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Personalized development trend of cosmetic tube design in the United States


The inspiration of foreign personalized cosmetic tube design to the American local cosmetic tube: 

With the rapid development of science and technology, the market competition in the 21st century is complicated and fierce. Although the cosmetic tube industry in the United States has made remarkable achievements, there are still many problems. American cosmetic tube manufacturers how to meet the new era of consumer demand for cosmetic tube, meet the pace of sustainable development, the international cosmetic tube market has become particularly important. In view of the analysis of the design characteristics of cosmetic tubes in Europe and Japan, some enlightenment for cosmetic tubes wholesale industry are summarized.

(1) Novel and unique cosmetic tube is popular with consumers

As a result of consumer shopping concept change, cosmetic tube small and delicate small goods, with a unique fragrance of cosmetic tube goods, convenient to carry cosmetic tube often attract shoppers' consumption desire and interest, especially to get children, teenagers and women's favor. According to Market Research UK, British women who go to the supermarket to buy 45 per cent more than they intended when they went out because of the fancy cosmetic tube. Consumers want more than just visual impact.

(2) multifunctional cosmetics tube products are popular

Cosmetics tube manufacturer in order to prevent the valuable resources in the tube after using cosmetics wasteful, multi-function cosmetics tubes to realize multi-purpose, repetitive use cosmetics tubes, mainly improve the utilization rate of the goods and people in the shopping, the feeling of thinking not only cosmetic goods tube, tube is convenient to consider cosmetics open, use, retention, Convenient secondary use, the shape and structure of the cosmetic tube should be easy to stack, so as to save space and reduce costs. The design of multifunctional cosmetic tubes can increase the added value of these cosmetic tubes, thus avoiding waste of resources and enhancing the image of the brand.

(3) green cosmetic tube by the international cosmetic tube concern

One important issue that cosmetic tube manufacturers need to look into is reuse -- a point that will have a major impact on cosmetic tubes and cosmetic tube design. As the environment and climate change become more and more important, the problem of cosmetic tubes and waste will become more prominent. Considering the market and the increasing tubes of environmentally friendly cosmetics, retailers will demonstrate their brand's environmental commitment by promoting certain recyclable products.

At present, green cosmetic tube is a brand new concept in the cosmetic tube industry, which will develop into a major trend in the near future. Designers need to rethink and pay attention to the design direction of green cosmetic tube. Cosmetic tube manufacturers realize that green cosmetic tube is a new strategy for modern cosmetic tube industry to participate in economic competition between countries. The design of green cosmetic tube should not stop at the technical level, but should elevate the design concept to a certain height. Cosmetic tube design is not a single, simple mechanical structure in the past, but more in line with the needs of humanity. Cosmetic tube products not only need the rationality of designers, but also need the integration of new science and new technology. The new concept of green cosmetic tube should be fully interpreted in humanization, safety and natural sense, so that the green cosmetic tube has real value and significance.

Second, personalized cosmetics tube design in the United States development status

In recent years, cosmetic tube design in the United States has mushroomed, and cosmetic tube suppliers have risen in large numbers. Cosmetics tube wholesale industry cosmetics tube industry regional layout is not balanced, focus on economic coastal development zone, cosmetics tube wholesale industry cosmetics tube industry total sales in the gross national economy has a decisive position. By the early 2000s, the cosmetic tube industry in the United States was worth more than $600 billion. The $41 billion market for products and prints related to cosmetic tube designs alone. Thus, the design of cosmetic tube suppliers in the important position of the commodity cosmetic tube.

(I) The development of academic competitions and fairs to enhance communication in the cosmetic tube industry

In the late 1970s, the cosmetic tube wholesale industry created the first cosmetic tube industry organization, the Cosmetic tube Technology Association of America. Since then, each area of the United States has also formed a cosmetic tube design as the core of the cosmetic tube technology organization, cosmetic tube suppliers and successfully held a number of high-level cosmetic tube design competitions and academic exchanges. Although this history is rarely understood by cosmetic tube designers.

From the 1970s to the late 1980s, cosmetic tube design in the United States was initially initiated by the people, and gradually developed into an activity with official participation, such as cosmetic tube design competition, competition, design academic exchanges and so on. This is the most active period of American cosmetic flexible tube industry, the United States commercial design formed a complete system, cosmetic tube suppliers have established various associations, and launched a wide range of design exchanges.

In this active period, also created a large number of cosmetics tubes designer with outstanding ability in the ninety s, cosmetics, positive input and promote the international cosmetics tubes tube suppliers design communication, has more than the international cosmetics tube design fair, stand for the internationalization of American cosmetics tube design successfully.

(2) Personalized cosmetics tube second to none

Personalized customized cosmetics tube comprehensive strength is still second to none.

Small cosmetic tube enterprises have been established, until the 21st century, the wholesale cosmetic tube industry with advanced production equipment and technology, formed a complete cosmetic tube system. Cosmetic tube suppliers held a cosmetic tube design based on the design of art competition, for the development of cosmetic tube design industry to establish a good foundation, accumulated a strong design strength. In the late 1990s, the rapid development of cosmetic tube industry, cosmetic tube manufacturers saw the broad prospects of the mainland market, and even international well-known brands to their own brand design cosmetic tube, which virtually promotes the rapid development of wholesale cosmetic tube design industry, printing processing industry. Cosmetic tube designers have also been developed and grown in so many opportunities. Cosmetic tube suppliers have been excavated from the original cosmetic tube design with a service nature to a higher level of cosmetic tube design.

(3) Cosmetics tube center

In the 21st century, the world cosmetic tube organization saw the development prospects of the United States cosmetic tube industry, which is conducive to the excavation of the world's huge resources of cosmetic tube industry production, to achieve complementary advantages, and can promote the cosmetic tube wholesale industry cosmetic soft tube industry and the progress of related industries. Cosmetic tube center will have a profound impact on economic and environmental development.

Cosmetics tube center includes three functions: one is to establish the world's cosmetics tube industry information, services, creative design and other exchange and cooperation center and set up the headquarters base; Two is the collection of international and domestic abundant resources, attract the advantages of cosmetics tube design industry top talent; The third is to strive to make the cosmetics tube center into a systematic industrial base including creative design, technology research and development, material processing, storage and logistics. The cosmetic tube center will promote the us cosmetic tube industry to a stronger and more sustainable development with the strategy of combination and integration.

(4) Cosmetic tube suppliers to create "characteristic" cosmetic tube products

As we all know, the traditional ethnic elements of cosmetic tube wholesale industry present a unique visual experience in the product cosmetic tube. If the Cosmetic tube industry of the United States wants to occupy a place in the international cosmetic tube market, then the cosmetic tube of the product should have national personality, local and unique national culture. Only in this way can the National cosmetic tube of the United States occupy an important position on the global design stage.

Cosmetic tube has local characteristics

Regional characteristics are more and more widely used in the design of cosmetic tube. This traditional visual language is more prominent in the design of cosmetic tube. Cosmetic tube suppliers and absorb bright and dazzling colors in nature and then blend traditional patterns, constitute a cosmetic tube with local characteristics.

the personalized cosmetic tube in the United States needs to be urgently solved

The 21st century is the era of personalized, cosmetic tube is not simply as the external decoration of goods to look at, cosmetic tube suppliers have gradually realized the importance of personalized cosmetic tube. However, in the market environment of the whole wholesale cosmetic tube industry, cosmetic tube suppliers have uneven understanding of personalized cosmetic tube, resulting in prominent problems of personalized cosmetic tube, and urgent to be solved.

(1) thinking mode is too single, blindly follow the trend

Many cosmetics tube supplier began to realize the commodity tube is not just a simple "coat", however, due to their similarities and differences of the personalized cosmetic tube concept, ignored the real connotation of individualized cosmetics tubes, let consumer know very little about cosmetics tubes which never forgets anything, it becomes the common fault of the cosmetics. Soft pipe. At the same time, cosmetic tube suppliers ignore the cosmetic tube design of products can enhance the value of the brand. For example, there are many products on the market that have designs on cosmetic tubes. At first, it seems very creative and can improve the influence of products through popular image. However, individuation is not to follow what others say, but to be different and unique, which is difficult to form a unique style of the enterprise.

(2) the lack of personalized cosmetics tube sense of The Times, too the pursuit of eyeball effect

Now the theme of the era is the pursuit of fashion personalized, however, some cosmetic tube suppliers simply think that the product of cosmetic tube to have personalized, will be eye-catching in the visual effect, often for bright red, bright and dazzling color more favor. However, consumers have a "tacky" and "old-fashioned" feeling for this kind of goods. Even if the quality of the goods is good, the grade of the goods will be reduced, and ultimately the brand of the goods cannot leave a deep impression on consumers, and the added value and recognition of the brand are not high. For example, the brand "Hengyuan Xiang" leaves consumers the impression that the enterprise lacks cultural connotation. In order to get consumers' attention, it has a negative effect and makes people feel vulgar.

(3) Excessive personalized design of cosmetic tube, lack of brand understanding

The young generation of cosmetic tube designers personality is full, often ignore the real understanding of the enterprise for the commodity cosmetic tube, cosmetic tube suppliers only pay attention to whether the product design has personalized, and do not pay attention to the coordination with the enterprise culture. These designers for the design of goods to the pure art of the state of mind to face, although the cosmetics tube personalized and visual improvement, but can not promote product sales.

Therefore, designers excessively pursue the personalized cosmetic tube, so that the product's cosmetic tube has changed the taste. For young cosmetic tube designers, more is in the pursuit of aesthetic at the same time, the essence of goods, cosmetics tube market environment, enterprise culture connotation of a deep understanding.

(4) Cosmetics tube brand name is not personalized enough, serious homogenization

At present, some enterprises in the brand development often ignore the brand product name, there is no long-term development strategy and the lack of personalized cosmetics tube. Cosmetics tube suppliers in order to meet the requirements of the buyer, on the cosmetics tube simply modify the name of commodity, lead to the product name is too popular, the product of cosmetics tube nor in the consumers' mind set up a good brand awareness, consumers are difficult to product in many of the same kind of goods to form a deep impression. Enterprises do not pay enough attention to product names, serious homogenization, enterprises will inevitably lose competitiveness, in a sense, the brand will be submerged.

In addition, the cosmetic tube industry in the United States has grown rapidly in the past two decades, but there is still a significant gap compared with the international wholesale cosmetic tube industry. Cosmetic tube enterprises in the United States lack of market competitiveness, consumer market segmentation is not enough, homogenous cosmetic tube serious, cosmetic tube technology level is weak, the development and utilization of resources low problems, and some cosmetic tube enterprises are easy to ignore environmental protection, resource conservation of green sustainable development. At the same time, the Cosmetic tube industry in the United States of some raw materials and equipment are dependent on foreign cosmetic tube enterprise supply. Cosmetic tube wholesale industry cosmetic tube industry these outstanding problems are urgent to solve, and these obstacles will affect the cosmetic tube wholesale industry cosmetic tube enterprises to participate in the international market competition.  

(4) the United States personalized cosmetics tube four development trends

Personality and commonness are the two characteristics of cosmetic tube design, in some enterprises often ignore the product of cosmetic tube design and the potential loss of business opportunities for countless examples. With the rapid development of information globalization, the Cosmetic tube industry in the United States has made remarkable achievements in the rapid development of more than 20 years, and in the future, the strength of the Cosmetic tube industry in the United States will be more evident.

(5) American national brands are growing rapidly

As the economic level of cosmetic tube wholesale industry increases year by year, American consumers have a new understanding of imported goods, they realize the importance of supporting national brands, so that local enterprises pay more attention to the cosmetic tube of products, promoting enterprises to attach importance to the brand. At the same time, cosmetics tube wholesale industry in the relevant laws, organizations have also been further improved, and rapid development, the formation of a certain scale. The cosmetics tube of the commodity appears new idea unceasingly on the design level, promoted the rapid progress of local cosmetics soft tube industry.

The United States green cosmetics tube design to become the leading

Modern cosmetics tube design in line with the principle of coordinated development with the environment will be personalized, national, scientific and technological, and international development. In the 21st century, with the green revolution, it has become the development trend of the world cosmetic flexible tube industry, the Cosmetic flexible tube industry in the United States to be in an invincible position in the world market to establish the concept of green cosmetic flexible tube.

Excessive cosmetic tube not only brings huge cost expenditure to cosmetic tube enterprises, but also causes serious consumption of resources, as well as a large number of garbage. Cosmetic tube wholesale industry advocates the construction of resource-saving society, from the choice of raw materials, process equipment to the treatment and recycling of cosmetic tube waste has been transformed, excessive cosmetic tube will be replaced by green cosmetic tube, establish a perfect green cosmetic tube system. The whole people should establish the consciousness of green environmental protection, for excessive cosmetics tube to give strong containment. Although the United States is still lagging behind in environmental protection, consumers should take green cosmetic products as the leading trend of consumption and take green cosmetic products as the common responsibility and obligation of the whole nation.

At the same time, the United States cosmetic tube design, cosmetic tube manufacturers and international cosmetic tube design level. In the choice of materials, biodegradable and recycled materials become the first choice of green cosmetic tube. Some products should be marked "please pay attention to environmental hygiene" and other words on the cosmetic tube to remind consumers of environmental protection. Influenced by the green cosmetics tube, designers are simple in layout, font, graphics and color, attracting the attention of consumers through concise and lively visual effects and bringing different aesthetic feelings to consumers.

American cosmetic tube design visual stylization trend

The same style of cosmetic tube design will make the goods look no personality characteristics, and with visual stylized cosmetic tube design can make the goods more prominent in the personalized expression. At the same time, cosmetics tube design using a variety of ways to a variety of visual elements clever combination, to achieve a harmonious and unified visual effect, and fully show the tube design of cosmetics has a novel unique, innovative, personalized aesthetic experience.

For example, in the design of male stylized goods, cosmetics tube manufacturers to reflect the design of male masculinity and strong body, so naturally attract the attention of male consumer groups; For female stylized goods to blend in elegant rich, noble and gorgeous cosmetics tube design style to attract the attention of female consumers; The design style that youth generation prefers often is optional plane arranges, reflect them adequately so lively, unfettered, the psychological characteristic that pursues vogue.

Therefore, one of the successful elements of commodity cosmetics tube is to grasp the development trend of visual stylization, which not only increases the strength of sales promotion, but also promotes the improvement of the aesthetic taste of consumers.

The nationalization trend of American cosmetic tube design

As the trend of economic globalization and market internationalization, consumers begin to pay more and more attention to the cultural connotation of goods, some cosmetics tube enterprises because of the lack of cultural tube of goods and can not attract the attention of consumers, lost business opportunities. American culture is extensive and profound, and the foundation of the stylization of cosmetic tube design is reflected by the cultural personality of the American nation.

Cosmetic tube designers in the United States began to think about the development trend of localization and nationalization of design in the 1990s. In a sense, the national visual elements are also universal. New era visual graphic design of commodity cosmetics tube needs to have some kind of modern taste, also need to keep the nationalization of the graphics or color, designer elements skillfully fusion in the tube cosmetics design of the United States, for example, the patterns of the traditional applications - America's ink light colored drawing, paper-cut art, door god, shadow play, longfeng pattern, as well as the calligraphy art, so as to enter the international market. These visual elements with American national characteristics not only attract people from all over the world, but also enhance the visual impact. Consumers in the purchase of goods, cosmetics tube in emotional satisfaction, resonance. Only the existence of national language symbol can make the design of cosmetic tube express the personality color of culture.

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