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Analysis of cosmetic packaging by cosmetic container manufacturers


According to the development trend of cosmetics and cosmetics packaging, modern cosmetics packaging has the following characteristics in terms of the selection of packaging materials and containers, the structure design of packaging containers and the decoration design of packaging containers:

1. The application of plastic materials and composite materials in cosmetic packaging is becoming wider and wider. The modeling design of cosmetic packaging containers, especially cosmetic plastic bottles and cosmetics tubes, tends to be diversified.

2. The use of cosmetic glass bottles is restricted. Due to the intrinsic defects of glass bottles (e.g., than the major, fragile, etc.) for general cosmetics, if use plastic material or composite material instead of glass containers for packaging, plastic containers or composite containers are often adopted to packaging, for high-end cosmetics or volatile and vulnerable cosmetics fragrance, such as perfume, general or using cosmetics glass bottle to packing.

3. Cosmetics packaging container specifications of diversification to meet different levels of consumption. Due to the intensification of competition in the cosmetics market, the manufacturers are investing more and more in the cosmetics packaging. For middle and low grade cosmetics, in order to meet different needs, the size of the packaging container is diversified, to facilitate the choice of consumers; For high-grade products, small capacity packaging is adopted to meet the needs of low-income people, especially to meet the curiosity of young girls caused by the consumption psychology.

4. Serialization of cosmetic package design. The so-called serialized packaging design refers to the same category of commodity packaging design based on the premise of uniform trademark pattern and font, with different colors, water patterns or different shapes and structures as the key tone. The requirements of the same are different in the same, the same in the different, both diversified and integrated.


In the practical application of cosmetic packaging, there are generally two situations, one is: the same brand, different functions of cosmetics for a complete set of serial packaging, in order to facilitate the purchase of consumers, but also make the overall price is lower than the total price of separate purchase. For example, a series of cosmetics of a brand, maintain the overall design style, and then use a larger container, a variety of cosmetics for collection packaging, as a sales unit for overall sales; Two is: the same brand, the same main function, but different auxiliary functions of a series of cosmetics, or the same brand, the same function, but different formula of a series of cosmetics, in the packaging design of the serialization design. For example, a variety of moisturizing cream of a brand, its main function is to protect skin, but the auxiliary function is different, and then a variety of cleansing milk of a brand, its function is to clean the face, but the formulation of the manufacture is different. For this kind of series of cosmetics, in the packaging design, should conform to the characteristics of series packaging design, not only to achieve the role of series of packaging, but also conducive to the choice of consumers.

5. The packaging of cosmetics should be more and more on the needs of personalized development. The packaging of cosmetics must correctly convey the characteristics of cosmetics required by the consumer demand of different personalities, and show the aesthetic taste of different groups of people. In order to successfully implement packaging, more and more attention is paid to the structure design and accessory design of the container, so that consumers are easy to hold, easy to use and easy to quantify in various environments. Information on current cosmetics sales.

6. Some cosmetics such as mousse, perfume and other products are packaged in the form of spray packaging to facilitate the use of consumers.

In the field of cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of the technical level, the development of packaging gradually highlights the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technology and new process, the development and replacement of new environmental protection materials, and safe and convenient packaging will be more welcomed by the market. Look, in the packaging industry development flashes a few bright colors.

Bright color 1: highlight personalization on the packaging of cosmetics

Innovation is the soul of the cosmetics industry, and after a lot of effort, cosmetic packaging companies have developed a series of unique packaging. One example of this is the Slim Makeup Case, which can be opened at 180° and is transparent and simple so you can see what's inside. The hinge of the box fits a mascara brush, or pencil, and one Slim design fits a lip gloss, a pencil, and two kinds of lip gloss. HCT Packaging has unveiled a new make-up box that combines transparency with a new letter structure. The manufacturer has chosen to display the four letters, Sexy, inside the transparent case. Inside each letter is a different color of lip gloss, which is very clever.

"Bright color two: cosmetics packaging timely application of advanced technology

Finding more efficient distribution systems is indeed one of the main ways to differentiate your products. With the cap open, the product will only come out when the cosmetic packaging container is squeezed. Simplisqueeze was originally designed for beverage products, but is now widely accepted in other areas, such as cosmetics. The product also uses the same cosmetic bottle cap, which can be used with one hand without getting messy.


Foreign cosmetics packaging containers and sample packaging innovation

1. Plastic that simulates a thick-walled glass container

Thick-walled plastic containers, already very popular, will continue to grow. Many in the industry at the show believe that transparency is a big trend in cosmetics packaging. The transparent, wear-resistant plastic resins make it possible to make more glass-like containers of PET and other materials. Heinz Plastics is an improved plastic product that simulates glass bottles and cans. According to the supplier, their heavy PET, a type of PET injection stretch blow molded container bottle, is the first in the industry to achieve a thickness of 3mm, and has the clarity of crystal and the brightness of glass.

2. On the change of fashionable sweet atmosphere packaging sweet atmosphere packaging, regional preference and classic and contemporary packaging will continue to coexist in international sweet atmosphere market. On the glass packaging, the design of the glass fittings, as well as the design with other materials (such as plastic and metal elements), the creativity is still endless. Glasemakers Cosmetics packaging suppliers say packaging trends will vary from region to region. Customers in the Middle East prefer complex and colorful packaging, while European customers prefer classic, simple and elegant packaging.

3. Adopt high-tech distributor

On fragrance packaging, because of the application of low profile pump, pump design is becoming more and more ingenious. The Valois' Compact is currently the smallest pump (with the shortest core size). In cosmetics, pumps with soft, smooth drives sell well. Some cosmetics, such as Revlon's Age Defying Makeup, have been converted from glass caps to plastic bottles and innovative pumps. Cosmetics packaging suppliers to introduce better product distribution pump is also different from other products in the way. The Simplisqueeze Valve Dispensing System, pushed by cosmetic packaging suppliers, used to be used only in beverage packaging. Once opened, the contents come out only when the container is squeezed.

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