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cosmetic bottle is designed with the audience in mind


As a product used by all consumer groups in daily life, the audience is broad, so it is more necessary to design the bottle shape according to the needs of different consumers. The next thing you need to know about the design of the bottle is that it's covered by Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer.


1. The bottle is designed with the audience in mind

Accurate positioning of the age of the audience and accurate positioning of the design style for the cosmetic. If the audience is relatively young and in their twenties, then the design features should be dominated by gloss and granted to the younger age. If audience group is above 30 years old, of design program want concise, refined, high-grade.

2. The bottle design should be centered around the product

To carry out the design of the bottle shape, the core concept of the product must be grasped first, and then the color, pattern design, appearance and materials should be selected, so as to maximize the profit and highlight the value of the product and attract customers.

3. The design of the bottle should pay attention to the element collocation

In the product packaging design of washing and care products, it must be matched. Matching is a method that must carry out effective matching of the font style and elements of well-known brands to attract customers and improve the purchase rate. But can not blindly follow the trend of the pursuit of perfect packaging of flashy, and promote the information content is insufficient to highlight, harm everyone's cognitive ability to it.

4. The design of the bottle should grasp the quality of the material

Washing care products are not the same, packaging materials are not the same. Only cater to the material, can ensure the overall practical effect. The material selection of washing and protecting products should be beautiful and generous first, and it seems that there is a kind of irrational purchase. Second, environmental protection, after all, is close to the application of raw materials, environmental protection as far as possible, not easy to have all the discomfort of the body.

5. The bottle is designed to be human

Many cosmetic bottle type design, application of marketing methods, for example with a little pouch in paper bags, gift packaging, therefore to attract customers, raise customer's impulse of choose and buy, nature is not the whole appropriate wash protect product this kind of packaging countermeasures as general common have shower gel and shampoo, cost is relatively low, more appropriate application.

The purpose of any packaging design is to solve the problem, including the problem of the user who uses the product. And then Artpoint Idea is going to show you that the bottle design is going to address that problem of the user, how is the bottle design going to meet the user's needs.

1. Clear information transmission

First of all, when designing the bottle, the packaging method must be integrated with the characteristics of the product so that the customer can have a good grasp of the information content of the product. If the packaging method is very complicated when carrying out the design of the bottle shape, the customer does not know what the product is, of course, the customer is not easy to choose such confusing bottle shape design when carrying out the selection of the product.

2. Label product efficacy

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of types of cosmetic, which can be dizzying. Therefore, when carrying out the design of the bottle shape, we must pay attention to the packaging of the goods. Only according to the specific type of the goods, can we carry out the design more in line with the market demand.

3, the needs of users

However, with the continuous development trend of the sales market, customer requirements are also changing continuously. Many manufacturers also choose small bags for their washing products. In this way, they can meet the requirements of different places more strongly. It can be said that when carrying out the design of cosmetic bottle, only a stronger consideration from this level can win more customers' favor.

Three key design points of the Cosmetic Packaging label design

1, color

In the preparatory phase of the Cosmetic Packaging label design, the first step was to tease out the relationship between the item's thematic color and the label. For example, Pepsi's theme color is dark blue, so we don't have to use red as much as Coca-Cola implies in the design process, in case it leads to the problem of weakening the brand.

2, the composition,

Composition is an important part of any design. However, in the design of the cosmetic packaging label, attention must also be paid to the content of the manufacturing information, inspection and labeling, and other required information. After all, depending on the type of packaging, some public information must be placed within the required area. In addition, we must pay attention to the relevant information content layout design problems.

Three key design points of the Cosmetic Packaging label design

3, fonts,

When it comes to font style, being legible is, in short, the number one priority. In the theme style of Slogan, we can appropriately apply a certain artistic font. However, in the Cosmetic Packaging description, ingredients list, safety inspection information and other details/descriptions, it is essential that the font style and size be the same to ensure that the entire text page appears in order

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