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Durable cosmetic aluminium tubes production from collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturers


Wear resistant cosmetics aluminum tube in a variety of cosmetic packaging material performance: the economic loss caused by wear is very amazing, the annual GDP loss caused by wear is as high as 4.5% or so. As for traditional low alloy wear-resistant aluminum tubes, collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturers mainly improve their wear resistance by increasing carbon content and quenching martensite hardness. However, with the increase of hardness, the machinability and weldability of composite aluminum will seriously deteriorate, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of equipment manufacturing. How to greatly improve the wear resistance of composite aluminum without increasing the hardness has become a key technical problem urgently to be solved in the current wear resistant composite aluminum research industry. In recent years, studies have found that the introduction of TiC in situ in the melting process of carbon composite aluminum can effectively enhance the wear resistance of aluminum composite, and has advantages of simple preparation process, good interface compatibility, low cost and easy to achieve industrial production, so it has great development potential. Collapsible Aluminium tubes Manufacturers found that in the friction process, the plastic deformation of the soft composite aluminum matrix, TiC particles will be exposed, its microhardness reaches 3 200 HV, can effectively reduce the medium to the matrix. Qianxingchengte aluminum composite has trial-produced a new TiC particle reinforced ZM4-13 wear-resistant aluminum composite, its tensile strength > 1 400 MPa, yield strength > 1 200 MPa, hardness range of 430 ~ 460 HB, composite aluminum price pressure is weak.

In addition, considering the market liquidity loose tone has not seen a significant shift, composite aluminum prices overall difficult to get rid of the shock pattern. Consumption expectations have not wavered, wear-resistant cosmetics aluminum tubes and collapsible aluminium tubes manufacturers production growth is still difficult to rise and Inner Mongolia production reduction expectations, which maintain the price support. However, the current macro mood fluctuations, consumption expectations are also waiting to be realized, short-term price or shock adjustment. Do not recommend the highest, waiting for a pullback buying opportunity. Last week, the weekly comprehensive operating rate of composite aluminum battery enterprises was 68.46%, a slight improvement from the previous week, but still not fully recovered to the pre-holiday level. Most storage companies have completed the initial restart of production, but given the current cosmetic Aluminium Tube Suppliers inventory pressure and the traditional off-season factors, there is hardly any bright spot in the consumer end. Weeks of composite aluminum ingots social inventory accumulation of 0.21 million to 467 million tons, downstream fear gao Shen mining. The overall recovery pace of recycled composite aluminum may not be as expected, but holdings collapsible Aluminium Tubes Manufacturers still maintained a small weekly increase in production. The operation rate of primary composite aluminum is stable and improving, and the elasticity of composite aluminum supply still has a large release space. It can be seen that at 200 ~ 650 ℃, when the tempering temperature increases, the hardness of the two test aluminum composite decreases. This is because after quenching treatment, the structure of the test composite aluminum is martensite, martensite matrix carbon content is high, wear-resistant cosmetics aluminum tube atomic arrangement is close, so its hardness is high.

In the subsequent tempering process, with the increase of tempering temperature, carbon atoms are also more active, carbon atoms in the tempering process are easy to precipitate 0 times the traditional wear-resistant composite aluminum tempering temperature at 200 ~ 650 ℃, with the increase of temperature, wear resistance gradually decreased; When TiC particles are introduced, the wear resistance decreases with the increase of tempering temperature from 200 ℃ to 550 ℃, and the wear resistance increases with the increase of tempering temperature from 550 ℃ to 650 ℃. Ti element can precipitate micron-sized TiC particles in the process of high temperature tempering. The presence of endogenous hard phase can effectively improve the wear resistance of composite aluminum. 5.2 At different tempering temperatures, the wear resistance of TiC particle enhanced wear-resistant aluminum composite is 1.3 times higher than that of traditional HBW330-450. When the tempering temperature is 550 ~ 650 ℃, Cosmetic Aluminium Tube Suppliers Test wear resistance of composite aluminum gradually improved, this is because when the tempering temperature is above 550 ℃, with the increase of tempering temperature, TiC particles precipitates more, and coarsening, hard large particles TiC increases. The hindrance to the motion of abrasive particles is also stronger, thus improving the wear resistance of composite aluminum. At the same tempering temperature, the wear loss of 1# wear-resisting composite aluminum is more than 1.3 times less than that of 2# wear-resisting composite aluminum.

Its wear resistance is more than 1.5 times that of imported NM450, and it has good cold and hot processing and repairable performance. According to the above analysis, the development of a new generation of TiC particle reinforced wear resistant aluminum composite tube is of great significance to improve the market competitiveness of wear resistant aluminum composite field.


The difference between seamless cosmetic aluminum tube and extruded cosmetic aluminum tube: Currently used cosmetics aluminum tube extrusion machine, including extrusion box and cylinder heated aluminum from inlet to squeeze in, start working cylinder promote aluminum extrusion beams moving towards extrusion die, aluminum block has good plastic under high temperature, when the temperature of the aluminum block after reducing plastic also reduces, under the influence of the pressure and speed of the extrusion Liang Yiding, The extrusion pad pushes the aluminum block to produce plastic flow from the extrusion die, so as to obtain the desired sectional shape and size of cosmetic aluminum tube; In the extrusion process, the aluminum block is in a strong pressure state in the extrusion deformation zone, which can give full play to its plasticity and obtain large deformation. At the same time, the extrusion deformation can improve the texture of the metal material and improve its mechanical properties, especially for the aluminum block with extrusion effect, the extrusion products after quenching and aging, Longitudinal (extrusion direction) mechanical properties are much higher than similar products produced by other processing methods, for cosmetic Aluminium tube Suppliers, extrusion processing also has great flexibility, Cosmetic Aluminium Tube Suppliers Only need to change the extrusion die to be on the same equipment. Production of different shapes, sizes, specifications and varieties of products, and the replacement of extrusion die simple and convenient operation, time-consuming, high efficiency. However, there are still great problems in the forming of some double-layer seamless cosmetic aluminum tubes. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the situation.

Seamless cosmetic aluminum tube is generally the use of perforated extrusion method, due to the seamless cosmetic aluminum tube has a small proportion, easy processing, mechanical strength and other characteristics, in fact, seamless cosmetic aluminum tube production process requirements are more strict, more fine.

However, we should pay attention to some problems in the production, in order to produce quality seamless cosmetic aluminum tube. The following is to share with you the seamless cosmetic aluminum control process needs to pay attention to the problems and some successful practical experience.

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