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Introduction to cosmetic packaging


Cosmetic packaging can consist of three levels of content. The first level of packaging refers to the container closest to cosmetics. For example, a  cosmetic tube with a "shave deodorant" is the closest thing to a cosmetic package. Level 2 packaging is the material that protects level 1 packaging and is discarded when cosmetics are used. The cardboard boxes used to pack bottles of "aftershave cleanser" are at the second level of packaging, providing further protection and promotion opportunities for cosmetics. Delivery package refers to the packaging necessary for the storage, identification and transportation of cosmetics. A corrugated box containing six dozen "Aftershave Fragrance Cleanser" is transport packaging. In addition, labeling is also an integral part of packaging, which consists of printed information indicating the cosmetics, appearing on or integrated with the packaging.

Cosmetic packaging design is a process in which designers further process the direct and main information of cosmetic personality by taking advantage of consumers' visual experience of cosmetics, as well as the direct performance of corporate image positioning. Good packaging design is one of the important means for enterprises to create profits. Cosmetic packaging design with accurate strategic positioning and in line with consumer psychology can help enterprises stand out from numerous competing brands and win the reputation of "reliability".

Packaging design has the marketing function of establishing brand cognition, that is, using packaging design to present brand information, establish brand recognition, so that consumers know the brand name and brand attributes of goods, and then establish brand image. In the framework of brand knowledge, the packaging of cosmetics is also regarded as one of the sources of brand image association.

It is understood that brand image is mainly composed of manufacturer image, user image, cosmetics image and brand personality image. Packaging visual design should be able to convey the brand information including these four, can be regarded as a complete brand image.

In today's abundant commodities, consumers pay attention to each cosmetics for a very short time, we must seize the moment when consumers' eyes sweep from the shelf. Only packaging can comprehensive utilization elements such as color, shape, material, at the same time show the cosmetics, the connotation of the brand enterprises and information, highlight the cosmetics and consumer interests in common, form the visual impact, for the consumer, in turn, affect the consumer impression of cosmetics and enterprise, make cosmetics is marked on the shelves, and efficiently to attract consumers. Cosmetic packaging is the first to show sales power, bearing the main function of attracting consumers.

Packaging, as the external expression of a brand, is what kind of feeling an enterprise wants its brand to give consumers. The differences it produces and the resulting "brand characteristics" make it a leading factor in attracting consumers. The material and spiritual interests carried by packaging are what consumers buy, and the brand represented by packaging should form a brand in their minds, fully showing the connotation of the brand. If connotation does not have or it is not outstanding, consumer hears, see packaging did not produce association, make the brand becomes water without source.

To sum up, cosmetic packaging design has the following important roles:

1. Protect goods for easy storage and transportation. The most basic function of cosmetic packaging is to protect goods and facilitate storage and transportation. Effective cosmetic packaging can play a moisture-proof, anti-heat, anti-cold, anti-volatile, anti-pollution, preservation, anti-fragile, anti-deformation and other series of protective cosmetics. Therefore, in the cosmetic packaging, attention should be paid to the choice of cosmetic packaging materials and packaging technology control. The protection function is also the most basic function of packaging, even if the goods are not damaged by various external forces. A commodity must be circulated for many times before entering the mall or other places and finally reaching consumers. During this period, it needs to go through loading and unloading, transportation, inventory, display, sales and other links. In the process of storage and transportation, many external causes, such as impact, dirt, light, gas, bacteria...... And other factors, will threaten the safety of goods. Therefore, as a packaging designer, before starting to design, we should first think about the structure and material of packaging to ensure the safety of goods in the circulation process.

2. Provide convenience features. The so-called convenience function, that is, whether the packaging of goods is easy to use, carry, storage and so on. A good packaging work should be people-oriented and considered from the perspective of consumers, which will approach the relationship between products and consumers, increase consumers' desire to buy, trust in products, and promote communication between consumers and enterprises. I think a lot of people like the pop of a can when they buy a drink. Packaging can attract attention, explain the features of cosmetics, give consumers confidence and form a favorable overall impression. Growing consumer affluence refers to the willingness of consumers to pay more for the convenience, appearance, reliability and prestige of good packaging. Companies and brand image companies have realized the power of well-designed packaging, which helps consumers quickly identify a company or brand. Every film buyer can instantly identify the familiar yellow packaging of "Kodak" film.

3. Sales promotion function. In today's increasingly intense market competition, the importance of packaging is also well known by manufacturers. How to make their cosmetics sell well and how to make their cosmetics jump out of the shelves full of beautiful things, it is far from enough to rely only on the quality of cosmetics themselves and media bombardment. Packaging innovation can bring huge benefits to consumers and profits to producers.

It can be seen that the initial purpose of cosmetic packaging design is to protect cosmetics from damage, so as to achieve the goal of safe storage and transportation. But with the requirements of market development, the meaning of packaging is also more, such as cosmetic decoration, cosmetics or enterprise brand with personalized and affinity, as well as to meet the psychological needs of consumers to promote sales. Thus, the packaging design requirements for cosmetics are also higher and higher, more and more rich up.

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