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Use and characteristics of plastic bottles for cosmetics


Many wholesale makeup packaging buyers do not understand OEM packaging materials for cosmetics. The purpose and characteristics of glass bottles, makeup tubes and plastic bottles in cosmetic packaging are not clear. Today Lisson explains more!


A, glass bottle for makeup

Glass bottles are mainly used for cosmetics: skin care products (cream, emulsion), perfume, essential oil, nail polish has a small capacity, and more than 200ml of capacity is rarely used in cosmetics. Are glass bottles divided into wide mouth bottles? Narrow mouth bottle. The solid paste is usually a wide-mouthed bottle. It should have an aluminum or plastic cover. Caps can be used for colored sprays and other effects; Lotion or water-based paste bodies are usually used in narrow-mouth bottles and should be equipped with pump heads. If the lid is fitted with a plug, the liquid is fitted with a small hole and plug, and the thicker emulsion is fitted with a large hole plug.


1, cream bottle series: glass bottle + double plastic cover (general capacity is 10g-50g)

2, Essent series: glass bottle + plastic pump head or anodized alumina pump head (relatively high, 20 to 100ml)

3, toner series: glass bottle + plastic plug + shell (more than 100ml, can also be equipped with pump head)

4, fine oil bottle series: glass body + plug + big head cap or glue emitter + dropper + anodic alumina cover

Second, the cosmetic tube

The tube is divided into a single layer? Double? Five layers of Cosmetic tube, this is different stress resistance? Resistant to penetration and feel, such as five layers of tube from the outer layer? The inner layer? Two adhesive layers and barrier layers. Features: excellent gas resistance, can effectively prevent oxygen and odor gas infiltration, to prevent the contents of the odor and effective components leakage.


Cosmetic Tube + / Cosmetic Tube is usually made of PE plastic. According to the thickness of the product is divided into single-layer pipe (multi-purpose, low cost). Double layer pipe (good sealing). According to the shape of the product, it is classified as round Cosmetic Tube (multi-purpose, low cost)? Flat Cosmetic Tube is also called profiled tube (to be reconnected, the cost is higher). The outer shell of the tube is covered with a nut (single and double, double covers are mostly electroplated to make the product look more elegant, professional lines are mostly nuts) and covered.

Three, plastic bottles

The material of plastic bottle is usually PP, PE, K material, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc. Often used in cosmetics containers with thick cream bottles? Cap? The cork? Gasket? Pump head? Dust cover for injection molding; PET bottle blowing two-step molding? Pipe billet used for injection molding, blow bottle finished packaging. Other emulsion bottles, such as thinner container walls? Washing a bottle is blowing a bottle.

Above content, you only need to have a preliminary understanding, cosmetics OEM manufacturers have professional staff to explain to you. It is important to remember the differences between the following common materials.

PET-PET has high transparency, soft bottle, can be extruded but harder than PP.

PP-PP bottles are softer than PET, easier to squeeze, and less transparent than PET, so some opaque shampooers are more common (easier to squeeze).

PE-bottles are essentially opaque and not as smooth as PET. Details of OEM packaging materials, cosmetics industry required courses!

Acrylic - thick and hard, most like glass is acrylic.

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