manufacturers, if they do not pay attention to environmental awareness, do not consider whether the product itself causes pollution and harm to the environment, but blindly care about whether their shapes are full of creativity, whether the cost is full, etc. From a long-term perspective, it will only bring losses to cosmetic tube manufacturers, and it will also bring irreversible losses and disasters to the natural society on which mankind depends. The development of green products should start with the design of the green cosmetic tube of the product. The green cosmetic tube design concept and method of the cosmetic tube design aims at saving resources and protecting the environment. It emphasizes protecting the natural ecology, making full use of resources, putting people first, and treating the environment well. The design of green cosmetic tubes should not only be an initiative or proposal, it should become the direction of actual civilization and future development. Facing the current global environmental pollution, ecological destruction, waste of resources, greenhouse effect and exhaustion of resources, everyone on earth should feel the crisis of survival.

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