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Cosmetic tube packaging strategy


The so-called cosmetic tubeization refers to a series of activities of designing and producing containers or dressings. Such containers or dressings are called cosmetic tubes: cosmetic tubes have become a powerful marketing tool. Cosmetic tube manufacturers well-designed cosmetic tubes can create convenience value for consumers and create promotional value for cosmetic manufacturers. A variety of factors will promote the further development of cosmetic tubeization as a marketing tool in application. As more and more cosmetics are sold in the form of self-service in supermarkets and discount stores. Cosmetic tubes must perform many marketing tasks. The cosmetic tube has many meanings.

1. Protect the goods and facilitate storage and transportation. The most basic function of a cosmetic tube is to protect the product and facilitate storage and transportation. Effective cosmetic tubes can protect cosmetics from moisture, heat, cold, volatilization, pollution, freshness, fragility, and deformation. Therefore, when it comes to cosmetic tubes, cosmetic tube manufacturers should pay attention to the selection of cosmetic tube materials and the technical control of cosmetic tubes.

2. The cosmetic tube can attract attention, explain the characteristics of cosmetics, give consumers confidence, and form a favorable overall impression. Increasing consumer affluence means that consumers are willing to pay more for the convenience, appearance, reliability and prestige that a good cosmetic tube brings. Companies and brand image companies have realized the great role of well-designed cosmetic tubes, which help consumers quickly identify which company or brand.

3. Cosmetic tubes can also provide opportunities for innovation. The innovation of cosmetic tubeization can bring huge benefits to consumers and also profits to producers.

Making effective cosmetic tubes for new cosmetics requires a lot of decisions made by cosmetic tube manufacturers.

First, establish the concept of cosmetic softening.

The definition of the concept of cosmetic tube is to specify what the cosmetic tube should basically be or what role it plays for a particular cosmetic. The main function of the cosmetic tube should be to provide protection for high-quality cosmetics, introduce a new way of use, remind a certain quality of the cosmetics or the company, or some other functions.

In addition, decisions must be made for other elements of the cosmetic tube design, such as the size, shape, material, color, text description, and brand mark of the cosmetic tube.

The content of the decision must also include: a large number of written instructions or a small number of written instructions, the use of cellophane or other transparent films, plastic or thin plates, and so on. The various elements of cosmetic softening must be coordinated with each other. The size of the cosmetic tube involves the material and color of the cosmetic tube. The elements of cosmetic softening must also be coordinated with pricing, advertising and other marketing elements.

Once the cosmetic tube is designed, the manufacturer of the cosmetic tube must conduct some tests. The purpose of the engineering test is to ensure that the cosmetic tube can withstand wear and tear under normal conditions; the purpose of the consumer test is to ensure that it wins a favorable consumer response.

Moreover, even if these test measures are taken in advance, there are sometimes some fundamental flaws in the design of cosmetic tubes; designing a cosmetic tube that works well for a new cosmetic product may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take several months. As much as a year. It is not possible to overemphasize the importance of cosmetic tubeization just because we see that cosmetic tubeization can play a role in attracting and satisfying consumers. However, cosmetic tube manufacturers should note that the society has been paying more and more attention to the tubeization of cosmetics, and cosmetic tube manufacturers should make corresponding decisions to serve the interests of society and serve the goals of customers and the company in front of them.

In addition, cosmetic tubes also have some basic principles:

1. Principles of application. The main purpose of the cosmetic tube is to protect the goods. Therefore, firstly, according to the different nature and characteristics of cosmetics, reasonably select cosmetic tube materials and cosmetic tube technology to ensure that the cosmetics are not damaged, deteriorating, or deformed, and try to use cosmetic tube materials that meet environmental protection standards; secondly Reasonable design of cosmetic tube, easy to transport, etc.

2. The principle of beauty. Sales of cosmetic tubes have the effect of beautifying products, so the design requires novel, generous, beautiful appearance and strong artistry.

3. Economic principles. On the premise of conforming to the marketing strategy, the cost of cosmetic tubes should be reduced as much as possible.

4. The principle of environmental protection. Cosmetic tubes must meet the requirements of environmental protection and will not pollute the natural environment. The cosmetic tube is recyclable or can have multiple uses and can be used multiple times. Or there can be a refill function.

Cosmetic tube manufacturer strategy

1. It is similar to the cosmetic tube, that is, the cosmetic tubes of all the cosmetics of the enterprise, in terms of pattern and color, all adopt the same form. This method can reduce the cost of cosmetic tubes and expand the influence of enterprises. Especially when launching new cosmetics, the reputation of cosmetics companies can be used to enable customers to identify cosmetics from the cosmetic tubes and quickly open the market.

2. Combine cosmetic tubes, that is, put several related cosmetics and cosmetic tubes in the same container. Such as the combination of cosmetic tubes, holiday gift box cosmetic tubes, etc., all belong to this cosmetic tube method. Combination cosmetic tubes can not only promote consumer purchases, but also help companies promote cosmetics, especially when promoting new cosmetics, they can be sold in combination with old cosmetics to create conditions for consumers to accept and try.

3. Comes with a cosmetic tube as a gift. The main method of this kind of cosmetic tube is to include some items in the cosmetic tube, thereby arousing consumer interest in buying, and sometimes, it can also cause customers to repeat purchase.

4. Use the cosmetic tube again. The cosmetic tube can also be used for other purposes after the cosmetics are used. In this way, the purchaser can get an extra satisfaction, thereby stimulating his desire to buy cosmetics. For example, a well-designed jam jar can be used as a teacup after the jam is eaten. In the process of continuing to use the cosmetic tube, it actually plays a regular advertising role, increasing the possibility of repeated purchases by customers.

5. Grouped cosmetic tubes, that is, for the same cosmetics, different grades of cosmetic tubes can be used according to the different needs of customers. If you use it as a gift, you can make a delicate cosmetic tube, if you use it yourself, you only need to wrap it up. In addition, different cosmetic tubes can also be used for different grades of cosmetics. For high-end cosmetics, cosmetic tubes are more refined, indicating the identity of cosmetics; for low-end cosmetics, cosmetic tubes are simpler to reduce the cost of cosmetics.

6. Change the cosmetic tube. When the sales of cosmetics drop for some reason and the market reputation drops, the company can improve the quality of cosmetics while changing the form of cosmetic tubes, thereby appearing in the market as a new cosmetics image, and changing the cosmetics’ badness in the minds of consumers. status. This approach is conducive to the rapid restoration of corporate reputation and re-expansion of market share.

The description of the cosmetic tube of cosmetics is an important part of the cosmetic tube. It plays a major role in promoting the efficacy of cosmetics, fighting for consumers to understand, and guiding people to consume correctly.

1. Cosmetic tube label

Cosmetic tube label refers to the text, graphics, engraving and printed instructions attached to or hung on the cosmetic tube for sale of cosmetics. The label can be a simple label attached to the cosmetics, or it can be a well-designed pattern as a part of the cosmetic tube. The label may only contain the name of the product, or it may contain a lot of information, which can be used to identify and inspect the cosmetics inside, and it can also play a promotional role.

Generally, cosmetics labels mainly include: the name and address of the manufacturer or seller, the name of the cosmetic, the trademark, the ingredients, the quality characteristics, the number of cosmetics in the cosmetic tube, the method of use and dosage, the number, the matters needing attention in storage, the quality inspection number , Production date and expiration date. It is worth mentioning that labels printed with color patterns or physical photos have obvious promotional effects.

2. Cosmetic tube logo

It is the graphics, characters and numbers and their combination printed on the outside of the transport cosmetic tube. There are mainly three types of cosmetic tube signs: transportation signs, indicative signs, and warning signs. The transportation mark is also known as the mark (Mark), which refers to the geometrical figure, specific geometric figure, specific Letters, numbers, short text, etc. Indicative signs are made with eye-catching graphics and simple words for cosmetics that are easily broken, damaged, or deteriorated according to the characteristics of cosmetics. Indicative signs instruct relevant personnel to draw attention during loading and unloading, handling, storage, and operations. Common ones include "this end up", "fragile", "handle with care", and "lift from this". Warning signs refer to the printing of special words on the transport cosmetic tubes of dangerous goods such as flammable, explosive, corrosive and radioactive materials to show warnings.

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