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Cosmetic bottle package customization


There are lotion, cream, skin care and other bottle combination of the set, we call it cosmetic bottle set. Cosmetics bottle sets have several advantages. First of all, the cosmetic bottle set appearance design is unified, whether it is color, capacity size, etc., a qualified cosmetic bottle set is conducive to brand publicity, but also conducive to consumers for the brand impression shaping. Secondly, cosmetic bottle set covers a wide range of functions, from hoses to sprinklers. Finally, cosmetic bottle sets save cosmetic manufacturers time to purchase.

So, how much is the price of the cosmetic bottle set? The first and cosmetics bottle set composition, different cosmetics bottle packaging composition, will lead to the price is not the same. Second, the material of the cosmetic bottle set, plastic, glass, metal, different material combination has a big impact on the price. Third, the number of cosmetics bottle set combination.


How much does cosmetic bottle packaging influence sales performance?

Every time to buy cosmetics, salespeople often recommend more delicate packaging products, cosmetics bottles also let consumers to improve the trust of the product. Therefore, for the cosmetics industry, good packaging will also bring good sales share! The most intuitive performance of the quality of packaging is often whether the printing label is clear; Whether the packaging bottle is delicate; Design is chic....

In the field of cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of the technical level, the development of packaging gradually highlights the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technology and new process, the development and replacement of new environmental protection materials, and safe and convenient packaging will be more welcomed by the market. Take cosmetics, washing products industry as an example, although in the minds of people still have economic benefits of "friendship snow cream", "100 wildebeest" impression, but these in the 1980s, the reputation of the whole country, with hundreds of millions of customers of the old brand, now can only rely on the increasingly reduced consumer groups to maintain its meager sales.


The packaging containers of ordinary cosmetics and washing products are mostly made of high density polyethylene. In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, the materials of plastic bottles are becoming increasingly rich.

Because the transparent container can let the consumer clearly see the content, so the consumer's requirements for the transparent container are more and more wide, and the transparent polypropylene is the main material to meet this requirement, the development of PP transparent packaging bottle is a hot spot of plastic packaging at home and abroad in recent years. Highly transparent polypropylene containers, with good transparency and gloss, strong appreciation, quite popular. For example, the herbaceous series of Clairol uses this container. Through the transparent bottle wall and hair shampoo, you can see the green grass image sticking on the back wall, which is pleasing to the eye.

How to choose cosmetic plastic bottle manufacturers?

Cosmetic plastic bottle refers to the plastic bottle used for packaging emulsion, cream and other cosmetic products. Plastic bottles for cosmetics on the market have three characteristics. The first is that cosmetics pay attention to appearance and design, cosmetic plastic bottles for product image requirements are very high. Second, cosmetic glass bottles heavy brand shaping, because cosmetic manufacturers need to use cosmetic plastic bottle appearance to shape the brand image. Third, the cost control of cosmetic plastic bottles is also very important, which is related to the later production costs of cosmetic manufacturers.

So, how do cosmetic plastic bottle manufacturers choose? First of all, cosmetic plastic bottle style selection, then, in the choice of time must pay attention to appearance and style. Look at the design and development ability of cosmetic plastic bottle manufacturers. Secondly, the quotation of cosmetic plastic bottle manufacturers should be three currencies as far as possible. Finally, look at the cosmetic plastic bottle plant and scale, which directly determines the later stage of the product.

Plastic bottles for cosmetics are mainly made of PETG material. PETG has glass-like transparency and close to the density of glass, good gloss, chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and easy to process, injection molding, injection blowing molding and extrusion blowing molding. It can also produce unique shapes, looks and special effects, such as bright colors, matte, marble textures, metallic sheen, etc.

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