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choose high quality packaging aluminum cosmetic tube from collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturers


How to choose excellent packaging aluminum cosmetic tubes from collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturers, many people are simply taught to identify aluminum tube cosmetic packaging skills, in fact, Want to know how to identify and choose truly, above all, should have certain understanding to its production flow, so, I introduce briefly with everybody first.

Cosmetic Aluminium Tube Suppliers - Cosmetic Aluminium Tube Suppliers

1, aluminum tube cosmetic packaging: pressing aluminum sheet into a tube

2, Aluminium tube packaging dressing: the tube thread dressing, tube end cut

3, aluminum squeeze tube packaging annealing: into the 3500 degree oven for baking, make skin care aluminum tube soft

4, aluminum squeeze tube packaging: in skin care aluminum tube surface coated with a layer of protective polyester resin, usually white, play a protective role

5, Aluminum tube cosmetic packaging printing: according to customer requirements, text and pattern printing, pre-designed brand logo, instructions and warnings printed skin care aluminum tube body

6, aluminum tube cover: artificial cover or automatic cover. LIDS are usually PP or PS plastic, depending on product attributes and customer design


Cosmetic Aluminium Tube Suppliers Share its tips after learning about the production process of cosmetic tubes made from packed aluminium Suppliers:


After getting the skin care aluminum tube from Collapsible Aluminium tubes Manufacturers, first check whether there are scratches on the surface of the skin care aluminum tube, whether there is distortion, whether it is smooth and flat, whether the color difference, etc.. Excellent aluminum cosmetic tube surface printing is beautiful and clear, and the trademark, manufacturer, address and use notes are true and clear; However, the label of inferior skin care aluminum tube is generally vague.

Excellent skin care aluminum tube in touch, feel is smooth, smooth, no impurities and no paint; However, when the inferior skin care aluminum tube feels rough and without texture, it will be accompanied by light or heavy peeling phenomenon.

Excellent skin care aluminum tube not only the first two to be qualified, more to meet the test. The aluminum tube for skin care products is to be used to fill their own fillings. If the aluminum tube for skin care products has an adverse reaction with the fillings during the test, then the aluminum tube for skin care products is also unqualified, because it is not suitable for filling the fillings. As the saying goes, fit is better!!


Cosmetic Aluminium Tube From Cosmetic Aluminium Tube Suppliers

Tube is a kind of very common packaging materials, widely used in filling filling in cosmetics, toothpaste, shoe polish, paint, dye and adhesive paste products, its very big characteristic is that the play would collapse after extrusion, air cannot flow into the inside the tube cosmetics, therefore not easy contents or oxide pollution problems, and to extend the shelf life of products.

Although aluminum cosmetic tube is closely related to our daily life, many people are unfamiliar with its production process. So,, today for you to share the production process of Xin Billion aluminum cosmetic tube, increase our knowledge of the production of aluminum cosmetic tube!


Step 1: skin care aluminum tube stamping, dressing, annealing

Aluminum tube packaging for cosmetics is made of 99.7% aluminum. After the aluminum sheet is shaped into a tube in the press, the tube mouth and tail are cut evenly and the tooth is cut into the desired thread. Due to the high hardness of the stamped skin care aluminum tube, it must be baked in the high temperature oven of 3,500 degrees Celsius to soften it, which is called annealing.

Step 2: Aluminum tube cosmetic packaging inside spray

If the filling content is likely to react chemically with the skin care aluminum tube metal, the inner wall of the skin care aluminum tube must be coated with a protective film, usually made of epoxy phenolic resin. In practice, internal spraying and double-layer internal spraying are determined based on the properties of the contents, such as corrosiveness and sensitivity to metal interaction.

Step 3: Aluminium Cosmetic Tubes primer and printing

The outer wall of aluminum cosmetic tube is often coated with a protective polyester resin, usually white, known as primer, its purpose is to form a protective film on the surface of aluminum cosmetic tube, can provide buffer when slight collision, reduce scratch, depression and damage. After finishing the bottom coating and cooling, the aluminum cosmetics tube is sent to offset printing machine for the printing of words and patterns. The pre-designed brand logo, instructions and warnings are printed on the skin care aluminum tube body. Special printing methods, such as gold stamping and silver stamping, have also become very common.

Step 4: Make sure it's covered

After the printing of aluminum cosmetics tube is finished, then cover. LIDS are usually made of PP or PS plastic, in a variety of colors and styles, but are usually ctuben according to the product attributes and the customer's design, both functional and aesthetic.

Aluminum tube cosmetic Packaging

It is recommended to apply tail glue to the inner wall of the end of the tube if the contents of the product are prone to react with air or water vapor, or if you want to improve the tightness due to concerns about leakage of contents. After the tail glue and then seal the tail, can improve the sealing, more effective isolation of air and moisture, to ensure the shelf life of the product. The width of tail glue can be adjusted according to the actual demand, the wider the width, the better the sealing effect.


At this point, aluminum Tube Packaging for cosmetics has been completed.


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